It wasn’t often anymore when she came to the station that Ven would stay in her own quarters. Between meals, and being with Nick, most of the time was spent on the officer decks, in the holosuites training, or well. With Nick. With the man on duty tonight and a full shift of duties to perform, The Romulan decided it would be best to catch up on some things in her own quarters. Having finished a workout routine, Ven had showered and chosen an outfit of cargo pants, and a white tank top. Sitting down she begins to plan dinner when the chime from her door alerts her of somebody outside. Getting up she lofts an eyebrow and opens the door.

“I thought you said you were-”

Before her, Salil leaned against the door, dressed in casual clothing, or at least as casual as a Republic officer could be. Opting for black pants, boots and a leather jacket. Inhaling he looks over his shoulder for a moment before regarding his younger cousin.

“Ensign, are you expecting company?” he asks in a professional manner.

Ven inhales and shakes her head stepping to the side. “No, come in.” she replies.

Nudging himself upright, Salil walks through the threshold and looks around the quarters and smirks at the old burnt flag in a display case as Ven closes the door. “I have to admit Sorra, you’ve grown.” he replies not turning around as he paces around half inspecting the domicile for discrepancies.

“Yea well, having a family like ours-”

“A loving and caring family for whom without them, without us. You would be in a penal colony or worse.” Salil cuts her off.

Inhaling and letting it out slowly the normally chipper Ensign held a look of agitation as she sauntered over to the replicator, making a tray of Romulan ale and two glasses while Salil took a seat where Ven had been sitting not a few minutes prior.

“Why are you here, Thalim?” she asks plainly joining him at the table.

“Well,” he pauses leaning forward to pour himself a glass. “I was deemed something of a threat within command, long story though I’m sure you saw some of it with the colony.” he states equally as plainly.

Ven laughs in a sarcastic tone and shakes her head. “Is that how you’re going to play this?” she asks leaning forward having not touched the ale yet. “I mean why are you here, tonight? Of all nights. I know you’ve been avoiding me.” she states, words dripping with light anger.

Salil takes a drink of the ale and sets the glass down before interlocking his fingers staring straight forward for a moment before smirking and nodding. “Guilty,” he replies “I am here tonight to…do as you desired, to catch up, to uh having something of a reunion,” he explains before leaning back on the sofa and looking at her as he crosses his legs. “We live for a long time naturally Sorra, and if there’s even the slightest chance that we should work together, I don’t want animosity from our past to cloud either of our judgments.”

Ven inhales once more and pours a drink for herself. Taking a long drink of the Ale she sets the glass down and nods mulling over what he said in her head. “So you wish to apologize? Its kind of hard to forget you throwing me against a wall and threatning to kill me Thalim.”

Salil shrugs and motions to her. “And yet look at you now, I’m told you are in the top twenty of your class in medical school. Your academy scores weren’t the highest. But from everything I’ve read, you are making a fine officer, even if it is for Starfleet and not the Republic. You may not agree with my methods but evidently that night…had an impact on you, one I would say is far more positive then what I had anticipated.”

“Thalim you threw me against a wall, I won’t deny that I was something of a susse’thrai back than. But I loved you, Worshipped you. Wanted to be you.” she emphasizes while pointing at the older Romulan. “You were the brother I never had, and yet up until a few months ago, my nightmares before that were all of you choking me.” she replies shaking her head. “And then, years later, with no contact you show up at the station I work at and have your men shield you from me, make up lies of being busy to avoid me.”

“They didn’t lie Sorra, and I wish I could explain that, but you don’t have that level of clearance,” he replies leaning forward while rubbing his hands together. “I will admit, I…overreacted, that night. As much as I would love to point to it and say that was the reason for your change of attitude, we both know it was just the spark,” he replies smiling some while looking to the side at her.

“However, that spark is evidently painful, and for that…and the pain I caused you, I’m sorry,” he replies looking to his feet before grabbing his ale and taking an equally long drink.

“Have you spoken to your mother and father recently?” he asks clearly wanting to change the subject.

Ven merely shakes her head as she takes a small sip of the ale “No, I’m on this clinical rotation aboard the Pegasus, the ship XO loves drills” she explains which garners a genuine laugh from Salil. “I merely haven’t had the time to update them and to get an update, make sure the colony is doing okay.” she finishes.

“Yes, i read the report of Starfleet coming through with the vaccine, did you go see them?” Salil asks clearly relaxing now that figurative storm seemed to be blowing over.

Ven sighs and shakes her head. “No, I wanted to believe me-”

“You didn’t have time, though everyone knew that was your home right?” he asks curiously.

Ven nods “They did, but I didn’t want to make a big thing of it, and let’s face it, I don’t have many friends there now.”

“well no, but thats still home, and im sure some saw you, even if you don’t realize it.” he replies smirking.

“Oh, but how would you, unless you had eyes.” Ven replies to which Salil chuckles and nods. “I’m a commander or captain of my own Ship now Sorra, I have to know if someone does or does not keep their word.”

Pausing both of them take a drink before Salil sits back and nods his head. “I must say Sorra, I’m proud of you, even if I can’t express that openly on duty, you have turned around, I still don’t approve of you working for Starfleet,” he replies but in a much softer tone which some may even confuse as a tease.

Ven scoffs at and shrugs. “You never know what the future holds Thalim, I could be court-martialed and removed tomorrow for all you know.” she replies

Salil chuckles and rises to his feet to which Ven follows suite. “It was good catching up Sorra, but i must be heading back. I’ll uh, try to make these visits more regular, if not.” he pauses and takes out a PADD. “Those are my frequencies…just uh, try not to write anything sensitive yea?”

Ven accepts the PADD and nods up and down before looking at Salil and embracing him tightly. Just as quickly as it began, the embrace ended as Salil clears his throat and looks around. “It was good to see you Sorra,”

As he departs the Room, Ven moves back to the sofa and the Ale and takes a seat. It was over before she even processed it all.