Stardate 91295.9 - Operation snakehead

After its insertion by an cloacked romulan shuttle the team managed it to make contact with the missing MACO's.

A short converstation with colonel zala revealed the presence of a jamming field and a transporter inhibitor on the island. The rescue team deactivated the jamming device while the MACO's went after the inhibitor.

Upon returning to the beamout point the rescue team had to went after the macos who were unable to take out the inhibitor field due to a traitor who was infected by a neural parasite. The infected MACO turned on his teammates during a firefight and took the colonel deeper into a cave inhabited by more bluegill parasites.

The rescue team sucessfully took out the inhibition field and recovered the colonel from her captor.
None of the team was infected with neural parasites during the operation.