Report on actions by Commander Thompson

On Stardate 91247.8. The USS Isaac Newton discovered a derelict Terran Empire vessel in orbit around Nukara. On Commander Thompson's reccomendation I, Captain Lyspha and a doctor who I wasn't introduced to repaired the vessel and sent it to its home dimension with a programmed self destruct.

He stated that the Isaac Newton would be following it alone to find out what their plans were. I pulled rank to insist that the USS Sun Tzu would be following. He responded by threatening to overload the Sun Tzu's warp core coolant. This would have lead to an antimatter containment breach.

Believing this was within his power, I formally protested, informed him this would be filed with Internal Affairs, and then left.

I am formally charging Commander Robert Thompson with Threatening a higher-ranked officer.

Provisional Captain Diz


=/\= The following is the relevant segment from page four of the recorded interview between Captain Morton, C and Commander Lindresko, S. =/\=

-So you see, Doctor, it is really quite important that you finalize on this particular section of your time aboard the ship. As I just mentioned, I'm looking more at the interaction between Captain Diz and Commander Thomson. More specifically, any hostilities that occurred whilst on the bridge of the Terran vessel. Well, you can even go into detail about Captain Lyspha's actions if you wan, she was there correct? The more detail the better - and easier - it will be for me. So when you-

Yes. She was there. Captain Lyspha was merely.... muscle to the entire scenario. I can't see what else she would have been doing there. I have noted previously she prefers to help other officers, rather than lead them in situations like this. A noteworthy, and rather noble, trait non the less. As a response to your actual question, Captain, I'm going to be blunt and honest with you here. I wasn't paying them any attention. You can note that down against me if you really wish to, but I'm sure you have more important things to attend to - just like the four wards full of patients could use me instead of being in here with this pointless little argument between two Commanding officers.

Are you alright? You seem... different all of a sudden? - You believe a threat against a fellow federation vessel to be pointless to be investigated?

My personal health and mental capacity is currently none of your concern, it's just been a long duty shift for me. I highly doubt Commander Thomson would have been so... unintelligible to carry out such a threat of that magnitude in actuality. Note only is the vessel I traveled upon a weaponized barbaric warship- which would surely have something to say against the Commanders vessel- but the repercussions that Commander Thomson would have to face for such an act, would ruin his career. The threat alone has already brought this investigation upon him, hasn't it? I can only imagine what he'll have to face when he returns. Anyway~ forgive my segway Captain, I wasn't listening to the two as they spoke with any sound hearing detail. What I overheard was just due to the volume of their voices.

Any detail helps - Right, and what did you hear?

As I said earlier, Commander Thomson planned to take the U.S.S. Issac Newton through to same continuum that the Terran vessel originated from. Captain Diz stated she'd be coming as well, in her own vessel under cloak- presumably to go alongside what the Commander stated was the 'Newtons undetectable engines or something- I'm not an engineer, Captain. This was then followed by a negative response from Commander Thomson who had just sounded the order to scuttle the Terran vessel after all remaining useful data had been collected. This was, again, met with a negative Response from the Captain who stated that she had the ranking superiority. This where I zoned out further as, this type of discussion always ends in a similar way. I didn't want to be part of it.

What did Captain Thomson then say?

This is, to the best of my memory - but something along the lines of this: If you engage in following my vessel, we will disable your antimatter cooling -thing. That's when the captain stated she'd be making a complaint to you, as well as Starfleet Intelligence. I knew exactly where this was going, and wasn't surprised when you called for me.

Right, thankyou, and what about-

=/\= The rest of the documented recording goes on for a prior 45 minutes, and a further 9 minutes =/\=


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