The Adventures of Captain Shon and Commander Jarok, by Verelan t'Veras, Age 7

Verelan t'Veras was given a Romulan bridge set with a Tiaru Jarok action figure by her mother, Aurelia. Not to be outdone, her father, Jack Buchanan, gave her an Enterprise playset with an action figure of the great Andorian hero, Captain Shon. Like many children of any species, she conflates both of them and the stories that she's heard from her parents and around the station when playing with them.

- - -

"BOOM! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am the Nameless One! I am going to eat all of your kitty cats!"
"No! We will never say yes to the Tal Shiar! I am Captain Shon and you're dead! We will save our kitty cats! Fire photon torpedoes!"
"HAHAHAHAH!!! No way! My shields are too good for you because I am the TAL SHIAR! I am going to board your ship!"
"NOOOOOOO! Fire phasers!!"
"Whoooooooosh! Commander Jarok is here to save you, Captain Shon!"
"Oh thank you so much Commander! The Nameless one was going to eat all of the kitty cats!"
"We will never let the Tal Shiar eat the kitty cats!"
"AHAHAHA I am here and I have all of your kitty cats!"
"Bzzzt! Bzzzzzzzt!"
"AAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh.... my kitty cats.... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"
"We saved all the kitty cats, Commander Tiaru!"
"Let's go eat cookies, Captain Shon!"