SUBJ: Eyes Open

To: LCDR Blake, K. (@Moose)
From: CMDR Jera, T.
Subj: Eyes Open


We apologize for adding more to your proverbial plate being newly instated however we have discovered a potential security concern in the form of system glitches across the sarpa resulting in various malfunctions. Having read recent reports about the artifact upon our return to the station it may be related, though discovery of an out of place data log on open communications has set off some red flags as such a link has been attached to this message for observation and quarantine.

The theta cooperative thanks you for your time in this matter, Discovery of any pertaining to this issue will be shared and we hope this goes both ways. Keep your eyes open, we have not figured out the origin of these issues yet.

Jera of Theta
Commanding Officer/Acting Captain,
USS Sarpa

//INTERLINK// DATALOG_931229 - #2 by Ropefish

To: CMDR Jera, T.
CC: LT Loxton, N.
From: LCDR Blake, K.
Subj: RE: Eyes Open


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve copied in Lieutenant Loxton who is currently leading the case who will be able to determine a link.

To my knowledge, the artefact you mention has not been linked to any technological interference, but as it is such an unknown object we cannot rule it out. Can you provide details as to the timing and location you observed these glitches, as well as submitting any relevant flight and communication logs, of the Sarpa and her embarked craft.

Finally, given the nature of this message, I must request you submit to a security sweep of all shipboard computer terminals as well as a level 3 sweep of your computer cores themselves, to rule out any possible contamination.

Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
Chief Security Officer,
Deep Space 13

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To: LCDR Blake, K.
CC: LT Loxton, N.
From: CMDR Jera, T
Subj: Re: Eyes Open


Security sweep would be accepted, A second set of eyes will do well. Our primary scans show the issues had started around twenty one hundred which lines up when w̸e̸ noticed our position on the station off of the sarpa, Over the course of the next two hours cascading blackouts hit the primary computer core resulting in frequent and abrupt disconnects of Theta cooperative to Sarpa. Loxton can provide details of o̸u̴r̷ my state during these “blackouts”, During the time w̸e̸ could not move between the sapra and station from a transporter failure onboard.

It took the greater part of the next day de-creasing folds made by the glitches, however none of our scans could locate an origin as if the central computer itself had detected a threat. No logs after showed anything had happen raising our concerns. I have attached the flight and communication logs.

Jera of Theta
Commanding Officer/Acting Captain,
USS Sarpa

(neither logs show anything out of ordinary however there was a noted interaction with hostile tholians during their last expedition, nothing else of interest can be found besides some cat media.)