The Personal Log of S'Hauen Jarok

S'Hauen is the grandson of Admiral Alidar Jarok, the infamous Romulan admiral who attempted to defect to the Federation in 2366. Unfortunately, being related to the admiral has brought shame and scorn to S'Hauen's family. Privately, the family has always known that Jarok acted in the bests interests of his family and have always held him in high regards.

After the destruction of Romulus, S'Hauen, his sister and his mother fled to Romulan planet near the neutral zone. Upon seeing several Federation relief ships arriving daily at the planet, S'Hauen decided to sneak aboard one and enlist in Starfleet. His mother, knowing the shame brought upon the family and knowing that S'Hauen would never be allowed to serve in the Romulan military, allowed S'Hauen to leave home and make a better future for himself.
Launch of the NX-Nechayev

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

The crew has meshed well together given the velocity of all the changes that has taken place in the past few months. The Nechayev is performing as well as I would expect a ship of this class to operate. Despite the amenities, I think I prefer to be on the Jellico or at the Academy teaching than being out here. On the other hand, I am relishing the cloak that the ship is equipped with, pity that at the end of this mission I won't be able to requisition one for the Jellico.

We've been ordered by JAG to maintain strict communications silence while we're underway in this sector. My communications officer has informed me of various distress signals by Starfleet and Klingon ships in this sector which seems to indicate the Borg have launched an offense although I can't say for certain how widespread this offensive may be. Damn this mission....and this uniform. Red is not my color.

While on the subject of the Borg, my two new officers seem to be "operating at peak efficiency." I can't believe I let myself get talked into accepting two drones for this mission. I don't care how far along they were in their treatments to remove the Borg implants, they still move, walk and talk like drones to me and the rest of the crew. First of Third is the least sociable one, he's also spent the least amount of time in treatment. Second of Third on the other hand has regained some of her humanity but she refuses to speak to anyone that isn't myself of First of Third. And when she does speak to me, it's to update me on her progress with the investigation. I suppose she could make a fine officer with that attitude, but I still don't trust them.

I hope my sister is doing well where ever she is, especially if the Borg are attempting to overrun our defenses. She is the only reason why I'm out here in the first place. was for the best her and her career; she should be so fortunate to still have one after what she did. I don't blame N'var for uncovering what my sister was involved in, she was doing her duty as a Starfleet officer although I would have preferred if we settled this situation amongst ourselves had I known what it would take to salvage my sisters career.

It's getting late....I've decided to take the night watch tonight and I need to rest.
The search begins

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

Today has been a difficult day. We've cleared our fifth planet in this system and have yet to find our target Carl Nau, formerly known as Third of Three. The away team suffered casualties despite their precautions to avoid any Borg patrols down on the planet surface. The team lost two Lieutenants and one Lt.Commander. Given the nature of our mission, I will not be able to replenish these loses and will have to start handing out promotions, I sincerely hope that this does not become a daily occurrence.

I decided to look over all the files given to me by JAG in regards to Nau, perhaps if I could find a way to understand the man, this mission would come to a quick conclusion and his apprehension, but I've come to the conclusion that there is no understanding a mad man.

Third of Three was separated from the collective several months ago along with the two other drones, my current guests. Both First and Second were former Starfleet officers, but Third on the other hand was a former MACO and convicted murder who's ship was intercepted by the Borg while being transported to another rehabilitation colony along with his two security guards.

Third was first to under go treatment to remove the Borg implants and therefore looks more Human than First and Second. First was cooperative at first and fooled the psychologists that he was doing well. The day he escaped the hospital he killed two psychologists, a doctor and an innocent bystander who attempted to stop the mad man. This bystander was a member of the Federation Council. Starfleet Security immediately began the manhunt but Nau had manged to escape the planet and his whereabouts were unknown.

It was at this time that my sister was having several problems and was facing court martial, a member of JAG contacted me and decided to cut me a deal. Despite the harmony that the Federation projects and the unity Starfleet has, most will deny the fact that certain agencies within Starfleet enjoy competing with each other, Starfleet Security and JAG are no different.

Simply put, find Nau before Starfleet Security does, bring him to justice and in return leniency would be shown to my sister. They've done their part, now it's up to me to hold my end of the bargain. JAG believes that Nau would most likely attempt to return to Borg space in order to rejoin the collective and had assigned me First and Second who upon knowing what had happened insisted it was their duty to "finish the mission" and bring Nau to justice.
A new strategy

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

We've cleared this system and have proceeded onto our next area of operations at warp three. On the previous away mission, the away team only suffered some injuries, no casualties this time. Reports indicate a high amount of activity by the Borg on all the planets we have visited. Trying to find Nau is like looking for a needle in a group of needles, I have no doubt he has already been assimilated and returned to the Collective but if I return to Federation space without him, I'll more than likely receive the ire of JAG and my sisters career in Starfleet will be terminated immediately.

There are many in Starfleet that still hold on to the old fears of Romulans and no doubt there would be more than one person who would enjoy seeing me in a difficult situation if I do not succeed in this secret mission.

First of three will be bringing me a report he has prepared for a new strategy in attempting to locate Nau. It's a highly risky move but I am will to entertain his proposal. He has suggested restoring the neural they three drones had shared and attempting to speak to and locate Nau. I worry that in an effort to find the man, the connection might overwhelm First and turn him against us. Not only would we have to deal with renegade drone on the ship, but every Borg ship in this sector would immediately know of our presence and will attempt to penetrate our cloak in order to locate us. I know I will not like hearing his report, but if the casualties to this crew continue to mount and we still haven't located Nau, I may have to resort to this plan as a final resort.

It pleases me to report that the crew has adapted to the new four shift rotations I have implemented. The idea came to me several nights go as I was reading Edward Jellico's biography. I sometimes read and reread his experiences with the Borg and search for inspiration and insight.

For the first time in a long time I've thought about her, if she was safe. I would never admit it to anyone, not even her....that I miss her.

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

Captain Louvois, the JAG officer in charge of this manhunt contacted me via a secure channel today. She was not pleased with my report but relayed to me some information that they "stumbled" upon which was gathered by Starfleet Security. Their resources being vastly superior to those of JAG in regards to these kinds of things, have uncovered some information to the possible whereabouts of Nau.

She informed me that some Borg ships were salvaged from a recent encounter in the Sierra sector which was destroyed by a joint Klingon-Starlfeet task force. The thought that those veruul fought with us against the Borg makes me feel that perhaps they have some common sense after all. The information, although fragmented, mentions the capture of a runabout shuttle which listed one occupant inside, Human and that he was taken aboard a sphere. The information is weak at best, but it confirms that he is with the Collective again and makes this search that much more difficult.

There was a fight in 10-forward today, one security guard received some minor injuries and some furniture was destroyed. My first officer will be handling the investigation and dealing with those responsible. I am very disappointed with one of those involved in the altercation, Yeomen Wey. His name was brought to me for inclusion in the next round of promotions and was highly spoken of. I've ordered him to come to my ready room at 0800 tomorrow to personally inform him that he will no longer be promoted in rank. Perhaps this will motivate the man to maintain disciple aboard my ship at all hours of the day, on or off duty.
Yeomen Wey

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

Yeomen Wey did not appear at my ready room today at 0800. When I asked the computer on the location of the crewman the computer stated that he was in his room. I was furious, not only does this man start a fight, but he is late as well. I personally went to his quarters only to find out that his door would not open, I used my authority to override the door controls and entered his room.

Based on the autopsy, Yeomen Wey died of a self inflicted phaser wound to the chest at 02300. There will be a private funeral tomorrow with a few words to be given by his section chief.

I have instructed First to proceed with his plan in order to search for Nau. I hope I do not regret this decision. Second and a team of engineers will monitor his progress at all times. I've placed ship security on high alert for the duration of search.
A taste of battle

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

First of Three's connection was successful, too successful perhaps. We've spent the past three days avoiding Borg ships which have been dispatched to intercept us. They have not found a way to penetrate our cloak yet but I'm not hinging all our lives on it.

*Red Alert....Admiral to the bridge*


Personal log, Stardate: Classified

Our cloak has had to be taken off-line a little over a week ago and so far we've repelled three Borg attacks and four boarding parties. Casualties have been moderate at best but my chief medical officer insists that the worst is over. The ships engineering teams have been working around the clock in order to restore the cloak. The constant use of the cloak has damaged and in some cases fused various components and its the ships' collective hope that it will back online within the next 48 hours.

I have the new list of promotions on my desk but I have not taken a look at it and I don't wish to. How is searching for this man going to help the war effort versus the Klingons? Or the Borg for that matter. I have the utmost respect for the council member and the right his family has to see justice be done, but at what cost? At the cost of my crew? Of this ship?

I've decided to put her picture on my desk, my first officer was the first to see it but said nothing. It's just as well, I don't need to discuss my personal life with her. I don't discuss it with anyone for that matter, the crew seems to look to me with a certain awe which I enjoy. I wish to keep it that way.
The party

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

My chief of security, Omar had his 34th birthday today, I only stopped by briefly to pay my respects and try out that curious Human creation, cheese cake. Me and Omar have had our differences in the past but he makes a fine officer and respects the chain of command, differences aside.

Something interesting did occur at the party which no one was expecting. I'm not one for spreading rumors but I have heard unconfirmed reports that Second has rediscovered one of her passions which she enjoyed before being assimilated. She confirmed these rumors when she began to tap dance to some music Omar had selected for the party. One tap soon became two, then three, and soon enough she was tapping her way back and forth between the guests. She immediately apologized for behavior but was given a hug by my first officer. I'm not sure if Second felt more embarrassed about dancing around Omar's quarters, or being hugged by an Andorian in front of everyone.

We've picked up several Federation ships on our sensors today, the morale of the crew has risen with the reports that aside from the Borg, we aren't alone in this sector.
A new delight

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

Much to the relief of the crew, the cloak is back online and I've been given assurances that we'll be able to keep it running for several weeks without needing to take it offline again.

We've laid in a course to intercept a Borg sphere which we believe Nau may be in. I'll personally be leading the away team on this mission. I've decided to keep First and Second off my away team for feel they may be liability on the mission, First readily agreed but Second was a little more vocal. She has certainly come along with rediscovering her humanity. My first officer should also remind her that while she is on this ship, she will follow the orders of her captain

I've recently discovered a new joy, chocolate cheese cake. It goes very well with a glass of Kali-fal. Had I been given more time to program my personal replicator with some Romulan recipes, I could have given the cake a little bit more of a personal touch.

I've been informed that there will be a small play that has been put together by some crewmen and ensigns tomorrow at 1300. Perhaps after the away mission, I'll stop by and see what's it about.
At the behest of the Collective

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

The boarding action was scrubbed at the last minute as we warped into a trap. Unbeknown to us First had been compromised and was acting unwillingly at the behest of the Collective. We manged to destroy to spheres and damage a third but we were forced to retreat when a cube was picked up on long range sensors. The ship took medium damage across several sections and we've suffered a number of causalities but given the circumstances, it could have been a lot worse. We've taken refuge behind the dark side of a moon while we continue with repairs to the ship.

My chief engineer with the assistance of Second has severed the link to the Collective that had established itself within First. He will be kept under observation for a few days before returning back to duty.

I feel as if I haven't slept in days, maybe I haven't. I'm not sure anymore. If only we could find a quiet planet to have some shore leave on for a few hours. This ship has an impressive holodeck, perhaps I'll take an hour or two off once we're underway and take a walk around the Valley of Chula. Pity that she can't be there with me...
The shrew

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

The ships barber insists that I dye my hair and get a new hair cut. I see nothing wrong with my hair color and hair style, it's very popular back home and I do not share his sentiments. Although it seems I'm the only one. I'm quite certain several members of the senior staff are trying out "new looks."

The crewmen and ensigns were able to put on their play, albeit a week later. It was....not what I expected. I gave them a sincere gesture of appreciation for their effort in preforming Taming of the Shrew; that curious ancient Human play, in Romulan. Most of the pronunciation was off, but it was a very good attempt.

I can't help but wonder what it would be like if I attempted to court a shrew myself. A delightful challenge no doubt! And she shall be named N'Var! No....she is one shrew I have no interest in.
A new objective

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

After some discussion with the senior staff, I've decided that the goals of our mission are unrealistic and will considered it a secondary objective. Our new primary objective will be to conduct covert, guerrilla warfare operations while we're in Borg space and under cloak. It is clear to us that the Borg are making a massive push across the quadrant and we all agreed that we should do our best to hinder and slow down their efforts in order for Federation forces to have enough time to repel the Borg.

I've ordered that ship security train along side the MACO's that were assigned to the ship for this new mission, I've heard the stories of competition and sometimes dislike between the two groups but given the circumstances, I believe that they will find a way to work together and depend on one another.

We're proceeding to a near by star system which Second believes may have a Borg hub which assists in repairs for ships in this sector. If we can deal a blow to this hub, Borg ships will have to travel farther for extensive repairs. I am confident that we will succeed.
Dinner for two

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

I have dinner with a guest tonight. I usually dine alone but tonight is an exception. Her name is Lieutenant O'Neal, from Delta shift. I normally don't entertain these kind of....requests, but she was so forward and bold about it, I could not refuse.

*door chimes*


Personal log, Supplemental.

It went better than I expected, well, to be honest I did not know what to expect.Her name is Renne, she's a Human and part of one of the many ships security teams. She's quite charming despite her serious and gruff demeanor. It's probably a requirement for being a security officer.

I replicated some pasta with tomato sauce, I recalled from my days at the Academy that it was a popular meal with the cadets. She seemed to enjoy it. We ate quietly for a while, what was I supposed to talk about with a Lieutenant that wasn't ship business? She started asking me about my home and family, I was reluctant to answer at first but slowly let out some information. Eventually we were talking about her family and her days at the Academy. I found out she is not much older than I am. Starfleet is strange in that respect, I've seen people twice my age who are still Lieutenants or Lt.Commanders, and on the other hand there are people my age or younger who or Captains or Admirals.

We shook hands before she left my quarters, she stated that she had some free holodeck time coming up and asked me if I knew how to play Velocity. I informed her that I only knew the basics from my days at the Academy. She asked me to join her and although I wanted to decline, I remembered the advice the ships councilor gave me about finding the time to relax. I agreed to her request and we're scheduled to meet on holodeck two on Wednesday at 17:00 hours. I don't think I'll get much relaxation from the match but it will be a welcome distraction, I have been meaning to go to the holodecks recently.
Game on

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

I have to admit, I had a lot of fun earlier today with Lt. O'Neal. We played five rounds of Velocity, she won the first three, I won the final two. At the end of the third round she insisted on putting on some music, she asked the computer to play some selections from "Sonny" Clemonds latest album. I was not familiar with that musician, but she informed me that she loved his "20th century views on a 25th century galaxy."

She asked me if I would like to schedule a rematch but I informed her I had ship duties to attend to, we will be arriving at our first target in 18 hours and I need to brief the assault teams that will be raiding the Borg facility. She understood and stated that the C.O in charge of her shift will be increasing the security prescience around the ship and that in all likelihood, she would not have time either.

It was at this point that I thought her fancy with me would pass but instead she asked me to dinner tonight. I informed her that perhaps anther time, after the mission. She agreed.

Overall, I am pleased with the tactical plans my chief security officer and the MACO commander have presented. With the intelligence provided to us by First and Second, we have a god idea of the layout of this facility and the key points in which the teams will plant explosive charges.

I need to shoulders and back hurt from all that playing and I have a long and busy day ahead in a few hours.
A taste of victory

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

Well, I've just completed the after action report for the raid we conducted on the Borg ship repair facility. I'm pleased to say that after days of planing and training, the operation went successful and without casualties. As we proceed to our second objective, I've given the participating security and MACO teams a day off for them to relax and enjoy their triumph. Soon it will be back to business for them. First and Second have compiled a list of possible targets of opportunities for us in this sector so I expect the teams to be busy for the rest of the month.

I ran into Lt.O'neal in turbo lift three earlier today. Two ensigns were there with us as well. I think the Lt. wanted to be a little more open with me but with the two ensigns present, all she did was acknowledge me with a nod and a firm "sir." I felt some discomfort myself as I thought about asking her how she was since the last time we spoke but knew better than to socialize so freely like that in front of the two ensigns. Naturally I did not display this discomfort and maintained my calm and serious demeanor.

Tomorrow at 0900 I'll be meeting with First and Second and the two leaders of MACO and security teams to discuss our new target and to begin planing for the assault.
Borg or not

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

After careful consideration, our next target will be a moon about 38 hours from our present location at warp five. The Borg....are resourceful, based on the information provided by First and Second, there is an underground facility which is a sort of nursery, maturation chambers to be precise. My first officer has voiced her displeasure with this target and felt it was wrong to attack and destroy these defenseless beings, Borg or not.

Ordinary, Romulan society does not waste time and resources on defective children. In some ways, the beings that we will encounter are "defective" and no longer who they once were prior to being captured by the Borg. I've given the order to my two team commanders to attempt to rescue anyone they feel who won't be a security risk. Any drone that is left behind is just another causality of the Borg, not us.
A great loss

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

We're five hours away from our intended target and both boarding parties are ready to assault the facility. I've ordered sickbay to stand at the ready to accept any possible survivors of the Borg maturation chambers.

Word has gotten around the ship of the intended the target and based on the observations of the ships councilor, the crew is divided on what the nature of the mission should be. Some feel we should destroy the facility as per the plan and others feel that this should be a mission of mercy and that we should rescue everyone there. Despite the Nechayev being a large ship, this is not a pleasure craft and I do not run a nursery here. I can't afford the luxury of housing who knows how many children and adolescents while in enemy space. Me decision on this subject is final.

My science officer informed me earlier today that the senior staff is forming a velocity team and have requested that I join. It would appear that the members of the various shifts have formed their own teams and have been competing against one another when they find the time to do so. The main organizer is a member of Delta shift....Lt.O'neal. The senior staff is scheduled to play them sometime soon. Lt.O'neal is very crafty, if she didn't have short hair, I would be curious to see if she had pointed ears like mine.

Personal Log, Supplemental

It is with great regret that tomorrow I will have to give a eulogy for MACO Captain Pritcher who lost his life in the line of duty. Based on the reports I've read by the surviving team members, Pritcher was either accidentally or deliberately assimilated by one of the children he was carrying with him as the teams began to evacuate the chambers to set off the explosive charges. Fortunately, he was the only causality, not including the hundreds of drones that were destroyed with the destruction of the facility. The child in question fled from the MACO team in fear after assimilating Pritcher; his second in command took over at the request of the Captain who stayed behind to fight off the small security detachment that was chasing the teams as they were returning to the beam out point. Captain Pritcher died saving the lives of his MACO team and that of the ship security team. I shall be recommending him for a commendation in my final report.

With the destruction of the facility, we're proceeding at warp four to our third target, a well guarded probe production facility. We will attempt to get close enough to bombard the facility and use the ships spinal lance to destroy it. If we can't get close enough, I hope to cause just enough chaos to cause a disruption and perhaps take out a few probes and spheres in the process.

The velocity match between the senior staff and the members of Delta shift is scheduled for Thursday, situation permitting. I don't agree with most of the senior staff being on the holodeck at once but I think we can all use a little diversion. I know that Pritcher was well liked amongst some members of the crew and senior staff.
For the Empress

Nechayev Combat Log: The 11th day in the year of Empress Sela 2410

We've flown into a Borg-Klingon debris field which seems to have a small unusual radiation anomaly at it's center, I've ordered my helmsmen to avoid the anomaly as we make our way back to Romulan space to present the Empress with this glorious ship.

*looks around his surroundings*

Such's no wonder Federation is so weak, they are spoiled children, nothing more. When we win this war I expect that my Empress will remember me deeds today and give me my own continent on Earth to govern, Humans smell less repugnant than Klingon's, it's an odor I can tolerate.

Personal Log, Supplemental

We've cleared the Borg-Klingon battlefield and gave the order to use a antitachyon pulse to seal what my science officer determined was a temporal rift. I've read the stories about these phenomenons and I'm pleased to say that we've passed through unscathed.

I'm proud of solidarity that ships security as shown towards the MACO's and their fallen leader. I think they've progressed a lot since the start of our campaign and I believe I have the best combat team in the fleet.

*sips some tea and looks out a window*

I wonder how the Jellico is holding up. When I return to Federation space at the end of this mission, I expect to to be given my former command back. Although I enjoy this Galaxy class starship, I prefer the Jellico and her amenities, not to mention my personal replicator.
Just another day

Personal log, Stardate: Classified

The hit and run went beyond my expectations, the facility was destroyed and we were able to get away with minimal damage. My chief engineer expects all repairs to be completed in 18 hours. I feel this crew is at their peak efficiency. Starfleet will be getting a fine crew and ship when we return.

I thought about dictating a letter to her today but then I changed my mind, I'm sure after all these months, she's moved on and maybe I should too. I have to admit to myself that perhaps what we had was just....what was that human term...a fling. Romulans don't have flings...when we select a mate, it's generally for life. I know the rest of the galaxy doesn't have our refined courting practices and I've attempted to adjust but it has been difficult.

*Asks the computer for the time*

I need to get to the holodeck for my velocity match. We better win...I won't be pleased if we lose to some junior officers.