Talos Junction Defense Coordination (([+2 Events]))

To: RDML Bishop, @Sam
CC: 38th.Captains
From: CMDR Barron-Stern, Jessica
Subj: Talos Junction Defense Coordination


I know things have been a bit hectic with new reports coming in on Terran Activity. I wanted to touch base with you, and inform you that we have been steadily working on Defense Measures both Ground and Space around the listening post, and with your permission, I will be hosting simulations to test the effectiveness of our efforts thus far. The results of these tests will help us evaluate where to continue our focus to further defend Talos Junction should the need arise.

I was hoping to recruit a few ships and personnel in these tests that are staging here at the planet, and with Captain Alexandria’s permission, I will temporarily be commanding the USS Dallas for the Space Simulation. Following that, we will run ground simulations as well, and should have the results of said tests on your desk shortly after.

Commander Jessica Barron
Executive Officer
USS Sun Tzu

OOC This is a Two-For-One Event to help Starfleet play catch up on our Weekly Objectives! See (https://argo.ex-astris.net/t/nov-3rd-planetary-defense-simulation-starfleet/2664) and (https://argo.ex-astris.net/t/nov-3rd-ground-invasion-simulation-starfleet/2665) for more details! The more the marrier! Come as whatever Starfleet character you have and if nothing more, enjoy the TFO and Free Marks!