Report on Captured Undine Vessel

Stardate 90516.1SUBJECT: Report on Captured Undine Vessel
SENDER: Doctor Marion SitwellRECIPIENT: COMMODORE Randall Ashworth
CC: DIRECTOR Leah Brahms
CC: CMMDR Ethan Burgess

I would like to begin by thanking you all for this opportunity.

As you know, the Undine Vessel was captured by Captain Trellain De Drowvani and taken to Deep Space Thirteen as per her orders. The interior of the vessel was vented, and its deceased pilot removed. After that, it was pumped full of breathable atmosphere- though I still elected to wear a rebreather, in case some sort of biological response was triggered from the vessel.

I am immensely intrigued by the fact that the ship did not attempt any sort of 'self-destruct' in order to avoid capture. This adds to my suspicions that Undine vessels themselves are not sentient. Among other contributing factors is the fact that Miss Kraf, a Betazoid, sensed nothing from the vessel. Not emotion, not background noise, nothing. It was theorized by Captain Drowvani that perhaps the vessels are lobotomized by the Undine, but if that were so, there would be some neural activity. Here, there was none. At least, not during my visit to the ship.

I theorize that the pilot of the ship acts as the telepathic brain of the vessel, rather than the pilot and the ship acting as separate entities. This is why we were able to capture the vessel- rather than killing the ship, we killed the pilot. I suspect the pilot's telepathic connection was severed when the vessel was damaged. It was mentioned by Captain Drowvani that, in that case, it should theoretically be possible to block telepathic communication on a larger scale, which would clearly tip the odds in Starfleet's favour during fleet engagements. While this would not stop ships entirely- they do possess a series of redundant interface systems, likely for use in just such a situation- it would dramatically reduce response times.

Mister Vance, a Joined Trill, and I, have developed a risky but intriguing plan. Though the ship cannot be connected telepathically to a non-Undine host, it may be possible to 'hotwire' the ship, by implanting a trill symbiont directly into its neural tissue. Vance volunteered for this procedure, but it was recommended by Mister Jarok that using an unjoined Symbiont would be far less risky, and I do agree with him there.

It should be mentioned that the Undine Vessel biologically produces antiprotons, something that has never been observed in any biological life form in this universe. The vessel's 'hull' is primarily made of a sort of extremely durable chitinous tissue. The ship also seemed to possess a structure similar to blood vessels, and much of the 'bridge' was densely packed with what must have been Nerve tissue.

Though I am unable to remain aboard Deep Space Thirteen, I highly recommend the continued study of this vessel. Attached are tricorder scans and sensor readings taken from the vessel.
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