SUBJ: Reprimand | TO: CMDR Leveson-Scott

Stardate 95086.8

TO CMDR M. Leveson-Scott
CC CMDR N. Larson
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop,
SUBJ Reprimand


After due consideration, I have decided that your actions on Nelara on Stardate 95085.0 do not deserve an official reprimand.

Your actions were within my given orders at the start of the mission; to gain intelligence using any methods at your disposal, but to not invite hostile action towards us. Though your actions had the potential to cause conflict, your initial intention was to prevent this, as shown by your follow up actions.

Do not mistake this as praise Commander. Your actions could have, and still could, cause serious issues. You have put us in a position of unnecessary deception and if discovered, could damage the fragile trust we have built with the Nelaraans.

I urge you to consider your actions further in the future, and the possible repercussions. A Commanding Officer who cannot place his trust in his First Officer does not make for a successful command team, and places not only your role, but mine too, into the spotlight.

Captain Dr Samuel Alexander Bishop
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour
38th Fleet, Aries Squadron