TBD: A Friendly (war)game

To: 38th Fleet Argo
From: CAPT Meadows, Rebecca Anne
Subj: Wargames

My fellow captains,

My ship and crew have only recently transferred to the 38th Fleet, and under dire circumstances indeed. While we have now been through all the necessary assessments and been cleared for active duty (the ship readiness report is not yet published, but Lt Commander Carter indicated that Vincennes would be given a ‘pass’ during her visit), immediately prior to her transfer Vincennes had only just finalised her second major 20-year overhaul, and my crew simply hasn’t had much time to become acquainted with her new systems outside of a short shakedown cruise.

As such, I propose a friendly sparring session!

Simulated weapons, simulated stakes, but a full workout of the capabilities of our respective ships and crews. For Vincennes and her crew, it would be an invaluable familiarisation and testing experience. And for any ship and crew during a time of war, a simulated battle against a live opponent would offer some invaluable combat practice.

While I had in mind a simple one versus one affair, should more captains be interested and available, I’m sure some kind of team versus team affair could be arranged.

The safety of my ship and her crew is my highest priority, and if Vincennes is to be taken into any significant combat (as seems likely in the coming weeks), I’d much prefer it if my crew received some experience with the new systems upon which they now rely.

And we shall give as good as we get, so your own crews will hopefully find the experience valuable as well!

Please contact Vincennes via subspace to make arrangements.

Captain Rebecca Anne Meadows,
Commanding Officer,
USS Vincennes


Shift Time: Alpha/Beta during the week, more flexible on weekends.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Structured?

Starting Point: DS13?

I’d like my character to contribute to the Terran War in some way at least once before it’s over, beyond simply ferrying refugees around or having the occasional bright idea at Sunday briefings. But not only have I not RPed with Argo’s combat system before, I’ve not RPed with any system like it before, so I’ve been reluctant/nervous to commit to anything. I’d like an opportunity to practice with it, with perhaps some guidance and patience, before attempting to involve myself in a structured RP that uses it.
Not just because I don’t want my character and ship to immediately die on my first attempt, but also because I don’t want to potentially ruin a structured RP by fumbling around trying to figure out how it works and badgering people with questions halfway through.
So an IC ‘wargame’ seems like a good solution to me! If anybody is interested, we can work out a date/time that works for both/all of us, hence why I’ve not set one for now.
Any day starting from tomorrow at the posted shift times should fine for me!