Talak Subject: Number Five

Stardate 86578.1

Novath Four reporting in on the progress of the new Talak gene batch that was born. This batch is the fifth Talak batch hatched this cycle, the batch contains ten newborn and healthy Jem'Hadar soldiers. The only concern of note is ketracel-white levels being .5% under the standard, however still well within tolerable limits, will recommend that each member of the Fifth batch to be outfitted with a secondary ketracel-white tubing upon their maturity to make up for the loss.

Stardate 86613.7

Novath Four reporting: The Fifth Talak batch is now two weeks old and have reached their maturity age, each batch member has been fitted with their ketracel-white tubes without complications. The batch's training is still in the early stages, however members of the batch have shown signs of being 'outside' thinkers. After consulting with the other overseers, we have elected to keep our eyes on the batch for the time being, tossing up their current thinking as a side of effect of their still maturing brains.

Stardate 86632.9

Novath Four reporting: The Fifth Talak batch is now three weeks old and nearing the end of their training, unfortunately I must report that the Overseers have voted unanimously to scrap the batch as they have only seem to grow even more free thinking, while their loyalty to the Founders is unquestionable, they seem unable to ahear to the standard tactics on the field of battle. It has been decided that they will be facing off in a live fire exercise with a superior batch upon their return from a training mission to the Karemma colony New Sate.

Stardate 86646.6

Tula Six reporting: The mission to New Sate did not go well. Upon arrival the Fifth Talak batch and my predecessor, Novath, were ambushed by a Karemma/Dosi anti-Dominion Terrorist group. While the exact circumstance regarding Novath's death remains unknown, the Fifth Talak batch were able retake the captured government building and root out every element of the terrorist cell. As a result, the Fifth batch has attracted the attention of the Founder Odo and his so called 'Vanguard' due to their unique abilities to think outside the acceptable tactics of the Jem'Hadar (Of course this goes without mentioning, but the vote to scrap the Fifth Talak batch has been overturned). In other note, the members of Talak batch have chosen their names, while usually not of note, it is worth mentioning that the fifth batch member has oddly chosen the name 'Talak'Fives' for himself.