SUBJ: Hannam ir-Kevratas t'Aimne Investigation

Security Level 3 - Restricted

TO LCDR ch'Zhavis
CC CMDR s'Vesta
FROM LT ch'Havran
SUBJ Hannam ir-Kevratas t'Aimne Investigation

Commander, keeping you apprised on the investigation so far.

I have run a background check using data from the Romulan Star Empire about Hannam ir-Kevratas t'Aimne. I can confirm using records from Kevratas she was born and lived on the planet Kevratas from 2370 to 2388.

This next part is guess work on my part, but I believe with records I was able to obtain from the current planetary government of Kevratas that I can safety assume sometime in 2388 Hannam's citizenship inside the Star Empire was revoked. Details have been classified by the Tal Shiar including when her citizenship was revoked as well as why.

I plan to reach out to Khre'Riov t’Lhaihtrha to see if I can't gain access to Tal Shiar files currently in possison of the Republic for citizenship records. As well as other members of the House Aimne to see what they know about Hannam.

Lieutenant Vkruk ch'Havran
Deep Space 13 Security
//ATTACHMENT// KevratasCitizenshipInformation.log