Security Incident IN24140001450 Re: Altercation at Starlight Cantina

TO: DS13 OperationsCC: CMDR Rylen Yores, Chief Security Officer; Mr. Dawsons M. McCarthyFROM: LT Jerin Tarel

On Stardate 91010.8 at approximately 2245 hours local time, my team responded to a report of an altercation at the Starlight Cantina.

On arrival, I observed an agitated Ktarian male yelling at an intoxicated Denobulan while a Bajoran female attempted to restrain the Ktarian. I made contact with Shift Manager T'verin while Ensign Vansaja and Ensign Hanor Torvin made contact with the group.

T'verin stated that the Denobulan (later identified as a visiting trader named Nelim) had accosted several females at and around the bar in a sexual manner, causing several complaints. Before she could make contact with Nelim, T'verin stated that the Ktarian, who refused to identify himself, became enraged when Nelim allegedly solicited his Bajoran counterpart stating that he was "looking to round out [his] collection".

Vansaja and Torvin were able to convince the Ktarian to depart without further incident while Ensign Andrew Jetal examined Nelim. Jetal determined that, while his levels of intoxication were high, Nelim was in no physical danger.

At T'verin's request, Nelim was issued an offical notice of trespass for Starlight Cantina. A copy of which has been forwarded to the owner, Mr. Dawsons McCarthy.

Nelim was escorted to his vessel without further incident. In the interest of safety, Docking Control was advised not to clear his vessel for departure prior to 0700 hours local time.

Chief Security Officer Rylen Yores and Starlight Cantina owner Dawsons McCarthy advised.