SUBJ: Requesting Transfer to U.S.S. Dragon (NCC-93887-A)

To: LCDR Kara Blake (( @Moose )) , LCDR Nicholas Loxton (( @Loxton )), CAPT Drake Tungsten ((@DrakeTungsten ))
From: LT Ansha Bast Wind-People
Subj: Requesting Transfer to U.S.S. Dragon (NCC-93887-A)

I respectfully request transfer to the U.S.S. Dragon (NCC-93887-A), to be effective no sooner than Stardate 99038.4 ((Jan 15th)) and no later than 99084.9 ((Jan 31st)). I feel this would help me on my journey to restrike to Tactical which was my original branch at Starfleet Academy, before transferring to Security prior to graduation.

It has been an honor to serve under you both and I am proud of what I have been able to do for Deep Space Station 13.

LT Ansha Bast Wind-People
Security Officer,
DS13 Security Department


To: LT Wind-People, A. B.
CC: CAPT Tungsten, D.; CMDR Kermit, J.
BCC: LCDR Loxton, N.
From: LCDR Blake, K.
Subj: RE: Requesting Transfer to U.S.S. Dragon (NCC-93887-A)


Thank you for your service aboard Deep Space 13 during this time, it has been invaluable while brief.

I realise recent events have been more chaotic than usual, and I regret I was never able to meet you in person. Your work which I have been aware of, most notably during the incident with the USS Dallas, has been exemplary, and you will be a credit to the crew of the Dragon.

I hereby accept your request for transfer.

Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
Chief Security Officer,
Deep Space 13