SUBJ: Neutral mediation of Xedi situation | To AMB Perim

Security Level 1 - Open

| TO | AMB Perim
| CC |
| FROM | CMDR T’nar
| SUBJ | Neutral mediation of Xedi situation

Pleasant greetings Ambassador, however apologies for such short notice of this subject. This officer has just been informed of the situation on Isep Xedi, that the government has been overthrown by its military, and now members of former government are onboard DS13. This officer had sent word to G’Thi Triumvirate Council for request of neutral negotiator between non-government Xedi and government Xedi. Unfortunately, due to Council deliberation, it took one standard month for consensus to be achieved. This officer was only informed yesterday that Philosopher caste negotiator had been dispatched, along with Warrior caste protection. Triumvirate ship carrying negotiator will be arriving within four standard days. With the change of situation, this officer feels neutral party negotiations could still be of use. Please advise on appropriate course of action, as this officer is unable to inform Triumvirate Council negotiator is no longer needed. More then willing to meet to discuss if necessary. Be well.