Sprite fixin's

On top of sometimes writing poems and books (which never get finished) I also create Sprite Comics and Sprite Animations. Generally using the 16-bit Era, since they have a wide variety, a decent size, and not azs 'overly-detailed' as the 32-bit.

Hunters Lounge

The Hunters Lounge was originally meant to be a break from the main comic I was working on. Something with humour and just relaxing things, as opposed to the main story's dark and serious tone. Although, as you will see... it quickly went from him smashing through the ceiling and ensuing hilarity, to.. well... Not funny stuff. I guess I suck at writing comedy. Also, seeking a Co-Author on that. I can't think of any Dialogue for it.

Down in the Underground

This comic was written and done in a different style as most comics are. One panel per 'comic' instead of the usual four, and the dialogue and stuff was done more RP-style since I was using complicated Backgrounds that might just obscure any text. It was also a prequel comic to an RP I was going to start on a different website, but since it never happened, I soon lost interest in making the Backstory comic for it.

Dark Dawning Saga

The Dark Dawning was my first comic, and it has over thirty pages. Unfortunately, when I first started doing it, i saved them in .Jpeg which meant, after the second or third re-save (I save a lot in case of unexpected power failure) it ended up being horridly blurry and degraded. So I started doing them again in .Bmp for slightly larger filesize, but much better quality. But I soon lost interest in redoing every page. I might again if there is significant interest. Or just send the spritesheets and original comics to someone so they could remake them.

I have other comics, and a lot more in the Dark Dawning saga, mini-stories that take place as a Prequel to it. Three or four separate stories that take place at the same time. But I didn't upload them anywhere. So there.

Next up, a sample of some of my Animations. These can be from anywhere between 100 to 200 'frames' or separate images animated in .Gif format using GIMP.

This one is 153 (One Hundred and Fifty-Three) frames.

This one is 177 (One Hundred and Seventy-Seven) frames.

This one, in comparison, is 216 (Two Hundred and Sixteen) frames.

And this one is 211 (Two Hundred and Eleven) frames.
Some comments would be nice. You can reply and say if you like them or hate them or whatever. Seem feedback. I like feedback. It makes me feel appreciated and loved. =D
No, really. I mean it. Feedback in the form of replies would be greatly appreciated. Or should I just delete the thread if no-one likes it? I don't know! Please comment and let me know! To me, no replies means no-one cares. And if no one cares, there is no point keeping it up. So please, let me know.
I can't speak for everyone, but I'm guessing the lack of replies to your work is mostly due to the fact that people aren't really sure what to say because what you posted is not very directly related to what we're technically all gathered here on these forums to do. That is, Star Trek role-play.

(and maybe i shouldn't derail this thread by asking it here, but is the 'artistic endeavors' forum supposed to be for artsy things that ARE directly related to TFA RP or just anything we feel like putting up? maybe a forum desc is necessary.)

Having said that, I might now state for the record that I am, in my own very humble opinion, a person with generally good taste and wide enough interest/knowledge base that I can, perhaps, give you feedback on just about anything you ask for. But it comes at the expense of tact, because I hate misleading people. If you want my opinion, keep your expectations low and expect it to be cold and cruel. XP

But if Artistic Endeavors is supposed to be for STO RP stuff only, then this should be moved into an off topic forum and I'll give you feedback there instead.
All of what Katriel said, plus timing and patients. Its the holiday season so traffic is sporadic for most. On several times over three days then gone for a week. Not everyone checks the forums every 8 hours so if you are looking for feedback on an endeavor, I would wait a good 36 to 48 hours after you ask to what is generated. Its likely that people interested in what you have posted just haven't seen it yet.

Also, I am not familiar with this medium of artistic entertainment so I can't really offer any form of feedback.
The forums are open to any type of artwork, should anyone care to share! I'll update the desc accordinkly!
I prefer you to be blunt. Blunt is honesty that is not watered down.now be as cold and cruel as you like, as long as it is your honest opinion and you give ways in which I can better myself.
I think it looks cool, and it's pretty BA how you can animate those, so kudos man.
I don't think the others are seeing the potential here.

You could totally animate TFA characters and put them into these somehow. Put the events
that you experience with other RPers into short little thingies with these animations maybe?(Pretty please?)

Are you able to add backgrounds to them as well?

Edit: Ooh, you could even do things like Kirk and Spocks fight in Amok time maybe! SO much stuff you could do.
Just clicked your links and checked out your comics. That was Epic. Your art is fantastic, I Love you already.
Well, I would have to assign different members Spritesheets. Like, so-and-so will be represented by what sprites and the like. Probably not in animations though, I would do it in Comic form. As for Star Trek comics, I mean.. Technically it would be doable since there /was/ a Star Trek game on the NES or something I could get sprites from, but they would be 8-bit so very limited.

Also, I can't add backgrounds, but I could include backgrounds to future creations. As seen in the "Down in the Underground" comic, whose title is a reference to Labyrinth by David Bowie. Hehe.
Won't let me edit posts from the iPad, but here's gameplay from said Star Trek NES title. Ah... Good times..


I'll just be blunt. Some of those sprite comics are AWFUL. If you're going to do a comic using sprites instead of art you made, at least put some effort into the composition. Use actual page layouts instead of just entire backgrounds from whatever game. I'm sorry if I sound dickish about this- I tend to do that from time to time.

The animations are pretty good, though.
Well, what exactly do you mean by 'page layout' ? Most sprite comics are four small panels per 'page', arranged in either 2x2 or 1x4. I did put effort into them. I don't mind you being blunt about your opinions as long as you explain what exactly you mean by what you say.

Also, for a good reference to sprite comics, I suggest looing up Bob&George. It will provide a good frame of reference for what has become the standard for Sprite Comics, though that is more based on humor then my stuff, which is mostly death and stuff with only the occasional bit of humor.
Ah, sorry. I'm a bit biased against sprite comics. By page layouts, I was referring to the type of layout used in regular comics, as opposed to sprite comics. Also, a lot of the sprites you used clash.
Well, only in Down in the Underground do they clash, since I was using sprites from different styles of games in that one. The mysterious cloaked person in the Dawning is slightly blurry because I couldn't remake him correctly so he is degraded from multiple .jpeg savings, though I might also make it so that the blurring is part of his character, like a hologram or some sort of extra-special shielding.

Also, as said before, the Underground one is meant to be different and stuff, since its being done in a different style, a la RP style, since it originally was going to be a comic backstory for my Kingdom of Excladia RP that never ended up happening.
Life lesson: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever save something as a JPEG. Go with PNG's.
Well I know that /now/. But I was first doing this like, ten years ago. I use .bmp now. Sure it has a slightly larger file size, but the image is crisp and clean. Also, for some reason, I have an instinctual dislike of .png. I don't know why.
..... ngghhh.

Rather than go on a rant about making hard and fast rules about image file formats, I'll just say that .jpg is not always useless (still great for real world photographs) and .pngs are (if you really absolutely must only ever use one file format for omgeverything) generally the best choice, unless you have animation, obviously.

.bmp might be useful for saving tiny, pixelated sprites for the express purpose of having them available to use in comics, but I don't think it's such a good choice for anything you intend to display/share. Could be wrong, but I don't think .bmp has any logical/practical use case. :p
Well, all the animations and sprite comics I put up are all in .bmp.

I would also like to point out, so most of you can yell at me how horrible it is, that the comics and Aimations were all done via Paint (MS Paint in some computers) the default art thingie standard com computers. Wahahahaha.

Why? Because it is free and there and available and Spriting is a hobby. Plus, it has all the tools I need. Copy tool. Paste tool. And an erase tool. And the text tool. And the things for lines. And you probably wouldn't have known unless I said something, and now that you have, it'll totally be "oh, that's why thousands uch looked so horrid, it was in paint!" Because I can see the future!

Also, I have ice cream. Omnomnom.

So.. Does anyone have any requests for a mini comic? I used to make little comics to show off friend's RP characters special abilities and the like out of boredom and for fun. So if you type up a little, short, scenario type thing, I might make a mini comic out of it!

That sounds like fun!
Nomeka wrote:
Well, all the animations and sprite comics I put up are all in .bmp.

Er, the animations are not in .bmp, they're in .gif format. What you mean is that the original sprites were saved as .bmp's, which would be, in my opinion, an appropriate use of .bmp.