Request to Starfleet for Ship Replacement


FROM: Command, Task Force Argo
TO: Starfleet Command, Assignments
SUBJECT: Request for Ship Assignment

Starfleet Command,

Due to the loss of the USS Sutherland during operations in the Beta Ursae sector block, Task Force Argo is requesting a replacement ship be assigned to the task force for use in our Mercury Squadron to help stabilize the supply lanes through the Beta Ursae region and mitigate external Federation threats there.

We are recommending minimal crew manning as we intend to transfer crew and command from the Sutherland to the newly assigned vessel.

Lt Jal'Shan
Task Force Argo
Administrations Officer
TO: Task Force Argo Command
FROM: Starfleet Command, Assignments
SUBJECT: RE: Request for Ship Assignment

Task Force Argo Command,

The reassignment of the USS Atlas, an Odyssey Class starship has been reassigned to Task Force Argo. Command has been assigned to your Commander Dae. The Atlas is en route to Outpost Argo, under command of the ships First Officer, Lt Commander Hadrian.
Assignment at Task Force Command's discretion.

Lt Commander Retorak
Starfleet Command
Ship Assignments