Requirement for an Integrations Officer

TO: Command, Task Force Argo
FROM: Commander Dossera Ked'varat, R.R.W. Sel'tania, Task Force Argo
SUBJECT: Correspondence Officer for Integrational Purposes

Greetings Executive Officer,

Due to maior differences between the Republican Romulan Military Forces and Starfleet, I request the assignment of a starfleet officer to increase the effectivity of joined operations.
Since the romulan protocols and habits are a lot different from Starfleet, we require someone to make the diplomatical issues unprolematic.

Jolan tru and sincerely

Dossera Ked'varat
assigned to Task Force Argo
((Hmm, this is neat. Ked, have you made arrangements already for a PC officer or are you looking for someone to respond to it? Just want to clarify.))
((Well, I believe Shia might actually be a prime candidate for this. If you look to her bio I posted on the forums, one will notice that she's served as a Starfleet officer back in the days of the Dominion wars and the like. She's familiar with Romulan politics and their Military, as well as the Federation side, being one of few Rihannsu possessing dual citizenship (Federation and Romulan Republic.) Currently I have no outstanding obligations as I've pulled Big D from Station Chief of Security.)
((Well ooc, I've got him already as a normal bridge officer, but I wanted him to have a story, why he serves on a romulan ship. Perhaps I should have made this clear, but I'm not used to working with a forum ... and if anybody can help Ked' with those sh- sugary forms ingame, I would appreaciate it ))
((This is what I was checking for, you have an npc in mind already and just wanted to formalize it. Okay, cool! Did you have a name for this officer that you want? :) ))
((Yes, the vulcan officer S'tarok, Commander. He's an engineer. I see forward to receiving him ingame :) ))
(( A lot of good discussion here and ideas. At this time we are going to go with Ked's Vulcan NPC to fulfill the role that he is asking for as an NPC. Look for an IC response from Shan shortly finalizing it.

All, keep in mind that XR currently has a character, Captain Johnathon Traise, that is the official Romulan Liaison officer for the Task Force to the Romulan Republic. If you are looking for Romulan/Fed Liaison RP I recommend contacting XR about getting involved.

Lastly, there is a lot in the works behind the scenes as far as structure and command, etc. I'd like to return to this idea in the future as a possible character position. We'll look then. Thanks for the discussion folks. ))

TO: Commander Dossera Ked'varat, R.R.W. Sel'tania, Task Force Argo
FROM: Command, Task Force Argo
SUBJECT: RE: Correspondence Officer for Integrational Purposes

Commander Ked'varat,

Based on your request the following officer has been assigned to the RRW Sel'tania to fill the roll:

Commander S'tarok, Starfleet Engineering Officer

Commander S'tarok will be arriving at the Starbase Argo within the next 24 hours. Please ensure that they are appropriate integrated into the command of the RRW Sel'tania. Any questions can be directed to the Starbase Admin Office.

Lieutenant Jal'Shan
Task Force Argo
(( Yeah, uhm... when was I going to be informed of this?

I only now found this out when someone else came to me and expressed how they were displeased to me they were passed up when they were asking about doing something like this. I had not been informed they were asking, nor that we already had one.

I have some possible thoughts, but would like to sit down with the Fleet Officers in private about it. I don't know magical forum... magic... but if it is possible could a thread be set up private with officers and myself included in it to have some behind the curtain discussion? ))
((... huh? The post was filled by an NPC as requested by the original player. No other PCs were involved in this exchange...))
((Alright, I was confused because I didn't know any names here. Apparently so was the person I was talking to who brought this up.

Still, I'd like to sit down wit teh bosses and talk about a possible thing this all sparked as opportunities for us. ))
((I can facilitate that conversation. I'll get it started this afternoon via Enjin Magic! ))