The Saurian, an Adventurer's Tale

This is the first of a multi part story I'm writing showing what Osiangli did when he was away from the Federation, just before joining DS13

Spoiler: Knock Knock, Who's There?Show
The flurry of dust swept across the desolate plain, the wind howling in the Romulan’s ears, she was trying to cover herself in the wind with her scarf, but the dust was relentless.


From across the plain she heard her name called and looked back to the shelter, she knew she shouldn’t be out in this storm, but she didn’t care, she just kept on walking. The moon wasn’t the easiest to live on, but she got used to it, when you need to go to the mines, you go to the mines. It was as simple as that.

Then the noise came, the noise of a thousand engines, and a whirring in the sky, a ship was landing. A large blue light appeared in a luminescent circle, and then the ground shook as the whirring stopped. The light darkened, and in fear Nihari ran back to the shelter. The scarf fell from her face, dust spewing into her lungs she coughed and darted into the shelter, slamming the door as she ran in.

“What’s wrong Nihari?” a male Romulan approached, about the same age as her, young to be on their own, but not too young for these mines.

“There’s a large ship out there! Not a freighter, not an Imperial ship either! I don’t know what it was!” She shook and trembled, scared of what could be outside.

“I’m sure it—“

Knock, knock, knock

The thudding on the door silenced them; they stood petrified there, watching to see what would happen. The thudding continued, and then the door opened slowly to reveal a tall figure, taller than any they had ever seen. It was a Saurian, purple in color, with a large brown coat on him, and another one, female and similar in size to a Romulan, with him.

“Who are you, what are you doing here!” an angry response from the male Romulan accompanied by a sudden draw of a plasma pistol was the first thing the Saurian saw.

“I’m a doctor, and I’m here to help people on this mine, I understand there is need for some medical assistance in these parts.” He responded calmly, taking off his jacket and closing the door behind him. It was quite an unusual response of course, but not enough to warrant a murder, so the man just kept his grip on the pistol firm.

“Who are you really, and why do you want to come here? Tal Shiar spies perhaps, come to abduct us and experiment on us?”

The Saurian just simply pulled out a wooden chair and flopped down into it. “I just told you, I’m a doctor, Doctor Osiangli if you must know, and I am here to help people here. Look at me; I’m a Federation species, why would I be Tal Shiar. I don’t belong to the Federation, though, I just want to help people like those on this moon be healed.”

The man set his pistol down on the table and stared at Osiangli. “And what about her?” he gestured to the other Saurian with an impolite nod; a random Saurian had just barged into his house after all.
“She’s my assistant and my wife, now, what about you tell me your names, and let me know where I can stay for the night.”

It was now the woman who spoke. “I’m Nihari, and this is Nakath, and you can stay here if you’d like, I think its great someone’s coming to the Epsilon mines.” Nakath just stared angrily, and showed them to a small place in the carved out shelter for them to sleep.

“Here, you can rest in there. Hurt anyone here and I’ll have you head.” He closed the door on them, and the night fell, and the dust calmed, until the morning. Little did they know what this simple act would lead to.
Spoiler: In Defense of the MoonShow
“There you go, almost done now.”

Osiangli was carefully moving dermal regenerator over the arm of a young boy, as the wounded arm seeming miraculously healed itself. The crowd surrounding the healing was amazed, many had never had any medical care like this, and some didn’t even believe such a thing was possible. As the doctor stood up and pocketed the dermal regenerator the boy leaped to his feet, rubbed the perfectly smooth skin and ran to his parents. The crowd was grinning and amazed, but the doctor didn’t care, he just turned back to Nihari and Nakath.

“Well, well, well, another well done job Doctor!” Nakath had taken a more friendly tone since there last encounter, only after a few days. The people trusted the doctor now, and were glad that they were getting medical help from him.

“I’m just glad to help in any way I can, and it seems Epsilon sure needs the help.”

“When are you going to show us your spaceship Doctor? You know we’ve been dying to see it!” Nihari was running up to him, she had seen that he was done and was wanting to see what caused that odd blue circle she saw the day Osiangli landed.

He sighed then looked over the grey dune, the winds were calmed and the sun was beating down on them, the weather was good enough to show the ship.

“Sure, why not?” he started to walk over the dune, the two Romulans in tow, when a thundering came from the sky, and the winds picked up. Sand was flying around in a furry and the sky suddenly darkened as a large D’dederix battle cruiser appeared in the sky.



Screams surrounded everywhere around them, panic everywhere and the crowds ran to their shelters, looking around in the chaos Osiangli ran over the dune towards his ship.

“Where are you going?” Shouted Nakath, as he and Nihari ran after him, struggling to keep up. After a minute of continuing chaos and furious winds, with the sounds of beaming down surrounding them they reached his ship. It was large and sleek, organic looking, but with a sense of oldness and technology to it. It was a D’Kyr class Vulcan ship, and the two would have questioned about its age had they the time, but keeping up with Osiangli was all they could do.

“Come in, quick!” Osiangli had lowered a ramp for them and as soon as all three were in he closed it up, and then dashed for a console.

“What are you doing?” Again it was Nakath asking, and again there was no response, just mad dashing from one console to another. It seemed like every station was being used there was so much rushing back and forth. Eventually, however, the doctor stopped and relaxed, huffing air as he leaned against a console.

“Charged… atmosphere…. Tal Shiar… electrocution…” was all he could huff out. The message was clear enough though, he was going to shock the beamed down Tal Shiar. After a few minutes it seemed to work, the sounds of beaming down stopped, and the crackling of electricity could be heard outside. “It worked, it actually worked. I didn’t think it would, but it did!” He was as relieved as could be at that moment and one could see it in his face.

“What worked Doctor?” Nakath was starting to get annoyed in his voice, but he was answered no less.

“I set up a discharge of electrons into the atmosphere so that when anyone beamed in they would be electrocuted. It was enough to knock one out, but not enough to kill. At least I hope it was.”

The relief was short lived however, and soon sound of plasma discharge from the warbird could be heard. Without hesitation Osiangli moved to another console and scanned the warbird. Laughing he beckoned the two to come over there. “Look at this!” He pointed to a diagram of the battle cruiser and its systems. The shields were lowered. He gestured to the far side of the room “Nihari, go to that console over there, activate the weapon systems.” She froze in place, scared of what she might need to do. “Listen, I know it’s hard to fire on your own people, but they did it first!”

“So that makes it right?”

“No, of course it doesn’t, but it does make it a reason.” he stared for a long while at her, and amidst the sound of the warbird's engines and the blowing of the dust, and the barrage of plasma all seemed quite.

Nihari finally accepted, if only by nodding. She went over to the console, activating it. “Particle beams online Doctor.” He waited for a while, and waited some more, and some more and then finally after what seemed like an eternity heard a quick break in the constant barrage of plasma discharges.

“Fire.” The simple command was said solemnly, and it was obeyed.

In the distance the young boy that was being healed hunkered down in one of the carved out structures, and saw two great beams of orange emerge from the distance, and fire on the attacking warbird. It exploded and was sucked up by its own unstable singularity.

All was finally calm, and the winds settled. The doctor made his first enemy, one that would end up haunting him forever.
Spoiler: Whispers in the DarkShow
The echoing of the howling winds could be heard from inside the dimly lit shelter. A wooden table was placed in the middle of it, with four figures sitting around it. They sat there quietly, eating small portions of food. Then one spoke up.

“Why did the Tal Shiar attack?”

The voice came from Osiangli’s wife, Dess. At first no one answered, and then it was Nakath that spoke. “They didn’t want Epsilon to receive medical help.” Again the room was quiet and all just sat there quietly, taking in the information and trying to comprehend why someone would do such a thing.

“Then why didn’t they just shoot my ship?” Osiangli spoke with skepticism and worry.

“Perhaps they wanted people to not know their target.” Nihari still hadn’t looked up throughout the whole dinner. The guilt could be seen in her face, the sorrow in her movements, and the remorse in her voice. She knew she had to fire on the ship, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that there could’ve been another option away.

“Well, I can’t stay on this moon then, the Tal Shiar knows that I was the only one capable of destroying that ship, and they will most certainly be after me. Dess and I will still go around healing though, we just need to stay one step ahead of them.”

After another moment of silence Nakath spoke “We will join you then.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

Nihari now answered “Nakath and I were talking, the Tal Shiar will find out that we were harboring you. We don’t want to be punished. That and we’ve been spending our whole lives in these mines. We’d like to make a difference in the world.”

“Very well then, we depart at midnight.”

That night, if you watched out over the horizon of the grey plains, you would see that there was a blue light, in a circle, barely illuminating a ship. You would see the ship rise up slowly, like an animal awaking from a deep slumber. You would see the circle turn vertical, then suddenly vanish into the night sky, in a streak of blue, as it left the moon forever.
Spoiler: A Race through Dark PlacesShow

"Doctor, there's a T'Varo class warbird decloaking."

"Nakath, divert all shield energy to aft sheilds."

"Aft sheilds raised."

Osiangli turned to his own console, frantically typing, trying to scan around him and see what there was to defeat the ship. He stopped and turned to Dess.

"Fire an inverse tachyon beam at 43.5 degrees off our starboard side. Nihari, fire a particle beam in the same direction."

The commands were entered, the beams were fired. A loud roar could be heard from inside, then the bridge shook and trembled as if an earthquake had come through. Out the window stars suddenly came closer, and the surrounding asteroids were far behind. Nakath made another scan.

"The warbird has been destroyed. Doc, what happened?"

"I blew up a gas cloud, it propelled us forward, and destroyed the warbird. Now let's turn around and try to land on this colony."

The ship turned on its side, and whizzed forwards to a small rocky planet. Landing on the surface, its circular nacelle turned sideways, and the landing gears spread out, landing on the planet's surface with a shake and a tremble. From inside the colony gates looked out a Romulan. His disruptor drawn he looked down its sight, watching the newcomers exit the ship. He was ready to fire, and then saw something strange. It was a large reptilian. A Saurian he realized. Opening the gates, he walked across the flat rocky plain to greet him, nonetheless he had his disruptor held at his side.

"What brings you here stranger?"

Osiangli walked up to him, then stopped and bowed. "Greetings, I come to help provide medical aid. I understand this colony has recently had an outbreak of Tellarian flu."

The Romulan solemnly sighed and inclined his head. "Aye, we've been having many get sick. 10 dead since last week. I appreciate any help of course, so pardon my asking, but, aren't you feds supposed to stay out of internal affairs?"

Osiangli kept walking to the gates, the Romulan escorting him there. "That is correct, but I'm not Federation, I'm just a person wanting to help. I will require some dilithium crystals if you have some though, I am running quite low. In exchange I will heal your people, not just those infected with the Tellarian flu."

They got to the gates, and off the man went, not responding to the comment about the crystals. It didn't bother the doctor though; he went through the town, scanning with his tricorder, trying to find a person with the flu. Oddly enough however, there was hardly a person to be seen. He kept scanning, and then came across a sign of a person, following the signal he came upon a makeshift shelter of straw and sticks, sitting inside was an old man, coughing and trying to look up to see the strange person.

"I told you, I don't know where the saboteurs are!” The man tried to muster this out of his cracked lips, coughing loudly; it was too much effort to speak for a long amount of time. Crouching down Osiangli scanned him with the tricorder, not speaking to him, so the man wouldn’t have to strain a response. Looking at the data it was confirmed that the Tellarian flu was present. “Poor man.” He said under his breath as he took out his hypo, and injected it into the man. “That should bring down the fever; now let’s see about killing off that virus.” Taking out his tricorder again he carefully irradiated the body of the flu. Standing up he holstered the tricorder and walked on, looking for the next person to heal. Then he heard the chants and signing of Klingons. What are Klingons doing here? He kept wondering, and it was this curiosity that drove him to enter the building, built into the great wall surrounding the colony.

He moved the door open slowly, and peered inside. Scanning as quite as he could with his tricorder, he entered. The building was lit only by candlelight, with the large and cavernous layout of the building echoing the sounds and chants of the Klingons.

“Qoy qeylIs puqloD.
Qoy puqbe'pu'.
yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI'
Say'moHchu' may' 'Iw.
maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'.
nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu'.
batlh maHeghbej 'ej yo' qIjDaq vavpu'ma' DImuv.
pa' reH maSuvtaHqu'.
mamevQo'. maSuvtaH. ma'ov.”

They were singing the Warrior’s Anthem, though he didn’t know that, much less know the words to the song. It was quite strange to hear the singing of Klingons, especially in a Romulan colony. He changed his skin color to a dark black, and crept through the many cast shadows in the structure. The chanting and signing made it quite easy to not be heard. He then saw what was going on.

Crates, upon crates of Bat’leths, and disruptors were being loaded up into a small area and being transported back somewhere, most likely to a cloaked ship in orbit. He crept out of the building, and tried to contact his ship.

“Osiangli to The Shepherd, do you read me Shepherd?” No response. Communications must be jammed. He went to the center of the city, trying to find their leader and see if they knew what was happening, but all over it was quiet, just as before. He now realized why no one was venturing out of their home, the Klingons were smuggling cargo through, and if someone was out and about, then saw it, they might alert the Imperials.

He dashed to the nearest communications panel he could find, trying to reroute connections and get through the jammers. No luck. There was now little he could do if the Klingons found him, he couldn’t hide, and he had nowhere to go, then the sound of footsteps.

”Who goes there!”
Spoiler: Odd Friends in Odd PlacesShow
”Who goes there!”

The doctor spun around, whipping his head and pulling out a tricorder. Wasn’t much of a weapon, but he didn’t have anything else to use. He saw a Klingon standing there, disruptor rifle aimed and ready to be fired, there wasn’t much that the doctor knew about Klingons, but he did know they had no love of Romulans, specifically of the Star Empire. He knew how to respond.

“I am an enemy of your enemy, and a passer-by.” It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. He didn’t want to reveal anything that would endanger him or his crew, or provide little room for interpretation. Vagueness was the best way.

“And what enemy might that be, Federation?” The Klingon responded in raspy voice, his hand was still on the trigger. He’d need more convincing.

“No, not Federation, just a plain old Saurian doctor.” Klingons had to value doctors some, right? They didn’t want to die from some bacteria they couldn’t fight. He held up his tricorder and his free hand to show he was unarmed, and was using devices for medicine.

The Klingon laughed, leaning back and gesturing for Osiangli to follow. And so he did. Leading him to the area where the Klingons had been loading weapons and supplies he told Osiangli of their condition. They were using the colony as a base to attack the Romulan Star Empire, since it was an independent colony, close to the Empire’s territory. The earlier warbird that The Shepherd had destroyed was chasing their Bird-of-Prey. Many were injured in the battle, and they needed a doctor. As Osiangli entered the cavernous building he was led to a corner with tents and beds, he could see Klingons with maimed legs, broken arms, and crushed hips. This was more than a simple skirmish; they were in a serious battle.

“Where do you want me to start?” the Doctor asked.

“With an oath.” He replied, taking out a Klingon dagger, the blade exposed to Osiangli. Osiangli grabbed the blade firmly. “Do you, Saurian, pledge yourself to the wellbeing of these injured men and to healing them of their wounds? To honorably help them and our purpose, and when the time comes, leave us, not in battle, but in peace?”

“I do.” He responded, dragging his hand down the blade, blood being left behind on the edges. Immediately he ran a dermal regenerator over it, gaining a raised eyebrow from the Klingon.

“You’re an odd one Doctor.” He said with the shake of a head, he turned to leave the doctor to healing, but turned back briefly. “I’m Captain Kar’tek, if you need help with some, or have any questions, one of my officers can point you my way.”

Osiangli bowed, then turned to one of the tents and got to work. Kneeling over one Klingon he started to work on a splint, all the while looking for a weapon, just in case. He found a metal beam, took out his laser scalpel, and cut it to the point where it would be able to work as a make shift splint. He kneeled down to the groaning Klingon and wrapped rope around it, stabilizing the bone. “What happened to you?” he asked as he prepared to tighten the rope.

“We were trying to avenge the death of our Captain, some Romulans uncloaked behind our ship and fired, our Captain was on the bridge as a… as a…” he started to drift off and cough, turning over on his side. The doctor injected a hypo, and allowed him to sleep as the splint was tightened. Standing up from the Klingon he walked over to another tent. A Gorn was sitting inside, and as the doctor approached he could see the problem, blood started to drain out of the center of his eye, and it was clear he was on high amounts of narcotics. A simple regenerator device would fix it, and so he attached one to the eye, and waited for it to heal the ruptured organ. And so the day and the next went, healing and helping the Klingons. He had gathered their trust, and learned their plan was to gather intelligence on Romulan bases in the area, and were on the colony healing. He knew enough know to be confident in asking if he could return to his ship.

Osiangli walked through a door way, large and metal it was almost jammed, but there were no obstructions. The door, as he had learned, was protective in case the Klingons needed to hide, and it was where the new Captain, Kar’Tek, stayed. As he walked through the door Kar’Tek raised his head slowly, after having been reading a report on a PADD of some sort.

“Captain.” He announced formally, “I must inform you of something.” Best take things slowly and officially, best to leave as little room for interpretation as possible.

The Klingon gestured to the chair, and was gleeful at the doctor’s presence. “Come! Sit! Share a bottle of bloodwine and tell me what it is that I need to know.”

He hesitatingly took a seat, and sipped some bloodwine. “I have a ship in orbit, it’s how I have been getting from one colony to another.” The Captain’s face dropped, but there were no signs of anger.

“I assume you want to leave now.”

“No, but I would like to enable the communications and transporters, so I can tell my crew what is happening.”

“Very well Doctor, go ahead back to your ship, but remember, you took an oath, and it is not time to leave us yet. We will need your help in the coming battles.”

Osiangli stood up from the chair and bowed, then turned around and left, once he was out in the open he attempted to call his ship. “Osiangli to The Shepherd, do you hear me Shepherd?”

There was no response, then the crackling of a signal, and broken voices. “Doc… ships…found…they’re…torpedoes…we need…” the signal cut out, immediately he activated an emergency transport and beamed directly to the bridge of his ship.

As he materialized in front of him was an unconscious Nakath, with Dess and Nihari rushing around trying to put out plasma fires. Conduits were bursting everywhere, on the ceiling, in the walls, from the consoles and the floor. He rushed to one of the few consoles that were still there, checking ship status.

Warp drive… disabled.

Impulse engine… disabled.


Hull strength… 80%

Enemy vessels… four, Romulan, class unrecognized.

He turned around and yelled to the others. “Abandon ship! Everybody out! Don’t worry about Nakath, I’ll grab him!” And so everyone rushed out of the bridge, with Nakath swung over Osiangli’s shoulder. There were escape pods, but they all knew there was something better, a shuttle in the middle of the ship, standard for D’Kyrs. Entering the shuttle he engaged the impulse, and released docking clamps. As the shuttle dropped out of the ship they could see their enemy come into view, a large battlecruiser. So he rushed the shuttle towards it, he had one goal, disable it. And so he rushed behind it, positioning himself with their shuttle bay, a weak entry point.

“Nihari, can you land us in their shuttle bay?” She just blinked and gave a blank expression.

“You want me to do what?” he just slid out of his chair and offered to Nihari. She knew he was serious, and so took the seat, they slowed down, and landed in the enemy’s shuttle bay.

The best way to disable a battle cruiser was from the inside after all.
Spoiler: Another Edition of Osi's Terrible PastShow
Three years later, in contested Klingon/Federation space

Two battle cruisers with three bird-of-preys, slowly glided through the asteroid field. The intimidating Klingon presence reflected off their black exteriors, showing that they would not be stopped and would not run away. For them it was victory or death. It appeared as if the asteroids would move out of their way if the Klingons pleased, as to not be faced with the Empire’s warriors.

Then there was something else. An odd, out of place ship. Smaller than the bird-of-preys it followed behind. A blue ring encompassed by an organic shape. If one didn’t know any better they’d think it was a Vulcan ship. And they’d be right. So there it followed, a salvaged D’Kyr alongside the Empire.

On the Klingon Bridge a silence was about and everyone prepared for battle, waiting for the word and they would strike. Tensions were high as closer and closer to the enemy the approached. They may have been Klingons, but even they know when a victory will be hard to accomplish. And thus an air of silence loomed, broken only by one Gorn.

“Captain, there’s something on our sensors.” He remarked to the grey bearded Klingon. The captain leaned back and sighed.

“Hail the Doctor.”

One of the Klingons tapped on her console and up on the view screen was a Vulcan bridge with a male Romulan sitting there. “Ah, Captain Kar’Tek, how great to see you again!” he said jovially, as he reclined in the main chair. “We were just wondering if you were going to call us about those odd readings. We were picking them up too. Nothing to worry about, just some Tricobalt in the asteroids.”

Captain Kar’Tek peered at Nakath, wondering what could possible make him be so joyful. Then he heard it, a soft coo. The Captain rushed to his feet. “Is that a tribble I hear?” He was more demanding of an explanation than an answer.

Nakath simply shook his head firmly. “No, no tribbles here, none whatsoever.” Unfortuantly for him one of them climbed into the view screen. Walking back over to his officers the Captain spoke to the officers, ordering to send over two dozen officers to make sure every tribble was killed, and as the link was cut off, Nakath simply spun around in the chair to a watching figure.

“They’re coming?” the watching Saurian asked, sipping tea calmly.

“Yes Osi.” He responded, moving back to the console.

Osiangli lauged. “Excellent, scan they’re cloaking device now.” He turned to walk away and looked back. “Also, don’t call me Osi.” he said with as tone cold as a shivering Breen that received a nervous laugh at best from Nakath.

The Klingons came with their two dozen men, and they all had Bat'leths or disruptor rifles, immediately going through the ship in search of any screech that may be heard. Everywhere they went there was a tribble, and everywhere they saw tribbles they killed them.

Meanwhile the fleet of black ships kept pushing on through the asteroids, and it seemed nothing could stop them, when they caught sight of something. On their scanners it appeared to be a ship, and on their view screens they could see it. A federation ship. It moved towards the fleet, a quick cloak like a lifting fog was necessary, leaving behind The Shepard. So there it floated, with Klingons on board, and Saurians busy trying to copy a cloaking device.

“Doctor!” A shout was yelled from one of the corridors, rushing towards it the doctor found the source to be Nakath. He looked worried, and spoke to Osiangli in hushed tones. “A federation ship is here. The Klingons have cloaked and we’ve been ordered to stay back while they destroy it.”

“I don’t see the problem here.”

“It’s the Israel.”

There was a long silence. Nothing was heard as he contemplated what to do next. The Israel! Why did it have to be the Israel? It was the ship he had served on at the end of the Dominion War, and it had always been a favorite of his. He knew what to do however. He had to let it be destroyed.

“Stay behind. We don’t want the Klingons on board to die without being on their ship. Stay hidden.”

The fleet decloaked, and disruptor beams came from all around on to the small ship. The shields collapsed and the piercing beams drilled through the hull, metal being pulled back and flung like fall leaves off a branch. The Israel and all its occupants were dead.
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