SUBJ: Endeavour Volleyball Game | TO: USS October

Security Level 1 - Open
Stardate 95556.7

TO October/ALL
CC CAPT C. Morton
SUBJ Endeavour Volleyball Game


We have a very important game coming up against the crew of the USS Endeavour on Risa. In short; they have challenged us to a Volleyball match.

By order of the Captain, I have been tasked with creating a WINNING team to beat the Endeavour. Make no mistake, this is not a match for fun, nor is it a friendly. Taking part will not count - only victory will be accepted.

The following names have already been selected for the match:

  1. Captain Coby Morton (C) - Right side hitter
  2. Lieutenant (JG) Aruyo Lara - Setter
  3. Ensign Ulrich Stern (???)

I believe that we need at least six players for a team. I will not lose this match through forfeiture.

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Aruyo Lara
Helmswoman, USS October