STO Locked Boxes

Ok, so I am curious and want to see what these "lock boxes" are like. I know that you can get a ship out of some, like a 1 in 250 chance is what someone told me. I do enough math to know that's not going to happen, and I'm ok with that. But, I have several kinds of these lock boxes and I am curious if anyone has any general suggestions on which ones to open? I read what is possibly in each one, but most of that doesn't make sense to me.

Any suggestions on which type to open? I'm gonna open.... 10 I think. Purchased a key-bundle.

Have fun! :thumb:

Seriously won't find anything of value.
Now you tell me....... :confused:
I do get keys every now and then.... Though I wouldn't recommend actually shelling out money for them. I just bleed some of my extra Dilithium I turn into Zen into them sometimes when I am after nothing else. (That and I learned to hold out on buying ships till a ship sale comes round...)

Managed to outfit my klink Cardassian merc with a full Duty Officer compliment of Gamma Quadrant Doffs...
Cardassian lock boxes give Gamma Quadrant Doffs, then?
I like opening boxes when they at least give you decent amounts of lobi crystals. So if you don't actually win something cool, you can at least buy something interesting in the lobi store. But it really is a crap shoot with the boxes and my main reason for opening them is because I like some of the outfit options in the lobi store. I'm just a sucker for that sort of thing. The fact that I won ships was actually secondary to me. ;-)
In my efforts to get the temporal ship for my main, I've spent about three months worth of LTS stipends (500z) and aproximiately $20 of real money on Zen and I've yet to get my ship. On the plus side, I got a bunch of doffs and a few purple weapons.
I popped 10 boxes today. two from each and then a third Cardassian and Temporal. Got a few more duty officers, some lobi crystals and various other pieces of equipment which I shall refer to as junk. :)
Perhaps you guys are just unlucky. Last month or so, I popped out 45 Keys worth of Zen, and got /three/ Temporal Science Vessels (wells class) total. Two got sold (Bought me my Mobius!) and one was opened for the console, then discharged. So really, I believe that's the way to go with any grab-bag item. Wait until you have a fair amount, and open them all in one go. You're bound to get lucky that way.

As for which to open, it really all depends on what you want. If it's just the Lobi's, then it doesn't matter. The Cardassian boxes have the Galor-class in them, which then allows you to buy the Sipral Wave Disrupter array from the D store for them. I hear it's pretty epic. The Ferengi boxes won't give you a ship, since only the Gold variety (bind on pickup) contained the ship, unless they fiddled with that. Temporal ones net you the Timey-Wimey ship, which is fun, and the Tholian ones net you the Orb Weaver (With the web generator console) as well as Phased Tetryon weapons, good for obliterating shields.

But generally, I open boxes for the Lobi's to get me some neat things. =D