SUBJ: Combat Training | TO: CAPT A. Nimitz

Security Level 1 - Open
Stardate 95767.5

TO CAPT A. Nimitz
CC CMDR A. Samaras; CMDR N. Larson
BCC LT(JG) A. Coshi
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop
SUBJ Combat Training


I don't need to tell you of the issues around the sector. As the Endeavour and the Pegasus are often deployed together, I would like to schedule combat training with our two ships. It would consist of various drills to get familiar with each other's operations and combat capabilities, as well as allow us to strategise how best to deploy and what roles we should each play in the battle, shoring up each other's weaknesses and maximising each other's strengths.

I've put together a selection of potential drills that we can go through; feel free to amend or add any drills you see fit.

  • Defensive manoeuvring and rapid precision firing - both ships have moving targets on the hull that must be protected from target locks, whilst aiming to hit the opposition targets. Targets will move randomly, and a strike outside of the target will result in negative points.

  • Manual firing at an evasive target - The Bark is deployed and ordered to perform evasive manoeuvres, whilst both ships attempt to fire upon the target using manual sighting only. Points are made by each successive hit, with extra points being awarded for hitting or disabling key systems. Misses result in negative points.

  • Fighter and Bark deployment manoeuvres - With both the Bark and the Pegasus' fighters deployed, various exercises and drills are executed so that both ships can capitalise on the usage of fighters and the Bark in combat.

  • No-Communications Communications - As we have experienced in the recent past, we might face the possibility where either subspace or local space communications may be down, or even both. Whilst Starfleet have procedures in these situations, it would be good to develop Endeavour/Pegasus specific procedures to use in combat so that we are not at a disadvantage should these techniques be used.

  • Emergency and Evacuation Drills - Once again, as the Endeavour and Pegasus are usually in combat, there is a likely chance that one of our ships could face the scenario where we would have to evacuate. Understanding each other's evacuation protocols and drills should streamline the process, should an event like this occur, as well as drilling through procedures such as a warp core breach, or total power failure.

  • Boarding and Hostage Drills - Mixed teams of Pegasus and Endeavour crew participate in a number of drills, designed to foster better cooperation between the two crews, should the possibility of joint-deployment arise.

  • Tours of both ships, alongside a joint dinner - At the end of the drills, tours and formal dinners allow the crews to rest and get to know each other better, as well as the other's ships.

It's my hope that such drills will mean that when we are deployed together, the Pegasus and the Endeavour can work together smoothly, minimising our losses and increasing the firepower we can bring to an engagement.

All best,

Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop PhD
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour
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