STARDATE: 90873.8 Deep Space Signal Response

Location: Deep Space Signal ResponseStardate: 90873.8Report Submitted: Captain Daemedus Welhuph

Mission: Deep Space Signal Response

Task Force Ships:
USS Atlas
USS Paragon
USS Saratoga
USS Galatea
USS Okinawa
USS Deimos
USS Toronto

RRW D'Ishae
Bioship Ernasot

The task force of ships all responded to a deep space signal of unknown origin in the Delta quadrant. Upon arrival in the system the task force determined it was the USS Callisto, sending out a distress call. the ship was a loss, but several survivors were found on an abandoned nearby starbase.

We recovered the survivors, including an original officer from the USS Voyager expedition through this sector several decades ago. They were unaware of what had destroyed the Callisto, as they were doing research when it was attacked.

Shortly after we arrived, a group of Voth ships arrived as well. The proceeded to accuse us of trespassing and attacked our ships. We were able to destroy their first wave, but a second wave, a much larger wave, arrived behind them. Tactically, we were a poor match, but as soon as they arrived, they left.

We immediately received a distress call from the Turei. They are a species encountered by the Voyager crew several decades ago. They claimed to be under attack. We assumed it was the Voth forces, and headed for their world. When we arrived, however we found the Voth assisting the Turei against an unknown attacking force. We later learned these were the Vaadwaur, a species also encountered by Voyager.

The Vaadwaur decimated the Voth fleet. When we arrived, however, they were damaged and disorganized enough that we were able to defeat them. It was then that we learned that Vaadwaur forces had landed on the planet and had shut down a planetary shield system.

We beamed down teams to assist in fighting off Vaadwaur assault teams and helping to repower the shield system. During this ground combat, a significant number of Vaadwaur forces landed and it appeared as if we were going to get overrun, but Voth reinforcements arrived and assisted us and the Turei in fending off the final Vaadwaur attack.

At that time we had a strained discussion with the Voth and Turei about the current status of things in the sector. The Voth and Turei have a shared defense pack where the Voth, obviously, carry the higher capacity. The Voth did cooperate with our forces, though there was a more hostile in their actions. By contrast the Turei were more open to positive dialogue, however they do blame Voyager and the Federation for the release of the Vaadwaur back into the sector.

Admiral Tuvok and the USS Voyager arrived shortly after, and again engaged in discussions with the Turei, who were much more hostile towards him and Voyager. Upon returning to orbit, we transferred the Callisto survivors to Voyager and started towards the dyson sphere.

We were never able to open dialogue with the Vaadwaur forces. The Captains who were part of the operation support attempts to open diplomatic dialogue with the Vaadwaur, however attempts should be tempered with the expectations of likely hostile response.

The scope of species only encountered during the Voyager expedition was of significance, so I have attached Starfleet files on the Vaadwaur and Turei.

The participating ships returned to the spire command center afterwards. All ships sustained marginal amounts of damage from both the engagement with the Voth, and the Vaadwaur.

Daemedus Welhuph
Captain, USS Atlas

Vaadwaur File
Turei File


((Events of Revelations are now fleet canon.))