STARDATE 90920.8: Incident in Holodeck 2

Stardate: 90920.8Location: DS-13 Holodeck 2Report Submitted: Commander Rylen Yores

On or about Stardate 90920.8, Security received a distress call from Sickbay that Chef Rellir t'Lhaihtrha was missing. Station's computer located Rellir in Holodeck 2. A security team responded, consisting of Commander Yores, Captain Buchanan, Captain Quint, and Centurion t'Veras. The door to the holodeck was locked upon arrival. Captain Buchanan was able to override the lockout using his security code. On entry, Lt. Kermit was found laying on the floor, unconscious. Rellir was kneeling over him.

Lt. Kermit was beamed immediately to sickbay with life-threatening injuries. According to sickbay records, he was treated for a hemopneumothorax resulting from four fractured ribs on the left side, serious internal bleeding, a broken jaw, and a serious concussion. He is expected to make a full recovery. Rellir was treated for disruptor burns and minor blunt trauma injuries. It should be noted that Rellir had been brought in yesterday for symptoms of exposure to Trellium-D, a treatment regimen had been started, but full recovery was expected to take another 4 days. She displayed no symptoms of the exposure when she returned to sickbay after this incident.

A search of holodeck records showed that a program had been run with safety controls disengaged, the parameters of which may explain the injuries sustained by both parties. Beyond that, there were no records of what occurred in the holodeck due to a corruption of the holodeck memory. The corrupted sectors were unable to be recovered, and neither party could clearly recall the events which took place during the simulation. To this end, it should be noted that the control console in Holodeck 2 had been damaged. The damage to the console could explain the memory corruption. Engineering has been contacted to repair the console, and repairs are expected to be completed within a few hours.

Investigation into this incident is considered suspended unless new information becomes available to the Security Department.

Involved Parties:
CMDR Yores, Rylen
CAPT Buchanan, Jack
CAPT Quint, Emery
CENT t'Veras, Aurelia
LTJG Kermit, James
t'Lhaihtrha, Rellir