State of the Fleet, Stardate 90794.1

Although the Undine have maintained a strong presence within the Solanae Dyson Sphere since their assault on the Alpha and Beta Quadrants on Stardate 90317.8, Alliance forces combating their efforts to claim territory in the Sphere have noted a marked decrease in the size and strength of their forces in recent weeks. Coupled with the withdrawal of the Voth, who stubbornly persisted in their pursuit of Omega Particles despite being decimated during the Undine's push into Solanae, as well as by a coordinated strike against their fortress ship, Starfleet Command believes there is sufficient cause to suspect that a crisis is forming somewhere in the Delta Quadrant. After deliberations between the chief representatives of each faction forming the Dyson Joint Command, it has been concluded to form a new special task force to pursue information gathering in the regions of space surrounding the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, dubbed the Delta Alliance. By participating in this venture, the Federation recognizes the very real threat posed by instability in the Delta Quadrant and its potential to spill into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants through the gateways connecting the Jenolan and Solanae Spheres to the Jouret System of the Azure Sector.

With the Klingon Empire giving no indication that it intends to back out of its current non-aggression treaty with the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet Command feels confident that it can allocate more of its resources to exploration of the Delta Quadrant without jeopardizing security within the Federation's borders. To this end, they have requested that elements of the fleet already invested in the Delta Quadrant through participation in the Alliance increase their allocations of resources to ventures in that region of the galaxy, including the assignment of additional ships and personnel. In compliance with this request, commanding officers within Task Force Argo may volunteer their commands for transfer to the Task Force's Spire holding, which will function as the staging ground for all Argo excursions into the Alsuran Sector and surrounding regions. Officers intending to undertake assignments in the Delta Quadrant will be required to familiarize themselves with all information accumulated by the U.S.S. Voyager during its passage through the region, with particular attention given to the indigenous warp-capable species.

Although the primary focus of this venture is exploration, the Delta Quadrant is known to be home to a bevy of potentially hostile species, as well as being the centre of power for the Borg Collective. Officers should be prepared for engagements both combative and diplomatic. Any and all information pertaining to the Voth and Undine withdrawal from Solanae, directly or speculatively, should be reported directly to the Delta Alliance Command.

Commodore Randall Ashworth
Chief Executive Officer, Task Force Argo

The OOC Stuff
Delta Rising is officially upon us! While you hit the grid and plow through all that fresh, exciting new content, the administration of Task Force Argo asks that you keep in mind we have plans to address these missions in a format that will be staggered across the coming weeks, and you should therefor keep one eye on announcements to see which segments of the story have become public knowledge IC and which have yet to transpire. Anyone wishing to have their characters participate in the exploration of the Delta Quadrant need only submit a request to have their roster tag updated to place them under Delta Deployment (anyone previous serving under Allied Joint Command has already been filed with this new heading).
Transcript for briefing, with the Razor overlord.