SUBJ: I just realized something that could be a security risk.

To: LCDR KARA BLAKE (( @S.J.Brex )), LCDR NICOLAS LOXTON (( @Loxton ))
Subj: I just realized something that could be a security risk.

Sorry to bother you both, maybe it is paranoia but I just realized that I may be a security risk if any more of my species exist, and are allied with our enemies. We can infer that there is a distinct possibility that an “Alternate Universe” me exists and most likely is loyal to the Terran Empire.

Should that be the case, if we were to touch, we would share knowledge as is the tradition with colonies of my species. All knowledge learned by one colony becomes common knowledge to the whole collective. As far as I know there is no selecting what information is shared. At least, no colony ever needed to because we were in truth, a very low tech society.

Fortunately it will be obvious if my twin, or any of my kind, show up. We can smell our own. We know they are in the vicinity. There is that.

As a prophylactic measure I will begin wearing gloves but I am sure I will have ample warning.

If need be we can discuss. I will keep this quiet for now. Perhaps I should discuss this with LCDR Valore, as she is Vulcan and may have insights into how to restrict what could get shared. The Vulcan Mind Meld actually works on my species.

Security Dept
Deep Space 13