STARDATE: 90372.4 - Fielded Distress Call

Stardate: 90372.4Report Submitted: Commander Athini Aeregon - USS October

Lieutenant Commander Broxide, who mans the communications station during early Alpha shift, received what we took at this point to be a distress call. The details were exceptionally fuzzy, the transmission itself was breaking in and out through it's own static to the point we were only able to unscramble a few of the many phrases coming through. After attempting to establish to way communications, it was apparent that either the source was ignoring our messages, or simply couldn't receive them. Due to the static, we went with the assumption of the latter. We noted the U.S.S. Odin breaking away from their survey course on our charts, and their projected flight path was leading to where we had roughly sourced the call be for we lost it for a short duration. Considering the 'Octobers main shuttle-bay has only just had the Undine bio-ship fragments completely removed, I initially believed there would be little need for us to head out in our condition, however as most other docked vessels were in a standby state with Federation ships a good hour to two hours away, I gave the order to disembark from Deep Space Thirteen and make way towards the U.S.S. Odin's location.

It took us thirty two minutes to arrive at warp 5, though we had entered communications range within twenty four; the U.S.S. Odin already on the scene and attempting to communicate with the vessel said to be a Scorpion Fighter. The pilot seemed rather erratic, and continued to appear that none of our communications were reaching through to them. With 'Odin already at Red alert but no signs of immediate combat, we dropped out of warp and moved into a position just beside the Vesta class at Yellow alert instead. Upon moving into position there were some unknown distortions forming around the fighter, after a quick analysis it was revealed to be some form of temporal anomaly relating to charted events in the past, however the 'October was unable to fully scan the circumference, and as such the 'Odin continued with their scans - revealing a ship matching the description of what Captain Fulagsu encountered when moving to reinforce the U.S.S. Hibernia. Large, with a single nacelle that almost looked as though it doubled as some form of defector array, though we were just going from visuals and couldn't be certain. It soon began to form forward behind the Scorpion fighter, and the distress comms' repeatedly exclaiming:

Oh no.... no... NO! They're here, they're... *fzzt*-ming after me, I swe-*fzsht*

Captain Riize of the 'Odin had been making repeated attempts at hailing the vessel since it's arrival, with sadly no prevail. The vessel suddenly acquired some for of lock on us, and hit us with what we believed to be a sensor scan of the entire ship. With key tactical components theoretically exposed, the ship was elevated to a Red Tactical Alert. The vessel then appeared to fire a beam of some kind towards the fighter, it tore through it with some speed, the life signature of the occupant was removed just before the shuttle was fully breached. We believed this to be the same transportation device used on the U.S.S. Hibernia, which is why we became alarmed at the vessels attention then being drawn towards us. As it edged forward Captain Riize prepared a tachyon pulse beam from the 'Odin's deflector dish to breach through the temporal distortion and penetrate the vessels shields, to which we accompanied with a volley of four high yield photon torpedoes.

The tachyon beam beam appeared to miss the targeted area by a fraction, missing the hoped subsystem, however it still caused a breach in the shielding long enough to allow three of the four photon torpedo's to slip through and strike the hull. Sensors showed the power levels being diverted were subsequently reduced to an estimate of 80%. Sadly our fortune began to dwindle as the detection of a massive energy buildup within the ship initiated, it was unclear whether this was a weapon or not. The vessel responded with energy torpedo like devices, the initial volley targeted towards the 'October but dissipated as it fail a lock, the second however struck the 'Odin's nacelle buzzard collectors, causing major power surges throughout the ship. With all power being diverted to shields and structural integrity, the 'October was positioned in front of the science ship to take the brunt of any further combat. After exchanging further fire, the 'Odin regained control and was able to maneuver into a firing position behind the 'October and resume it's cannon suppression.

This fire fight went on for a good thirty minutes, our shields were weakening and energy supplies depleting, however with the plan for the 'Odin to send another tachyon pulse, we prepped torpedo's once again and set out to fire. The tachyon beam striking what was assumed to be a vital power conduit towards the vessels forward plating, the 'Odin's beam tore through the vessels shielding and even penetrated the hull, giving an internal opening to slot two of the loaded quantum warheads between the armour, exploding with signs of an interior secondary buildup as the power from sensors reached critical overload levels. Sensor picked up what appeared to be another anomaly forming in front of the alien vessel, though blinked from the scans as the ship began to disintegrate. The nacelle sheared from it's hull, we had mere seconds to brace for the release of the large energy fluctuations, the 'Odin's warp core failing, we moved waist-facing to absorb the shock wave before it could expand.

The release itself caused major surges all throughout the ship, our own warp core was controlled enough to keep from a breach, however the force shunted the ship upwards causing structural integrity to fail along all main-grasp docking clamps on the Chevron connection section. Inertial dampeners were able to correct the ship's stature, though artificial gravity failing along most of the Engineering bulk periodically until main power was brought back online. The Chevrons 'dampeners aren't as sophisticated, the bridge module taking extensive force from the conduit surges. It's taken a further few hours, however once communications were reestablished with the 'Odin and Captain Riize, I suggested the Aquarius be released and sent back towards Deep Space Thirteen with a skeleton crew any critically injured from both vessels, which thankfully seems wasn't as many as feared. To go along with this, the U.S.S. Shrewsbury was accompanied by a number of shuttles spared from the 'Odin carrying a number of mildly injured non-essential crew members from the two ships, with the primary aim to request a group of tow and repair vessels due to long range communications being inoperable.

I'm unable to speak for the damage inflicted upon the U.S.S. Odin, however most of the major damaged sustained to the 'October was internal, and repair teams with worker bee's patching the hull have been working extensively to return it to a suitable state, however the docking platform for Chevron connection has been practically sheared, if resources are spared with a dry dock it's estimated that a full engineering team can have the material fabricated within 8 days to return the vessel to a space worthy degree, with field repairs being carried out after it's re-commission into active duty during it's further tenure at Deep Space Thirteen.

Commander Athini Aeregon
Executive Officer
U.S.S. October