The Pale Dawn

“Lost control of the station?”

Ie, Aendeh.”

The Major paced in front of the great window behind her desk, looking out upon the dry dock and the stars beyond. Across her desk the Centurion sat in his crisp grey uniform, his attention split between the PADD in his hands and his superior. Her expression, as ever, was implacable.

“And what of the SubCommander?”

The Centurion dipped down to his PADD, scrolling through the compiled reports. “So far unaccounted for. It is possible he did not escape the station before the…”

“Insurrection, Kæ’lak,” the Major chimed in, sensing his reticence. She turned to him then, and the hint of a smile on her lips sent chills down the Centurions spine. “The word you are looking for is insurrection.” Even without the might of the Tal’Shiar behind her there was something frightening in that smile, something cold and calculating, something predatory.

I-ie, Aendeh,” he stammered. “Insurrection.”

“An insurrection fomented by our estranged brothers and sisters in the Republic, I trust.”

Kæ’lak stiffened his posture, looking once more to the PADD in his hands. He could feel the Major’s golden eyes upon him, the pressure of her gaze weighing him down into his seat. “The Republic, yes, as well as… reports of a possible Federation presence.”

“The Federation?” The Major’s smile widened in a way that made Kæ’lak want to recoil. “Those reports, verify them.” She turned back to the broad viewport, and the Centurion breathed a sigh of relief. “See that I am kept appraised of any developments, ssuaj-difv?”

Ssuaj-ha, Aendeh!”

“Good. Dismissed.”

Kæ’lak rose in a single swift motion and took a brisk pace to the door, leaving the Major to her view of the dry dock. As the doors slid closed he dared one final look into her office, catching the briefest glimpse of the Tal’Shiar officer silhouetted against the jagged hulk that occupied the dock. It took all the restraint the Centurion had left to keep his pace to a walk as he fled the Major’s office.