REPORT: Destruction of USS Aurora - Stardate: 89455.9

Stardate: 89455.9Report submitted: Captain Morton - USS October

TO: Task Force Argo Command

At roughly 1100 hours, starbase time, the U.S.S. Kingdom alerted starbase command that they came across strange readings during a regular system patrol. Following basic standard procedure they then investigated a small cargo vessel that had been noted to be entering the outpost system. After extensive scans, it was uncovered that the cargo vessel: S.S Brighton was carrying a colossal sum of explosives in it's cargo hold. At this point, Captain Boyson left the lounge area after meeting with myself, Captain Morton. He beamed back aboard the U.S.S. Aurora and was sent to assist the U.S.S. Kingdom. I, Captain Morton, then headed down to tactical, on which I found Commodore Ashworth monitoring the situation.

On the tactical advise from the outpost, the Kingdom and Aurora moved closed in on the vessel, to which the S.S. Brighton then initiated warp sequence. The Kingdom and Aurora were granted permission to open fire on the vessel, aiming to disable if possible. Concluding a direct hit from the Aurora on the freighters warp engines, the vessel was powerless for the time being. Commodore Ashworth then ordered that the vessel should be tractored away from Argo' - and the Kingdom and Aurora moved the vessel safely out past the trans-warp gate. Both ships then beamed small numbered assault teams aboard to secure the bomb, and arrest the crew. This was done successfully and the freighter Captain was taken into custody. Commodore Ashworth then left the tactical area, requesting to be informed of the later events. Tactical then advised to pull the disabled vessel to the nearby K-7 station where the found device could be monitored, tested and disposed of safely.

At 1300 hours, the device suddenly became active and the Aurora - the ship carrying the device - told the Kingdom to drop back, as they were going to beam the device off the ship. Unfortunately both the Kingdom and the Aurora were unable to get safe of the blast zone, and were danger close when the device exploded. The Kingdom suffered somewhere between minor to mild damage, still being able to contact Argo Command. This was when I first learnt of the condition of the Kingdom and Aurora - After suffering major system failure relating to the warp core ejection system, the ship suffered an unpreventable warp core breach. The Aurora was then destroyed moments after the explosion of the device, fortunately the entire [accounted] crew were rescued by the Kingdom, which was able to tractor and pick up the escape pods. Only a single crew member of the Kingdom reported injury to sickbay, where they were soon patched up in a number of hours.

It's believed that the device was remotely detonated, and the remote location was unknown.

Notes on Acting Captain Susan Collingwood
With Acting Captain Collingwood, I went about things differently to how I did with Captain Boyson. I felt that Susan's concern was something that a lot officers I have spoken to shared, and have decided to quote a couple of her points in case this report should be called upon further. "My feelings? Well.. I suppose it was shocking. I never found all that much on a system patrol before. I mean, the last time I saw something in the system it was a Ferengi ship, and there were just loss. But, that was a real crisis, it was my crew, they were so calm and collected, I owe them a lot. I was probably more frightened than they were. Sure, I've been reminded of that. I feared for Vahkur and the other Romulans on the base after we found the Romulan parts on the bomb. But I think further research has confirmed it to be a Tal Shiar design. Kurt. He's always acted strangely Coby, I suspect he needs more help. He became furious when he lost his ship, said he wanted to avenge it, and kill anyone responsible. I've felt that from him for a while sir, he tries to do what is in our best interest, but I suspect he's lost a handle on ho Starfleet handle these matters, he's letting his emotions and prejudices get the better of him I'm afraid." Again, the idea that Captain Boyson is disregarding the morals that make a Starfleet officer, is quite clearly evident. I can't see from this situation how he will be allowed to continue to command any vessel. If he is able to remain in Starfleet at all.

-*insert Counselors comment*-

Notes on Captain Kurt Boyson
Captain Boysons run-down of events matches perfectly with the events that occurred. Ruling out the Aurora's destruction being caused by a discrepancy in communication and orders. Unfortunately Captain Boyson has shown a range of emotions towards the destruction of his ship, and openly stated to myself that he wants another ship to track down those who destroyed the Aurora - this is something I feel quite strongly against, and I hope/know Starfleet wont authorize it, we have enough confrontational problems at the moment - we don't need someone running out on a 'revenge' mission. Ridiculous. I informed Captain Boyson that he should use his time away from command of starship to rest, and get back to the point where he believes he is emotionally and physically fit to return to command of a Federation vessel, upholding all that it means to be part of the UFP.

After being awoken by the sound of security teams massing to the lounge area, I stood to note that Captain Boyson and Commander Paxal had a dispute, to where Boyson drew his weapons. As I was not present at the time, please rely on further reports on the matter by security members present. I fear that more restrictions on weapons should be placed around the starbase, Captain Boysons recent behavior is becoming something of a concern to me, and I'm sure officials have noted the same. Starfleet officers must act with full respect to the conducts of the Federation, and that of other groups.

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Captain Coby Morton
U.S.S. October
Internal Affairs