SUBJ: Notice of Suspension | TO: LT J. Read

Security Level 1 - Open
Stardate 95767.4

TO LT J. Read
CC CMDR A. Samaras; CMDR N. Larson; CMDR T'Lyra; LCDR S. Jan
BCC LT(JG) A. Coshi
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop
SUBJ Notice of Suspension


Due to your actions on the mission to the Vonta Colony, where you knowingly and willingly subjected a Starfleet Prisoner to unnecessary and excessive pain, you are hereby suspended from active duty for the duration of seven (7) days, as of the above Stardate. Your access codes have been revoked and you are restricted to the civilian areas on the ship.

In addition to this, you are to complete the following course, access to which can be granted from the console in your quarters:

CORE30: Treatment of Prisoners (PASS MARK 95%)

Your actions have jeopardized your standing and reputation within the Federation. You are strongly advised to consider the implications of your actions, and to understand that further violations may endanger your career in Starfleet, as well as the incident being escalated higher up the chain of command. As I made clear to you, your actions are not tolerated on this ship, and it is only due to several character references that this matter has not already escalated higher.

Do not disappoint the crew, the uniform, or me, again, Lieutenant.

Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop PhD
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour