The Private Communications of Aru Jani: Space Mechanic!

Local Time - Stardate 92600.3 - 0224 hours 8/8/2415


Aru ignored it, she's just found sleep you know? You have any idea how hard that is to find some nights?


Damn it, she's stirring now, what the hell could be so important!?


Aru's hand reached over and hit her nightstand a few times blindly with a hand until it lands on her badge, "What...?" She said in a groggy and annoyed tone.

"Sorry to bother you Ma'am, incoming comm from Earth, it's your mother." A meek voice said from a tiny metal badge on her nightstand.

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Aru popped up into a seated position almost instantly, rubbing her eyes with a fist, "Cheers, Jani out." She tapped the badge to turn it off, then slowly pulled herself out of the bed and out the sliding door to the main room, almost stumbling over her own feet as she rounded the quick corner to her private work station, turning the chair just in time to fall ass first into it. She spun it forward, yawning. For a long moment she just stared at the display, expecting it to just work on it's own, but finally she reached forward and tapped on the screen.

Instantly the smirking face of Pina Bijay, Aru's mother, appeared on the screen, "There ya are! Wakey wakey, Peanut!"

Aru blinked at the screen a few times, "Mum? Do ya have any clue what time it is here?"

"It's just past noon here." Pina said with a light shrug, as she took a drag from a long thin cigarette.

Aru nods slowly, "Right, well it's just about..." She checked the display for the exact time, "...three here."

"Whatcha still doin' in your pyjamas?" Pina said with a chortle.

"In the mornin', Mum... Three in the bloody AM." Aru said as she lowered her face to the desk.

"Who's that?" A male voice asked from the bed behind Pina.

"It's my peanut." Pina answered as she glanced back.

Aru slowly lifted her head up slightly to glance at the screen.

"Ello Peanut." The man in Pina's bed said with a chuckle.

Aru rolled her eyes, "Ello, new dad." She shot back at the stranger.

The man in Pina's bed stopped chuckling and rolled his nakedness out of frame, as Pina spun around to look at Aru again, "I told ya not ta do that..."

"I told ya not ta smoke." Aru retorted with a weak smirk.

"Ya know I'm tryin' ta quit, don't be an arse about it." Pina chided.

Aru nodded slowly, "Right, and when ya do quit, so will I, deal?"

Pina waves her hands dismissively, and stamps her cigarette out, "Fine, fine!"

"Mum?" Aru said in a very tired voice, "Why ya callin'? Besides ta show me your random bloke de jour?"

"He ain't random, his name is Jeff." Pina fired back, before a muffled voice on her end said something, "John, that's right, John." Pina corrected herself with a light abashed shake of her head.

"I don't care, Mum." Aru said as she lowered her head to the desk again.

"Right, anyway, just checkin' in with ya." Pina said in a slightly shy and apologetic voice, "You're so far away, and I worry." And here comes the guilt trip.

Aru lifted her head again, "If ya get weepy, I'm hangin' up, right?" She sighed, the let out another long yawn, "I'm doin' good, Mum."

"Are ya sure? Ya look tired, Peanut." Pina's face showed real concern.

Aru snerked, "Well it's three in the mornin' innit?"

"Have any mates yet, do ya?" Pina asked her daughter.

"Couple. Went on a date, with a nice guy." Aru explained in the ways she knew would please her mother.

Pina smiled broadly at that, "Yeah, what's he called, is he Indian?"

"Is Jeff John Indian?" Aru grinned back at her mother with snark in her tone, "From here his arse looked lily white."

"Fine, but please tell me he ain't an alien." Pina said in an attempt at concession.

"He's called Dmitri, and he's human." Aru chuckled softly.

Pina let out a sigh of relief, "Right, Dmitri, I can remember that."

"He's from the States." Aru added.

Pina grimaced slightly, "Well, no one's perfect I reckon. So when do I meet him, when are ya gonna give me a baby ta spoil?"

"One date, Mum, we had one date..." Aru sighed, "Would ya rather have a stupid daughter, or a grandkid?"

"Well, ya ain't gettin' any younger." Pina said in reply.

Aru deadpanned and just stared blankly at the screen a moment, "I ain't even thirty, yeah?"

"Me either!" Jeff John exclaimed in a laugh from just beyond frame of Aru's screen.

"Right, gotta run Mum, comm me in about twelve hours, yeah?" Aru said in a very annoyed tone.

Pina looked at her screen blankly this time, "But that's like almost one in the mornin'."

"Almost as late as three, right?" Aru shot back, "You'll be awake anyways."

Pina nodded, "Right. Talk then, Peanut."

"Love ya, Mum." Aru said with a gentle smile.

"You too, Aru." Pina said, and damn do they look alike right now in this moment.

"Ta." Said the daughter.

"Ta." Said the mother.

And with that the screen went blank, and Aru's head lowered to the desk with a forced sigh.