RE: Republic duty transfer

TO: CMDRE Ashworth; CAPT Morton, Deep Space 13
FROM: ADM Kererek, Mol'Rihan Command
RE: RRW Anarhai

Jolan tru.

In the spirit of further cooperation and collaboration with our allies, we will be assigning the T'varo refit Anarhai to serve alongside D'Ishae to support Alliance operations with the Pariah Project and whatever else may be required at Deep Space 13. The Anarhai will arrive somewhere near stardate 91043.8.

You have already worked with her new commander, Aurelia t'Veras. Please feel free to continue to rely on Subcommander t'Veras for any of your continued intelligence needs on top of her normal assignments. She continues to be absolutely thrilled to be working with the Federation on such a monumental project for both of our peoples, of course.

// ADM Kererek