SUBJ: The Federation Agreement | TO: CAPT S. Bishop

TO CAPT Samuel Bishop
CC ~~
FROM President Mox Tezka
SUBJ The Federation Agreement

Captain Bishop,

As promised, please see the agreement signed by all members of the Pygri. This one is for your records, I will be submitting the application to the Federation Council soon.

I look forward to working closer with the Federation to unearth our heritage and culture.

Yours Truly,
The Strongest and Most Valourous of the Vol Ignii
President Mox Tezka
Vox Durza ix Lozi

//ATTACHMENT// The Federation Agreement.doc
Spoiler: The Federation AgreementShow
Federation Series No. 54 (FCC 59, Earth Year 2418)

to allow for Federation Assistance in the excavation, cultivation, preservation, and of the history and culture of the Vol Ignii.

[this agreement has been ratified by the phygri]

presented to the Phygri by The Strongest and Most Valourous of the Vol Ignii, on behalf of the Vol Ignii,

What follows is an eighty-seven-page document, which ends with the signatures of every member of the Phygri.