SUBJ: Assistance for a science experiment | TO: CAPT Se'Lai

Stardate 94998.7

TO CAPT K. Se'Lai, U.S.S. Valley Forge
CC CMDR Vidzia, U.S.S. Valley Forge
FROM LCDR S. al Firawn, U.S.S. al Haytham

SUBJ Assistance for a science experiment

Captain Se'Lai,

Over the last year, the al-Haytham has been studying SN2417 J2587-7518, a supernova in the Doza Sector, ever since the completion of the survey on the Stardate 94102.8. The supernova was calculated to last 528.2 days, however, our probe shows us signs of the supernova degrading early, 327.12 days after the supernova. This is a very large discrepancy between our calculations and reality, and so, given your patrol route, I was wondering if you could divert course for a few days to study this change. The al-Haytham is currently undergoing some small but crucial repairs, which is why we are unable to study it at present.

A further request is if you would permit me to join you for this mission. I have been the team lead for the project, and I would very much like to oversee this next part of the project.



Lieutenant Commander Sulayman ibn Tariq al Firawn
Acting Captain, USS al-Haytham
38th Fleet, Gemini Squadron

PS: Captain Se'Lai; Eunha, Rana, and I wish you and your family a peaceful and happy New Year. May God shower you with blessings and allow you nothing but joy in the next year.
Stardate 94999.4
Security level 2 - Confidential

TO LCDR al Firawn
CC CMDR Vidzia

SUBJ Re: Assistance for a science experiment


My science staff would never forgive me if we didn't divert course to assist with this matter. We will rendezvous to bring you on board in a couple of days, and should be able to have you on site by the end of the week.

Sincerest Regards,

Captain Keelah Se'Lai
U.S.S. Valley Forge, Commanding.