The Expedient Porter's Farewell

To: CAPT Lauren, V. (@Lauren); CAPT Bishop, S. (@Sam); CAPT K. Bahieh (@Bahieh)
From: Miran, D.
Subj: Pleasant Tidings!

Good day,

Word is that I have you to thank for getting our ship loose. It’s unfortunate that we were stuck here and delayed, but I do have to thank you for your station’s exquisite hospitality. The service far outpaced our own ship’s!

I can’t say we recall exactly how this mess happened. Only that our good pilot tried to show your ships who’s boss, only that something seemed to have gone wrong. Hard to say, I wasn’t really paying attention. There was a birthday party on the ship and the vodka was just absolutely flowing. I’d invite you to our next birthday party if you’d like as a gesture of thanks.

Since your transwarp gateway is undergoing repairs after your people botched the recovery, we’ll be heading to Deep Space 12. It was a pleasure. Truly, an absolute pleasure.

Speaking of destroyed warp gates though, I think that this whole situation is an excellent experiment into how a ship might gracefully outmaneuver your gates. We can consider this to be a science experiment. From what I hear, Starfleet does love its sciences. I won’t even charge you royalties for the idea of further testing your gateways using ships. You are most graciously welcome.

Unless it becomes popular enough. In which case, expect an invoice in the mail.

Demetrius Miran
S.S. Expedient Porter
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

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