STARDATE: 90835.3 - Telaxian Diplomacy

Stardate: 90835.3Report Submitted: Commander Athini Aeregon

U.S.S. October
Commander A. Aeregon
Centurion A. T'Veras
Contracted Engineer E. Kirlan

U.S.S. Paladin
Captain E. Quint

Ambassador Drexia

Upon arrival within the Entaba system, wasn't overly long until we reached the coordinates of the U.S.S. Voyager and her newly found friends. From the looks of initial scans, the Kazon seemed pretty intent on disrupting the escort service we were planning on providing for the Telaxian settlement convoy. While no initial damage was staggered onto the asteroid home base of the group, the U.S.S. Voyager did take some hefty hits... but likewise wasn't overly hindered in the struggle. The Kazon fleet was disabled, with a number of the vessels appearing to limp back out of the system out of range. With the idea we were in the clear, the U.S.S. October, Paladin and Nexan vessel Enrae proceeded to rendezvous with the Telaxian base - once in range, Ambassador Neelix requested some minor assistance into repairing the bases shield generators that we were all more than happy to assist with.

Concluding the repairs, a few delegates from each vessel - Captain Quint, Ambassador Drexia, Centurion T'Veras, Mr. Kirlan and myself - beamed aboard the Telaxian asteroid settlement to meet with Rear Admiral Tuvok and the more than comfortably welcoming Ambassador Neelix. We exchanged brief greetings, then I took my place, leaving the appropriate work to Admiral Tuvok and Captain Quint as we followed the Telaxian ambassador on a brief tour of the inner workings. A rouge Kazon vessel broke back into the system just long enough to fire a shot at the base before being run off by the orbiting vessels. Lucking only minor technological damage that Mr. Kirlan was able to assist with when it came time for the repairs. Ambassador Drexia and Captain Quint assisted a trapped Telaxian by the name of Dexa, who offered her gratitude and assisted us with some minor clean-up during the repairs being carried out.

Following this, we proceeded into the main cargo deck to check on the progress the Telaxians were making, and had enough time to assist a chef looking for suggestions on his... meals. I'll admit it didn't seem all that worthy of my attention, and decided I'd be best suited attending to other matters, such as in astrometrics - after a moment, I was eventually joined by the others where we were able to assist an arguing pair of Telaxians, offering to take a large portion of the needed cargo to allow them extra space for people, and other smaller canisters. Ambassador Drexia took the large burden, and tagged various crates for transport, whilst Mr. Kirlan assisted in repairing the navigational sensors that had been reported to me as being hic-uppy, and did a rather fine job on the repairs.

Once preparations were made, we were able to depart the system and head underway to the designated coordinates, only to find the outer orbit of the planet filled with radiation - kindly donated by a local Malon operation simply looking for a waste site to dump their excess bi-products. Upon meeting with the small fleet in orbit, they seemed immediately hostile and hardly open to negotiations, and so we were forced to return fire, disabling their vessels. It was then that we were able to reach an agreement and safe-guard the planet for the Telaxian efforts. Though the issue of the radiation still looming, Captain Quint suggested we push the radiation through use of an inverted deflector set up to allow us access to clean up the waste. Once moved, Mr. Kirlan offered the suggestion of using the bussard collectors to simply maintain the radiation until we could reach an appropriate recycling facility - the down side being the vessel carrying would receive a hefty performance decrease, though with the October hardly being that maneuverable to begin with, we hardly noticed the difference or made much issue.

Commander Athini Aeregon
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. October


Stardate: 90835.5Kirlan Esahr, Civ.

Engineering Report

During a diplomatic mission to the Talaxians,Ref. 1 The Telaxian leader requested technical assistance, which was provided. Before docking, the October engineering department assisted in the initialization of an external shielding system for the asteroid base.Ref. 2 After envoys, including Civ. Kirlan has boarded,Ref. 1, the base experienced a kinetic disturbance, which damaged several systems. The Talaxian leader again requested technical assistance. Repairs were made to the asteroid base environmental controls,Rec. 1 base communications array,Rec. 2 base engineering systems,Rec. 3, and a crane.Rec. 4 Later, Cdr. Aeregon received report of a persistent error in the base's navigational sensor array, and ordered a fix be provided. A fix was provided.Rec. 5 Cpt. Quint provided logistical support during the repairs of the navigational sensor array.No additional actions are proposed.
- - -

Maintenance Record

SituationcActions TakendResultseSig.
Kinetic disturbance damaged/destroyed 20% of environmental sensors in base operations bay. Environmental controls became hung on sensor input retrieval, preventing the system from properly administering environmental control.Deactivated connections to damaged/destroyed sensors and administered data-extrapolation subroutine.Environmental controls resumed operation and remained operational until facility occupancy reached 0.Kll@~E.
Asteroid base's communications terminal was not communicating with external array.Diagnostics revealed that the malfunction was internal to the terminal and the result of a short instigated by a temporary minor overload of the larger EPS system. Terminal power was cycled.Terminal booted to proper settings and functionality.Kll@~E.
Primary engineering terminal was non-functional and blocking functionality of all other engineering terminals. Site of engineering terminal contained sporadic electrical discharges.Manually cut power to terminal and let residual charge decay over a period of 11 seconds. Opened lower terminal casing. The source of the problem was determined to be a fused subrouter, which was removed. Useable remains of the subrouter were repaired and replacement parts fabricated. Refurbished subrouter was installed, lower casing replaced, and power restored.Secondary engineering terminals regained proper functionality after primary terminal's deactivation. Primary engineering terminal booted to proper settings and functionality after repairs.Kll@~E.
Cargo crane rail carriage stuck. Cargo crane rail polarity reversed, suspected to be the result of previous kinetic disturbance.Administered countermagnetic charge to reverse polarity back to proper settings.The crane became operational again.Kll@~E.
Navigational sensor array reported as "hiccupy." Revealed to be caused by a subprocessor within the terminal not properly dumping cached data.Provided missing cache-clearing subroutine.The navigational sensor array resumed proper operation, allowing the Talaxian convoy to accurately plot a warp course to the site of their new colony.Kll@~E.
- - -

Ref. 1: Report by Commander Athini Aeregon
Ref. 2: Report by U.S.S. October Engineering Department


Kll@~ E.
Civ. Kirlan Esahr, Engineering, Deep Space 13