Task Force Argo Engineering Division Reports

Stardate: 91218.9

ATTN: Captain Perim, CO Deep Space Thirteen

The follows details the past fortnight on the starbase and drydock facilities relating to engineering division,

Deep Space Thirteen:
Repair teams continue their tasks over the EPS systems, plasma fire damage to the affected decks has been repaired, though several entire bulkheads had to be replaced, teams assigned to these tasks should be completed within the next week.

Engineering Labs two, seven and twelve will be shortly undergoing a remodel for focus on working with Solanae technology and artefacts returned from the Dyson Sphere, I have selected and built a team of eighteen crewmen and officers who will work in said labs, they will also no doubt work with the science division on such tasks, I will relate this information to Doctor Isunn.

As with most engineering departments we have crewmen who specialise in certain areas and often wish to modify systems or equipment to work more efficiently and/or better. Ensign Matheson, one of my team leaders is such an example with ideas and evidence for certain modifications to the communication array, with your permission engineering would like to….temporarily appropriate antennae 6b for test of such modifications and a live fire test so to speak.

Dry Dock yards:
I like to keep two or three of the docks open in case of emergencies and we’re currently not very busy so all repairs are on schedule, the main delay being required parts.

Drydock yards repair schedule:

Civilian vessel or CV’s:

‘Fishy Friend’ - Damage to Warp Core, repair time est. 6 days
‘Storm Breaker’ - Artificial gravity fault, repair time est. 3 days
‘Mary’ - Malfunctioning deflector, repair time est. 2 weeks (set for after ’Fishy Friend’)

Starfleet Vessels:

U.S.S. Dresden - Drive core cascade failure, repair time initial est. 4 weeks
U.S.S. Menway - Impulse drive implosion, repair time est. 6 weeks (awaiting parts delivery)


//Altais, Eli, Captain of Engineering, Deep Space Thirteen

((If anyone wishes to add their broken ships to the drydock throw me a message with what you broke and a time you'd ideally like and I'll add it in :3 ))

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