Roster: Hanabi C. Badhand



U.S.S. Asura (NX-97009)


164 cm
80 kg


62965.07((December 19th, 2385))
Tokyo, Japan, Earth
New Fujima, Konak, Saur'va



  • Dane Badhand (paternal); Human, Saur'va, Security Detachment, deceased.
  • Maya Rogh (maternal); Human, Saur'va
  • Goh'zhan Mok Rogh (paternal, adopted); Klingon, Saur'va
  • Hanaki Mok Rogh (female sibling, half); Human-Klingon, Location unknown.
  • Kodo Mok Rogh (male sibling, adopted); Klingon, U.S.S. Asura: Chief Tactical Officer
  • Ruka Mok Rogh (female sibling, adopted); Klingon, U.S.S. Asura: First Officer


  • Graduated Starfleet Academy, Tactical Specialization, Graduated with honors, and top of her class in combat strategies and close combat. Average grades in other areas.
  • Posted in new Fujima, Konak Provence, Saur'va as security.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant
  • Assigned to the Shinatama under command of Shinji Sakamoto
  • The Shinatama Incident ((See full biography for more details.))
  • Starfleet Medal of Gallantry for heroics actions in the line of duty.
  • Stripped of rank for insubordination and returned to the academy (Retains tactical training qualifications)
  • Graduated Starfleet Academy, Command Specialization
  • Promoted to Acting Captain of U.S.S. (Emergency promotion)
  • Given command of the U.S.S. Kurodo
  • Medal of Commendation for protection of Starfleet Interests
  • Medal of Peace for Diplomacy with the Klingon Empire durring time of War
  • U.S.S. Kurodo decomissioned and replaced by the next ship in the Kurodo Line NCC-913376-A
  • Commissioned Ruka and Kodo Mok Rogh into her crew after their graduations from Starfleet Academy
  • Medal of Commendation for Heroics on the Romulan Front
  • U.S.S. Kurodo heavily damaged, and replaced by NCC-913376-B
  • U.S.S. Kurodo participates heavily in Dominion Incursion in defense of the federation
  • Due to heroic actions, and the damage done to the U.S.S. Kurodo in surprise incursion by Borg, Kurodo NCC-913376-B is decommissioned
  • Conditional Promotion to Rear Admiral for tactical expertise, ground adviser for Anti-Borg crew training
  • Medal of Valor for activity against the Borg
  • Given command of the U.S.S. Kurodo NCC-913376-C Command Crew of previous ships reassembled and assigned
  • Hanabi transferred to the command of Battlegroup Omega
  • Due to technological demands of duty, Kurodo NCC-913376-C is reassigned and transferred back to the fleet corp for retrofit and re-branding.
  • Hanabi takes part in the experemental Odyssey program, and is approved for command of NX-97009. Designated the U.S.S. Asura
  • U.S.S. Asura recognized for repeated service against the Borg
  • 1st Saur'va Vigil is formed under the command of Hanabi
  • Conditionary promotion to Vice Admiral
  • Klingon War ends. 1st Saur'va Vigil disbands as Saur'va is now a titled Empire World.
  • Due to personal request, and ending of conditional settings, Hanabi retires from admiralty and resumes active duty as a Captain.
  • U.S.S. Asura transferred to the command of 38th Fleet 'Argo' at the request of Hanabi.

NOTE ON FILE: Due to cultural significance Hanabi C. Badhand was allowed to open carry her Bat'leth in federation zones as long as she kept it holstered and obeyed local station rules.
Cultural Clearance REDACTED by VADM Rilem Celes.


(Biography Entry 1: Early Life)

Hanabi's Homeworld of Saur'va rests where the Mempa Sector meets the Hromi Sector a short distance from the Qo'nos Boarder. Placing Saurva directly Galactic North of Qo'nos.

Hanabi's parents were colonists from Japan on earth. They went to Saur'va on a small colonist drive to fortify the federation boarder. Her father Dane Badhand is a security chief on Saur'va. Hanabi was born four years after on the Colony.

A year after her birth, her father died, and her mother remaried to Goh'zhan of the Mok branch of house Rogh. A Klingon, and had a daughter with him she named Hanaki if they weren't half sisters they could almost be mistaken for twins in appearance aside from the ridges on Hanaki.

Hanabi and her sister grew up together often traveling between Qo'noS and Saur'va.

Hanabi's childhood before entering Starfleet Academy is sketchy at best. Her youth was filled with a lot of fighting, and with tensions between humans and Klingon's rising most of the youth on Saur'va learned some sort of self defense.

Before Entering Starfleet Hanabi traveled to Quo'nos, and while training with the Bat'leth she proved both her skill in combat and volatile temperament. When she let a group of Klingon's with almost no provocation goad her into fighting them. While outbursts like this were common between humans from Saur'va and Klingons what was rare was the fact that Hanabi actually won the fight.

Hanabi until the age of 14 trained under the Mok Rogh family's Dahar Master. By the time she'd turned 14 years of age she'd mastered the most basic forms.

Hanabi though, not being a Klingon was not accepted to be a part of the Rogh family except by distant relation vie her mother. So she kept the old family name of Badhand.

(Biography Entry 2: Starfleet Academy)

At age fourteen Hanabi's life would change when her parents decided that her skill in combat and temper would be put to better use serving others. She was entered into Starfleet Academy that same year.

Due to the incredible distance between Saur'va and the Sol System and the checks and relays and rising tensions with the Klingon Empire, Hanabi all but lost contact with her home world for the duration of her training.

Hanabi's grasp of science and engineering were, for the major part lacking in extreme amounts. However her grasp of tactics, weapons, combat and winning fights made her an instant and quite promising candidate for Tactical Officer training.

Hanabi's Japanese pride showed strong during her four years. When others took time off, she continued to train. When other people made friends, she trained. When other students took time off to visit their family, she trained. Only once during her second year at the Academy taking a two week leave to visit Saur'va and her family.

Hanabi had never stopped practicing her Dahar and had achieved a level of mastery usually only seen in Klingon Warriors for their martial skill.

Hanabi graduated and was given a promising post as an Ensign with honors at graduation. She would then take a post at her homeworld of Saur'va as a security ensign and continued her Dahar apprenticeship in ernest under the Mok Rogh.

When she was promoted to a lieutenant she was stationed aboard the Shinatama under Captain Shinji Sakamoto. She spent two years aboard the ship patrolling the Eta Eridani and Pi Canis Sector Blocks.

(Biography Entry 3: Shinatama Incident)

It was during the end of her second year on the Shinatama that the Borg attacked Federation Space, ambushing the Shinatama and abducting several of the crewmembers including Captain Sakamoto. The First Officer ordered that no rescue mission was to happen, but Hanabi in direct violation of orders stole supplies from the ships armory and her and a security team she'd talked into it beamed to the Borg Cube on a mission to rescue their lost crew members.

The surprising tactics displayed by Hanabi during the attack, the planting of explosives at key points for distractions, her tracking down and successfully rescuing the Kidnapped captain and most of the crew from the Borg Cube had a two fold effect. Firstly for breaking rank and protocol and stealing military supplies for her own campaign that was expressly forbidden she was thrown in the brig and lined up for court marshal. Those who went with her were saved by the fact that Hanabi had 'abused' their superior respect of her to 'strong-arm' them into helping her.

She was taken to Sol for trial. However what happened at the Trial was far different then a court marshal. Hanabi was stripped of her position in the Shinatama with no ill will from the crew or captain or even the first mate whom she'd disobeyed. In fact, they wanted to keep her, but such a breach of protocol on her part, even for the right reason, couldn't go unpunished. The judge had said, the only difference between what she did being an act of heroism, and an act of stupidity that could have got the rest of the crew killed was the fact that it had worked.

(Biography Entry 4: Early Career Record)

Hanabi, given the choice to leave starfleet service, or keep her qualifications and retake academy training from scratch. She opted for a course in Starship Command in Starfleet Academy. Hanabi spent four more years studying the aspects of Starship Command Training, learning what it was to lead. However unlike her Tactical Officer training she didn't sail over the heads of her fellow classmates, and graduated with only a passing score in the bottom ten who'd passed.

After she graduated for a second time she was promoted to captain and given command of her own Starship one she was allowed to name as it was fresh off the line with no name. She got command the light cruiser the Kurodo ('Way of Black' in Japanese). And commanded it with distinction.

The defining traits of Hanabi's early missions was their proximity to Klingon Space, her heritage and understanding of Klingon customs as well as her ties to her own family made her a debatable choice. But her aggressive style of diplomacy, walking softly and carrying a big gun was surprisingly useful.

The Kurodo ship line, was one she would pretty much personally command. Being drifted around Alpha and Beta quadrent wherever Starfleet needed a capable warrior. One of her defining moments of hear career was when Starfleet decided that, for her proximity to the consistent war, her stance in defending Starfleet and earth, that she needed to be better equipped, so she was upgraded to the next in the line of ships named Kurodo.

(Biography Entry 5: Klingon to Cardassian War)

One of her defining moments during the Klingon war was at the Saur'va Negotiation, as the Klingon Empire expanded northwards it had absorbed the sector that Saur'va, Hanabi's colony of birth and home was. She herself ended up coming forward to the table. The council, and a lot of its members didn't respect the federation ambassadors. But Hanabi, being related, even if by adoption to a known Dahar master had a little respect. And told them that she would fight to prove her worth. In the end the issue was solved with her and several other ships being allowed to evacuate all starfleet personal from the planet.

Hanabi also made a deal with the empire, one the federation allowed of her. The service of her step siblings, Kodo Mok Rogh and Ruka Mok Rogh. This worked well for everyone involved. Hanabi had to pay though, she was contracted to never personally fight against the Klingon Empire. Starfleet approved this, as they understood that Hanabi literally had family in the empire with her adoptive family, and her mother being married into house Rogh before the war.

After she had been contracted, she took some time with her family, training and mastering the way of the Bat'leth under her master. Having never neglected her study, having used everything at her finger tips to keep her skills sharp he proclaimed that she had learned everything that he could teach, and that the rest she would learn from the harshest enemy of all. Life.

Hanabi's records aren't quite as interesting during the recent Cardassian Struggle, but when Battle Group Omega called for those to fight the Borg, Hanabi was one of the first to offer services to the cause of fighting the Borg. Durring her course against the Borg she would have many encounters that defied expectations, her ship, the Kurodo getting damaged. But again, her unparalleled record for crew survival and returning her ships bruised, but not broken had got her sent back out in a new ship while the old Kurodo was decommissioned do to damage.

(Biography Entry 6: Asura)

During a disastrous ground battle on Defura, Hanabi temporarily took the Rank of Rear Admiral and took command of a large chunk of the forces and orbiting fleet when the previous holder of the position had been killed by Borg. Her grasp of tactics, adaptive thinking, and connections to allies within the Klingon Empire, despite the ongoing wartime, managed to gather enough of a force to drive the Borg back, allowing the united Omega Front to unify and reclaim all their holdings.

For acts of valor and sound strategic thinking, Hanabi was allowed a conditional stay of post while a new rear admiral would be briefed and situated. Hanabi ended up holding onto this conditional stay for longer than anyone would have thought and was later directly invited to get involved in the experimental Odyssey Program. Due to her record and the dire need for skilled commanders due to attrition and the losses in the war, Hanabi became the commanding officer of NX-97009. A modified Science Cruiser from the line with the full suite of abilities from both the tactical and operations line. And many unique systems installed specifically for the dangerous tasks that Hanabi was undertaking against the Borg.

The ship was dubbed the Asura. It was named because it held the designation of the sacred number of Indra, the number 9, Indra was the leader of the Daeva who was also an Asura. The one who leads water to rivers, and god of Thunder and Rain. The coming storm. For it's purpose to protect and provide the federation border, and bring thunder and fury to the Borg front, this name was approved.

(Biography Entry 7: 1st Saur'van Vigil)

The Borg front would grow more and more secure, but due to the position of Saur'va on the ever changing frontier of the various wars and it's proximity to expanding romulan territory and the main borg expansion a fleet from her home world was formed. Hanabi, due to her familiarity with her home, the diplomatic situations of its borders and specialization against the Borg was named the commanding Admiral of the Saur'van Vigil.

To accompany it, she was given the conditionary and stated temporary promotion to Vice Admiral, giving her temporary, but complete command over the star base and federation colony on Saur'va. She and the Vigil Fleet stood long and hard against the Borg, aiding the neighboring KDF against multiple incursions into Klingon Space despite the ongoing cold war status. The Saur'van 1st Vigil unfortunately was fated to be it's last federation fleet as well. As peace talks between the empire and federation re-opened, boarders shifted. The sector which had once been named Hromi had been renamed Khitomer after the nebula for what it was named ended up outside of the borders of it's namesake sector. And due to its close proximity to Qo'noS eventual diplomatic agreements would see Saur'va handed over to the Empire, as the world was already almost absorbed by their culture and already practically in their space.

Her happiest moment would have been more recently, after the battle above Qo'noS against the Undine. Peace was finally reforged with the empire, though tenuous at best. To Hanabi it was like prayers had been answered. She was no longer a dishonor to the name of the Mok branch of house Rogh. And despite her home being in Klingon territory, she herself was at peace.

(Biography Entry 8: Vigil Omega.)

The End of the 1st Saur'van Vigil was not done with heads hung low. But was celebrated, bottles broken, cheers and many happy people. The Star Base was decommissioned and the remaining resources of the fleet were spread out to O.P.S. a forming diplomatic group seeking to maintain peace through diplomatic means in that same area of space. Hanabi herself was back to a single ship again.

Hanabi knew that a great group could do more than a single person or ship, so she set out with her crew and ship. Her conditional promotion to Vice Admiral had pretty much reached it's limit. She was not meant to permanently hold the title, and neither did she want to, as it would mean eventually being bound to a system. So she searched and found Deep Space 13, and docked there.

After a stringent interviewing process Hanabi contacted Star Fleet and retired her Admiral Pips, her conditionality time as an admiral coming to an end and she joined the 38th fleet officially as one of it's captains. Occasionally looking back at her past, she regrets nothing that she's done.



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