SUBJ: Resignation FROM: LtCmdr Keth

TO: Fleet Captain Neema Perim, Vice Admiral Rilem Celes
SUBJ: Resignation
FROM: Lieutenant Commander Keth

Vice Admiral, Fleet Captain,

After much thought I've decided to end my service with Starfleet in light of recent events. Recent events being my previous reprimand, and now my loss of sight. I do not believe I am fit to continue duty, and due to my ability to not have optical implants without substantial risk of injury to myself, I do not believe I will be fit for duty in the future. After nearly forty years of serving with Starfleet I believe I have contributed enough to leave with peace of mind that my service did not end too early.

If you have any reasons for wishing me to stay in Starfleet, I will be more than happy to listen to them, and I will meet whenever is appropriate. If not, then I'd like to thank both of you for all that you've done. It's been a pleasure serving the Fleet, and I with your permission I'd like to stay on Deep Space 13 while I look for a new career to follow.

Lieutenant Commander Keth
Coroner, Deep Space 13