Report on death's of LT Vishinsky and others

To: Starfleet Command; Task Force Argo Command;
CC:Task Force Argo Security
Subject: Officer fatalities.

Sir, at around 00:10 'Newton ship time, a distress call from the station was received, detailing the firing and murder of several officer's, before being cut off. I assumed that the message reporter was killed as well, and beamed down to the station. At this time, I activated the ICH, Interactive Combat Hologram, as devised by former-Captain Boyson, and he then negotiated before leading a counter-strike on the LT Vishinsky, who had holed up in Ops.

The weapon he was using was a rifle version of a Thalaron weapon. The weapon was deactivated by Lt. Hob, who I would like to recommend for a commendation, for keeping her calm under fire, and taken into custody by MACO Sergeant Jackson.

Apparently, Captain Morton denied his proposal of a Thalaron Rifle, which he then created anyway.

The cause of death, as listed on scene, is 13 phaser shots to the chest, with a follow-up to the head at close range.

I would recommend that CAPT. Lyspha and LT. Hob report to Psychiatric for counselling. I will report to my own counsellor.

Commander Robert Thomson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Isaac Newton
Executive Officer
Carrier Battle Group.