Rest and Relaxation


A smile spread on the young Romulans lips as the ball rythmically bounced from one knee to the other. It felt like ages since she had last stepped foot on the field. Simulated morning dew glistened on her cleats as each strike stirred up more of the grass beneath her feet. Most of her colleagues had programs on the holodeck that challenged their martial prowess for a workout. It kept them all in fighting condition and at a state of physical readiness that most seldom got to. Ven, however. Chose something peaceful, football.

Though not nearly as popular of a sport as it once was in human history, Ven owed her passion for the game to a man she had come to think of as a secondary father to her, a mentor of sorts, and one of the sole reasons she ever joined Starfleet in the first place. Letting the ball fall to the ground, she places her right foot on it and adjusts her old Starfleet jersey before using her arm to wipe her nose.

“Computer, run goalie subroutine delta,” she states

The computer beeps as Ven picks up the ball and places it back down a few yards away on the penalty spot as a goalie strolls into position.

As he does, the doctor in training stretches some, she hadn’t kicked a penalty shot in months. Inhaling Ven takes three steps back and three to her left before exhaling slowly and exploding forward. The ball sails harmlessly to the left and up away from the goalie.

Yup, she was rusty.

Placing her hands on her hips as she walks back to the centerline to get a few balls she smirks before heading back. A few more kicks and much like the first one, they didn’t make it into the net, but Ven didn’t get discouraged, in fact, she seemed quite relaxed. So relaxed in fact that she didn’t hear the holodeck door open behind her, or a commander step in with his arms folded. In his 50’s the man’s hair held silver in it, several of which came from the Romulan he now stood silently watching.

Placing the final ball down on the penalty spot, Ven backs up once more, three steps back, three to the left. Taking another deep breath, she readies herself before launching towards the ball setting her jaw as she puts her all into the kick.

The goalie started to move and just stopped as the kick was solid and the ball came to a rest in the left corner of the net. Exhaling Ven stops mid-stride and bends over to catch her breath. This was short-lived however as the officer who had been silently watching begins clapping slowly

Ven stands up and looks over her shoulder briefly before screeching with excitement and bolting in the aging man’s direction which was met with good-natured laughter from him. “Surprise,” he calls out as the Romulan closes the distance and almost immediately wraps her arms around him in an embrace.

“Well, I missed you too Sorra.” he states

“Commander Katsuro! ah, I was just thinking about you.” She replies releasing the embrace and clearing her throat and putting back on her bearing as an officer.

Katsuro bows his head before waving it off. “You’re fine Sorra, you’re off duty,” he replies putting his hands behind his back. “That kick becomes meaner every time I see it, you’ve been practicing I see,” he states proudly

Ven chuckles and shakes her head. “This is the first time I’ve managed to have a spare moment since graduating to get on the holodeck and stretch my legs,” she replies with a chuckle.

“What brings you to DS13 anyway?” she questions now relaxing as she starts strolling to the bag near the door she had left with a pair of shoes and a towel.

“Well, we were en-route home to Anides when our warp core started malfunctioning. Nothing serious, no containment breaches but the captain decided repairs should be put in before we finish the journey. Heard your engineering team is quite good, so here we are.” he replies holding out his hands.

Ven smiles as she takes a seat in the simulated grass and begins removing her cleats. “And my parents?” She asks plainly

The commander inhales and shrugs. “Well your mother is well, she misses you, naturally. Your father has taken to helping in the kitchen to pass the time, though he still seems convinced that the destruction of Romulus was a federation plot to enslave Romulans,” he replies with a light-hearted smirk.

Ven huffs and rolls her eyes “Of course he is, he would have me believing that too.” she replies packing away the cleats and retrieving a retro pair of tennis shoes to wear.

The aging human chuckles for a moment and inhales. "Would you be comfortable grabbing dinner with me? I was told you would potentially be at this ‘Event Horizon’ and I’m interested in this place.

Ven chuckles and rises to her feet grabbing the bag. “Computer, end program,” she states as the holodeck returns to normal.

“I’d be honored.”