The Meaning of Life.

As much as I've tried, I can't seem to compress the answer down to "42". I only wish it was so easy. When faced with this question one's mind absolutely races with the possibilities. Now, I've heard everything from the most grand of cosmic responses, all the way down to the simplest of sayings. In fact at a younger age I distinctly remember thinking that there would be some grand event my future, that would explain all the mystery around why I was here. I'm at the ripe old age of 25 now, and no revelations yet.

So, I decided that I would give this some serious thought again. I decided to really take my time, and see if I couldn't come up with something that I truly felt was a reason to feel satisfied at my existence. It took longer than I thought. Hours and hours of deep meditation on the subject. yielded no fruits of my labor. As it turns out for me the answer came not with great thought, but rather with actions.

I held a door open for a stranger, and thought why? I answered myself with, because it's just what you do. Thanks for the specifics, self. After a while though, the gravity of the answer pulled me to a surprising solution. It's just what you do. On instinct I took action that would make someone's day a little easier, perhaps even a little brighter. After that action was taken, I felt...justified.

So for me, it boils down to this. The meaning of life, is purpose. For me, that purpose is making things easier. or better for those around me. This is a general principle and isn't followed with religious fervor. I'm subject to the same flaws that make all of us give one another a hard time once in a while. However, most of time I feel a social duty to improve things for life on this planet.nMy interest in law enforcement most likely stems from wanting to realize the above mentioned purpose. We should all strive to better ourselves, each other, and our planet.

Now, I put the question to you. What is your purpose? If the meaning of life for you isn't a "purpose", then what is it?
Ooo Ooo I love these! I'm really good at them!noi'mnot

What is my purpose? My friends would say to disturb their poor innocent minds with my evilness, I say with my overwelling coolness. We seem to agree more or less.

As to, my meaning of life? Well maybe its different to everyone? One of my closer friends thinks that life should be lived as it's given to you, none of that silly Yolobaggins stuff. But to be satisfied with everyday, then in the end, however it comes to you, to be satisfied with how you've lived, and if you believe in such things. That you're going to be with everyone you've ever known.

I 'unno! Personally I like to think about cool quotes and just follow on their coat tails.

Theres that quote from Gladiator (it's probleh from something else but I dun care I like that film) "What we do in life, echoes in eternity." It's a long way off for me personally, but it's something to work towards. So that's my personal meaning of life/purpose whatever.