SUBJ: Leads | TO: CAPT S. Bishop

Security Level 3 - Restricted
Stardate 95165.6

TO CAPT S. Bishop, U.S.S. Endeavour
CC ~~
FROM CMDR M. Cavanagh
SUBJ Leads


I've found something for you. Your retired Commodore seems to not want to be found. After he left the Imogen - a year ago - he just fell off our radar... but you know that since you were running around looking for him.

He's pretty good at trying to remain hidden, but I did find something. He has a house registered on Bajor. Maybe worth a visit. He could be living there.

Hope all is well! I'm sorry I missed your wedding, I hope it was a fine one. Heard about the Borg too... nasty stuff that. Jake's doing well here I think. Any more news, I'll let you know.


Commander Matthew Cavanagh
Intelligence Team 08 Lead, Starfleet Headquarters


Security Level 3 - Restricted
Stardate 95165.7

TO CMDR M. Cavanagh
CC ~~
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop
SUBJ RE: Leads


Christ, I must have missed another promotion of yours. And a new job. Always knew you were a pencil pusher!

This is a small lead, but for a man who seems to have fallen into a black hole and taken all evidence of his whereabouts with him, it's something. I'm heading to Bajor on a conference. I'll knock on his door and see if he's at home.

Ship over here some time; it'll be nice to have you.

All the best,

Captain Dr Samuel Alexander Bishop
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour