Revisit Kilur -- Underwater Level

During the revisit the the Kilur system, an investigation of the 5th planet revealed a shielded area under the water on the planet. After destroying two land-bound buildings, the original away team recovered a small computer, but decided to postpone seeking out the shielded/unscannable areas in the water until such a time as a shuttle properly prepared for the radiation and watery depths could be assigned to it.

That shuttle has been prepared. The mission is ready. It is time to revisit the 5th planet of the Kilur system to seek out more information, hopefully, regarding the system, the planets, or even possibly species 2492.


GM / OOC Contact: GM: @bobisgod171, Point of contact: @dryadae

IC Location: Kilur System, 5th planet

OOC Location: Shuttle map; possibly other ground map(s)

OOC Requirements: First come, first serve--4-5 players. Scheduling will have to be (if we're going to do it on a weekend) late Friday, Saturday, or late Sunday. Options open up on other days of the week.

OOC Notes: After we get players signed up, we'll chat about when we can do it.
If this is a shuttle story, then it sounds like a good thing for Rumiho to get involved in as she is freshly certified on shuttle piloting without supervision (course that'd be here anyway). Plus I'd like to get her involved in stories more than just being the driver if this goes beyond the shuttle itself.

Late Fridays or weekends work good for me usually, depending on the weekend though, later in the day on weekends is likely easier for me, but it depends on the date in question.
If you need security personnel, Hart would be happy to tag along, depending on how late -- the later the better for me.
I'd gladly send Timo to participate. After all, he's deeply involved in this hunt.
I'd like to bring Somek. I have some schedule issues for Thurs through Saturday but those can probably be worked around.
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I won't hog a slot because my schedule is made of fail, but if late means Gamma-ish Lir would be up for a Saturday/Sunday run!
I'm interested in seeing this through if the scheduling is right. I tend to be available late; gamma+2 on most nights is the earliest I can guarantee availability.
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I forgot to tell: during the weekend I'm available pretty much always (possibly not to late, so the best is between Beta and Gamma shift).
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Ok - for times: If we're going to look at times:
Friday nights I can be available around Gamma or later
Saturday nights I have to be in bed no later than uh, whatever midnight eastern is. (I can't remember what it's called)
Sunday nights, again, I work, and can't be sure to start before gamma.

So, uh, Kermit--you're the GM--what sort of schedule do you have?
I can work with Bey's times typically. If it ends up this weekend Beta's will be tough due to work, but beta+1 can work. Most other weekends are fine (other events notwithstanding).
Ok, I'm trying to do a doodle survey, but I'm failing. Please bear with me. I don't think I'm shooting for this upcoming weekend.
I'm pretty well locked into either Beta or late Gamma -- +2 at the earliest, with +3 being definite.
Ok - here's the doodle, I think I got it right.

Doodle Time survey link thingy
doodled. I left 15 onward blank... couldn't figure out how to do the question mark thing...

15th is actually right out for me.. the rest of that weekend is.. uncertain. 8th-10th is more my speed right now.
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The question mark thing is because i messed up the survey and changed it AFTER I finished my answers.

I really messed it up all sorts of ways.
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Looking at the doodle, it looks like everyone matches up at a time except Timo (I'm sorry, Timo.) I hereby propose that we do this on Friday, December 8th, at Gamma +2?

If anyone sees a better time that can include everyone, please let me know, I find those things awful to read.
I can't make the selected time slot, so someone else can feel free to fill my spot.
You're right. I missed that, Somek. My apologies. I can't see a good fix.
I would like to be a part of this but my work schedule changes weekly so I'll have to give you my definitive answer on the 2nd.