SUBJ: Damages Invoice | TO: 38TH & DS13

TO <38th/Command>; <DS13/Department Heads(DH's)>
FROM Belan@w2drozana!
SUBJ Damages Invoice


Please find attached* my invoice to pay for the damages by YOUR officers. The total sum is 200 bars of Gold Pressed Latinum.


*an automatic fee of 3 gpl will be charged upon opening this attachment

//ATTACHMENT// invoiceofdamages.inv
Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO LCDR. Gira, N.
CC <38th/Command>; <DS13/Department Heads(DH's)>
FROM RADM. Konieczko, D.

SUBJ RE: Damages Invoice


This command is pointing it's attention towards significantly decreasing the amount of pirate reports and activity that we encounter by the end of 2419. The 38th fleet is perfectly situated on the edge of our explored space, it creates a lot of opportunity for us to be the first in many regards. As a result however, pirates looking to take advantage of the colonies, or planets establishing themselves, and of the businesses operating in the region have run wild on the Eta Eridani region.

Positioned between the overlooking Klingon Empire and the far reaches of the Federation, Drozana Station is previously known to and certainly continues to harbor these pirates. More, the station's businesses thrives as a result of these pirates. As a result, until Drozana changes their policies regarding the support and harboring of pirates Drozana will not be receiving compensation for any damages that they believe were the result of the 38th fleet.

Please allow the fleet's PAO to properly address this concern.

Rear Admiral Dmitri Konieczko
Commanding Officer
38th Fleet 'Argo'