STARDATE: 90809.6 - U.S.S. Fairchild Investigation

Stardate: 90809.6Report Submitted: Commander Soalina Lindresko, M.D.

Investigation update, 01.

I'd just like to state the exceptional inconvenience that Sector Intelligence created by not providing designated transportation. Through the standard channels there was no immediate vessel or rather, any form of transportation valid. I had initially hope to secure transportation aboard the U.S.S. Munin, however due to scheduling issues and the current roster changes with the exploration of the Delta Quadrant underway, that became less of a possibility. Thankfully Captain Bullworth, an acquaintance made during my time as CMO of the U.S.S. Samsonite, was aboard Deep Space Thirteen for a short time and owed me numerous counts of assistance. Regardless of being able to actually arrive in the Kollis system, I am continuing to file a complaint on the conduct considering the duration and type of the assignment.

Once we came into Orbit around Kollis Three, we moved into range of the U.S.S. Greenland. We were briefed on the current status of the two wreckage's, specifically on the details surrounding the removal of the crews remains. Following this, I then proceeded to brief the small team that would be accompanying me on an a tour of the vessels wreckage. For this we required the use of Environmental Suits loaned by the U.S.S. Haughmond, allowing us to spend 30 minutes or so aboard the ship for our investigation before the tether began to deteriorate. Upon beaming onto the vessel, we initially made our way towards the central computer core located just aft however due to an apparent plasma leak, the majority of the files stored upon the vessel were destroyed before we could attempt any form of recovery. This didn't include the cached documents on internal consoles, but the date collected from them seemed minuscule compared to what could have been recorded from the central database.

Below is the collected data we were able to save and make copies of. Currently the data was picketed onto the U.S.S. Haughmond's evidence drives for further study, along with holo-images of the environment on my personal data PADD. The consoles labeled and recorded corresponding to the time found.

Console A:
Assorted Engineering Equipment
  • Type Three Laser Torch
  • Hydrospanner
  • Polarity Scanner
  • Spectral Micrometer
  • Coil Spanner
  • Hydo-Kinetic Wrench
  • Exocomp Override-Controller

Console B:
Carbon Dating Of Probe
Radio Carbon Dating of the probe: 7.831 years old - It appears that the probe crash landed on the planet approximately 4,592 years ago. It's technology is comparable to a civilization just on the verge of warp travel.

Console C:
Scan Info:



Console D:
Captain's Logs:
Captain's Log, day two of the expedition. We have arrived in orbit above Kollis Three. The scientist were eager to start beaming down their equipment immediately. Both the Fairchild and the Johallan are functioning nominally.

Captain's Log, day four of the expedition. Today we had a visitor. A small vessel barely larger than a shuttlecraft and of unknown design arrived in the system this morning. We didn't get any readings, it was too far away four our scanners and it only stayed within the system for a few minutes.

Captain's Log Supplemental, day four of the expedition. The research team found the source of the signal. It appears to be an ancient probe that crashed on the planet. The find is amazing as it appears to date back thousands of years. It doesn't seem to be from any known species, either.

Captains Log, day six of the expedition. We had to take the Fairchild's sensor grid offline again today. We are still getting a glitch in the port array. Chief Nasir is getting a bit frustrated and wanted to do a full diagnostic on the array itself. We think they are working again now. During the time when out sensors offline, the Johallan reported t detected a signature from the same small craft we have detected over the last few days. It seems curious in what we are doing. Again, it stayed only a few minute before departing.

Captain's Log, day seven of the expedition. Today we had a Bolian trade ship, the SS Hollageb, stop in the system trying to sell us trinkets. Little was of value to the expedition, but some team members dud take the chance to purchase some hard-to-find food, beverages and cheap souvenirs.

Captain's Log, day eight of the expedition. The mysterious small vessel, which our bridge team has dubbed "Peeping Tom" arrived three times today at perfect eight hour intervals. The last time it actually ran a sensor scan. A signal analysis of the scan will help us determine the origin of.... "Peeping Tom". The researchers are taking a quick look at it. They say it appears similar to the coding from the crashed probe. I plan to pass on this information to Starfleet Command tomorrow.

I discovered a portable environmental generator just outside what appeared to be a large breach, from it's location I'd assume that whoever was using it ran out of oxygen just prior to actually being able to set the device up. Something to look into when the bodies are examined more thoroughly. Along with this, the breach itself appeared to have been caused by some unknown energy weapon. It was clear the signature is nothing we've come across to date, but the most interesting factor would be that the breach appears to have been caused internally. A storage area, or what it appeared to be, had a number of crates and supplies crammed into it's bay. It appeared to have been an act of haste, though the 30 minute tether was wearing thin, so the investigation into what the crate contain shall have to wait until we've finished combing through what we've uncovered so far.

Stardate: 90912.1Report Submitted: Commander Soalina Lindresko, M.D.

Investigation update, 02.

The U.S.S. Shropshire secured a flight-path into the Joka System at roughly 1730 hours, with the assisting Escort of the U.S.S. Firestorm, N.V. Ernasot and the Romulan Vessel Vastara heading along side should there be any hostile force within the asteroid field. Once we had arrived, all vessels reported in confirmation of a metallic object emitting the sourced-signal, to which the Task Force then proceed to converge on. While it was hardly much to look at, the carbon dating estimated the relic to be roughly around 4000 years old, hardly something to easily be imagined when admiring the technology operating around it. We proceeded to scan sections of the probe, and wire into the subsystems that we were able to before the device disintegrated. While Centurion t'Veras suggested we may have simply tripped a command prompt, missing correct communication codes, I believe there is a chance that the probe was indeed remote detonated.

Communication Systems
The communications antennae appeared to be pointed directly back towards the Planks Nebula, appearing to be rotating on an exceptionally low frequency. It looked as if it had sent a transmission within moments before we had located it, which was noted to be a little too close to be coincidence. With the exact frequency, I've left it to the science teams to see if they are able to pin-point the source location.

Navigational Systems
The object appeared to have been in it's previous position for atleast the past couple of thousand years. Like it's aimed direction, we believe it to have originated from the Plank Nebula itself, furthering the idea that we will find more answers once we begin to investigate that region.

Power Systems
It appears to have been functioning based upon both nuclear and solar back-up systems, which considering it's position it's lucky the that when the reactor failed it was able to atleast remain functioning this long. It also appears to have been leaking beta radiation into the communications systems, which is why we were able to detect it's carrier signal even when it appeared to be in a neutral state.

Ambassador Drexia, Captain Seven and Centurion t'Veras concluded that sending in an unmarked probe of some origin into the Nebula, along with atleast one cloaked vessel on standby, may be an appropriate way to proceed. While I'm remaining skeptical on the entire situation, I feel i must agree that sending a probe may be the best course of action. As detailed above, the exact specifications of the object are a little vague, however it would appear that we were able to pin-out the Plank Nebula as the next area of our investigation. Counselor Sedai appeared to show some wavering views, to which I'm not within disagreement on, however considering the nature of the death of the Bolian who gave us the information, I'm not without any nervous thoughts on exactly what happened to the Fairchild, and the possibility of it happening to the investigation party.