Reactivation of U.S.S. Bulwark. Lieutenant Boyson Commanding.

Reactivation, refit and reclassification of U.S.S. Bulwark.

Waiting at TFA Base for a posting, a distress call came in from a nearby colony. The only ship docked at the base was an old, decrepit Excelsior cargo ship, the Bulwark, with meagre Mk VI weaponry. and Mk IV shields. but a distress call HAS to be investigated by order of Starfleet Command. Kurt took this, and the 85 crew members working on-board to offload cargo to TF Argo's BoO and responded to the distress call, to find Tholians attacking a transport flotilla. Kurt immediately ordered the Bulwark to immediately attack the Tholians while the transport flotilla would warp out. The Bulwark was able to eliminate 3 Tholian Mesh Weavers and a Tholian Orb Weaver, but was attacked by a Tholian Recluse Carrier. Lieutenant Boyson ordered a full spread of Photon Torpedo's to be fired, with an accompanying anti-matter spread to jam the Carrier's sensors. Then the Bulwark activated it transwarp drive and arrived back at the TFA base as the Semmelweis was arriving. After explain the situation, Lieutenant Boyson was promoted to Acting Lieutenant Commander for meritorious conduct via a battlefield promotion by Captain Morton. Lt.Com. Boyson was then ordered to assume command of the Bulwark, but he had to oversee her refits personally.

U.S.S. Bulwark re-armed with Mk X weaponry and outfitted with the advanced Aegis Combat System. U.S.S. Bulwark lead vessel of her class of Armed Rapid Resupply Ships. Lt.Com. Boyson to select crew from latest batch of Academy graduates.

Enclosed is image of U.S.S. Bulwark, prior to launch and shakedown cruise: screenshot_2013-05-11-22-21-56_zps32265f26.jpg