The Iowa Incident



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Stardate 92568.8

Two Peregrine Fighers are seen flying away from the main hanger of the USS Iowa. The duo flies in a close two-man formation. In the cockpits are a female Trill and female Bajoran.

<Lunya> Red One to Red Seven, you ready for this run?
<Reeyat>Red Seven Copies Red Lead, I'm on your three o'clock

The two fighters increase speed and head towards a nearby cluster of rocky debris as the Iowa keeps its position to monitor a nearby pulsar

<Lunya> Red Seven, we're going to do some evasive maneuver drills in the debris field. Nothing you can't handle. Stay close on my wing, and we'll knock this out in no time.
<Reeyat> Seven copies Lead, ready to go on your command
<Lunya> Iowa control, this is Red Leader, we are beginning training program Alpha One Six.
<Iowa Flight Operations> Copy Commander, you are go for maneuvers. Be careful out there.

The Peregrines dive into the debris field, the lead ship deftly dodging large and small rocks alike, as the second fighter follows closely behind it

<Lunya> Alright Reeyat, we're going to pick up the speed a bit. Stay close, if it gets too challenging, let me know, we'll tone it down a bit
<Reeyat> Right'o boss, shouldn't be too hard, you're getting slow as you get older anyway
<Lunya> Uh huh, keep up!

The lead Peregrine dives down, narrowly missing a larger asteroid fragment, the trailing fighter rolls into the same dive, both ships easily clearing the next few patches of rock and ice

<Lunya> Nice roll slick, but think you can pull that off while being shot at? Don't always need to be fancy just effective
<Reeyat> Fancy is effective boss, just watch!

The second Peregrine throttles forward and passes the lead ship, taking over the front position and banking to streak between two colliding masses of rock. The now rear Peregrine climbs over them, as the gap had been crushed in the collision.

<Lunya> It would have been such an “I told you so” had those rocks crushed you Reeyat, you know that right?
<Reeyat> Not the first time I've heard that Commander A small chuckle comes from the Bajoran
<Lunya> Won't be the last time either huh?

The computer in both fighters chirps twice
<Computer> Warning, radiation surge detected. Estimated time to impact, five minutes
<Lunya> Fun time's over, Reeyat, what's the range on that radiation spike?
<Reeyat> Pauses Range is sixteen million kilometers, we're out of range Commander but...The Iowa is not
<Lunya> Red Leader to Iowa control do you copy?
Static returns her attempt to contact the ship
<Lunya> Iowa, do you read me?
Static is the only thing she gets in response
<Reeyat> Commander, their sensors are down! They were calibrating them after we dropped out of warp!
<Lunya> No...That means they won't know until that radiation wave is right on top of them!

The two fighters exit the edge of the asteroid debris field, as both pilots pull up a visual of the USS Iowa. The Armitage Class ship is motionless, her bow aimed straight for the incoming surge of charged particles. As the radiation wave approaches, the impluse engines can be seen powering up, as the ship begins to nose down to avoid the band of energy.

<Lunya> Oh god, their shields are still down! The radiation will go right through the ship!
<Reeyat> C'mon Iowa move!

Both pilots sit mortified, as they watch the wave crest through the mid part of the ship's saucer section. Lights can be seen flickering from bow to mid ship, as the radiation wave passes through the front of the ship. After a few moments, a heavily distorted message can be heard.

<USS Iowa> Static.....Leader...massive....Static....spike....Casualties hanger immediately

<Lunya>We're heading back, they're in trouble!

Lunya activates her personal log and begins recording as she flies towards the troubled ship......