Sha're Avital Personal Logs and Communications

computer, open Personal Log

I can't believe they finally let me leave! What were they thinking? (laughs)

I'm not sure what to put into these logs. Who would read them anyway? Why he thinks this will be good for me is a mystery. Borg get liberated, we go on with our lives, or in my case, figure out what sort of life to have I guess. No need to be all touchy-feely about it. I don't feel a bit bad about what I did as a Borg; Borg gotta assimilate, its who we are... they, they are.

The Romulan Republic administration really needs to get some competent people, rather than just the ones who think they are gods gift to the Universe. "Report to Deep Space 13 for new assignment." Hey super awesome types, how about who I am supposed to report to, or why... or... mmmmmm... that uniform was tight in all the right places... computer strike that.. someone might listen to this, I think they do that when you die sometimes. Ran into a nice looking woman in the station's club. Should have known better than to ask a Romulan for help, but Aurelia was so very helpful (hysterical laughter) oh.. sorry.. couldn't even get that out.... who the hell am I apologizing to? (long pause) Anyway "Personal Log", turns out the who I'm to report to is Subcommander Aurelia T'veras and they why is to become an officer on the R.R.W. Anarhai.

I'm now, "Doctor Avital" of the Anarhai!. I know how to patch people up and send them back out to fight. I hear Deep Space 13 sees a lot of that. I hope I get out of the medbay once in awhile though. You know how I like to ... doctors aren't supposed to be like that I know... do no harm... what crap.

Have I shared enough of my feelings? I think I made a good impression on T'veras. She only threatened to shove me out an airlock once!

computer close personal log.