The Unsinkable Ship

These stories will chronicle the crew of the USS Titanic, specifically Captain Wilson's point of view of these events. Please beware some adult language will be in this story, but not over the top words and not often enough to be an issue. Should I happen to use a IC character in a way that you feel is in-correct to what you feel they should be or doing please send me a private message and I'll correct the issue. Please enjoy and feel free to send me any comments or critiques.

The Unsinkable Ship

Spoiler: Number 1Show
The cabins on a galaxy dreadnought are nice, the captains cabin in particular. Chance Wilson stood by the sink shaving as he contemplated his quarters. It had only been a week since the pirate incident in which a ruptured plasma conduit had destroyed the room. So far Chance hadn't had the time to redecorate to his style but he had ideas forming. He rinsed his razor and toweled his face dry.

Walking into his sleeping cabin he went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of black pants on one of his uniform jackets and put them on. After putting on sockets and boots he belted on his gold starfleet belt and walked back to the mirror. Chance looked at the green eyed red headed man that stared back at him. At 43 years old Chance's skin was starting to show his age, but his mustache and hair were just as red as they had been in his younger days. He opened a black box on the stand that held his captains pips and gently placed them on his collar, followed after with his combadge. Chance studied himself in the mirror. Not bad indeed.

Chance grabbed a cup of coffee from the replicator and left them room for the bridge to start the first shift of the day.He nodded to a passing ensign as he entered the turbo lift. "Bridge." The lift moved. Chance took a sip as the doors opened and stepped out. "Captain on the bridge." Ensign Flores sang out at the helm station rising with the other bridge staff. "As you where." Chance walked over to the empty command chair and took a seat next to his Andorian first officer. Commander Phyll'nyn Lin looked at the cup of coffee in Chance's hand. "Where's mine?" She chuckled. Chance looked over at her. "None for you." Chance poked back as he settled into the chair.

The commander snickered before replying. "Captain, starbase control sent us our orders for alpha patrol. Nothing major just a routine run to the Alhena System, then to DS K-7 sir." Chance took a sip of his coffee. "The Alhena System?" "There's a deuterium station there captain." Chance nodded. "Alright anything else I should know?" The commander's antenna twitched as she looked at her arm rest panel. "Mister Porkins says there's a ferengi in charge of that station." Chance sipped his coffee. "Thank you to Porkins." Chance looked around the bridge at each station before settling on the back of Elisa Flores, the helmswoman. "Ensign set a course for the Alhena System, and engage at warp 7." Elisa looked over her shoulder. "Aye Captain."

For a bit the bridge crew chatted and before long fell silent as the hour dragged on, Chance actually finished his coffee and was on his second cup when Elisa spoke up an hour later.

"Entering the Alhena System captain." Elisa said as the ship dropped out of warp. The ship barely jerked as the warp drive dropped and the yellow sun of Alhena sun filled the screen. "Sir scanners show one class L planet and a small asteroid field within a nebula." Lieutenant Chloe Weir at the tactical station said behind Chance. "Helm take us into the system towards the station, Chloe any other ships in system?" Chloe typed at her screen before replying. "One tuffli class transport sir." Chance nodded. "Get an Id on her, and scan the system fully."Chance took a sip and watched the stars shift as the ship turned.

Chloe stood at tactical fuming as she hurried to find and information on the trade ship, she smiled as the info popped up. "Captain, the ship is the SS Aurora. Captained by Edward Mundy, she currently dropping supplies to the station before heading back to K-7." Chance nodded as he thought. "Lieutenant, anything being sent to us from the station?" Chloe leaned over her console. "Nothing sir, they are however in communications with the trader." Commander Lin leaned over to Chance. "They know we are here, leave it to a ferengi to ignore a starfleet ship." Chance nodded and took a sip. "Well there's nothing going on here, helm set a course for K-7, and engage when ready."

Titanic slowly came about heading out of the system.
These stories will chronicle the crew of the USS Titanic, specifically Captain Wilson's point of view of these events. Please beware some adult language will be in this story, but not over the top words and not often enough to be an issue. Should I happen to use an IC character in a way that you feel is in-correct to what you feel they should be or doing please send me a private message and I'll correct the issue. Please enjoy and feel free to send me any comments or critiques.
The Raid

Spoiler: Number 2Show
Captain Chance Wilson stood in the middle of his bridge starring at the view screen, on it stood the smaller figure of Captain Hanabi Badhand. Hanabi wore her trade mark armor; the look on her face was serious. "Captain Wilson if it wasn't for the fact that we have prior order's I would have went myself as it is, you and you’re crew will have to handle it. The captain took a seat in her command chair. "I'm sending all operational detail's that we have to you, but captain if you do go I'd advise taking a few reinforcements as we would guess they have a large number of smaller vessels such a frigates and light destroyers." The captain looked at her armrest before looking up again. "Also there is the large possibility that you might run into the rogue, I.K.S. Damatus which is one of those corsair flight deck cruiser's, she boosts some serious armaments and a large crew. From what we know, she has been refitted at least once and her captain an Orion may be unstable." Chance nodded and took a sip from his coffee cup.

Chance looked at the captain searching for words, and he sipped again. "Captain two questions, one being wither or not we need to destroy that cruiser, and two being what to do with the base itself." Captain Badhand leaned back in her chair thinking it over. "Captain Wilson, the Damatus, if my memory serves correct, has a larger crew than Titanic so I'd advise that you destroy her if you can, if you think you can capture her that's up to you. Also there are at least five to ten other smaller ships so again I'd take a few other ships with me, if you get to tangling with that carrier you might get yourself into a fleet action. As for the base if you can capture the personnel go for it, but it’s as good as destroyed as well.

Chance nodded again. "Captain Badhand we'll go ahead and see if we can shake these pirates out, we'll keep in contact with DS13, not sure if I should say thanks for this or not." Captain Badhand chuckled. "Me neither Captain Wilson, Asura out." Commander Lin stepped up next to Chance."Course plotted and set captain, standing by for warp." Chance nodded and took his seat in the command chair. Chance looked at his bridge crew as he thought, eager was the word for them as he looked, they had been so board recently that yesterday Chance taken the ship on maneuvers, they had let it all hang out so much that the station had rebuffed them at their maneuvers, and even Captain Badhand had commed to tell them that the lounge crew was interested to see a Gal X roll over buoys and dive headlong in maneuvers that a ship that large should think of doing. Chance looked forward at the helm. "Put the hammer down Flores."

Titanic didn't even twitch as she swung around to port and shot to warp in a flash. The Forcas System which was in the Boreth Sector was home to a number of trade routes, neutral pirate bands have recently been on the rise since the Federation and Klingon Peace treaty, some suspected Klingon influence, others think that now that pirates aren't allowed to plunder federation lines legally in the empire, they're just striking out on their own. Whatever the case the big stick that was the Titanic was on her way and some hours later when she dropped from warp she entered battle stations.

"Report." Commander Lin stood behind the ops console leaning over as sensors took a pinged scan of the system before going silent. Titanic sat cloaked on the system edge gathering Intel, the Intelligence officer; Porkins looked up from the tactical screen at the back of the bridge. "Commander, there’s five older Klingon birds of prey in the system and three V class Orion blockade ruuners, the ships with shields down are crewed by a mix of Orion, Klingon and Human life signs, no sign of that carrier. The base isn't even on the planet it’s in orbit, a Ferrer Class gun platform." Commander Lin nodded and turned back to take her seat next to Chance. "Captain suggest attack plan beta 3 gamma, that should give our fighters time to kill that base while we mop the floor with the other ships." Beta 3 gamma, is a simple attack that consisted of the mother carrier ship to warp into the mist of the enemy phasers firing at 3 targets while launching her fighter complement, the mother ship would cover the launch with the rear of the ship facing at the fighter target while getting the attention of any starships. The Titanic crew had done this many times when fighting pirates; while the ship would briefly have the rear shields down the extra power would be transfered to the phaser cannon and phasers most likely bringing the enemy ships shields down in which torpedo salvos would finish the job.

Chance looked to his right at the Marine Lt.Colonel, H'Ruttal Risan. The Caitian's tail flicked back and forth and sensing Chance's order she stood. "I'll have the boy's ready captain." The Caitian walked to the lift and was gone. Chance shook his head. "Alright people, you know the plan, beta 3 gamma, we move in five." Chance spoke up clearly to the rest of the bridge crew, who moved into action to ready the ship, in engineering the warp core shields went up and the damage control teams left for their sections, in the sick bays doctors and nurse's hustled medical equipment and medicines to bio beds and on the flight deck marine Yellowstone's and Peregrines prepped for takeoff. On the bridge the junior tactical officer turned the lance from standby to hot and phasers hot as well. Torpedoes were loaded and the shields raised as the cloak dropped. Chance stood. "Helm drop the lead!"

Ensign Flores slammed her fist down on the engage button and Titanic surged forward in sudden motion. She reappeared next the enemy base sending the Orion ships scattering.

"Open fire all phasers, turrets, torpedoes sierra two!" Commander Lin had ran up the ramp to the CIC screen and was now hopping between the tactical station's watching the tactical team while keeping an eye on the CIC display. "Helm port, hard port, impulse power now." Captain Wilson himself was next the helm and operations station in the middle of the two, watching the view screen as he gave his orders. "That’s one!" One of the tactical officers sang out as one of the frigates exploded. "Do it again and watch our fighters, anti-torpedo fire with the phaser turrets!" Commander Lin at the tac station typed madly at the CIC screen sending info to the different tactical station which no less than four officers manned. Lieutenant Commander Ring at the science station suddenly whooped a cheer. "Captain I scrambled the blockade runners sensors!

The tactical crew didn't need telling twice as they locked phasers on the runners. "Hot damn its turkey shoot sir!" Lieutenant Commander Cherryl Ausman the operations officer beside Chance said as the two enemy ships exploded. "There goes the base!" Commander Lin shouted forward. Chance proudly took his command chair as his bridge crew took out the remaining ships.

As the last ship exploded, the bridge crew let up a cheer. Chance stood. "Report!" Commander Lin still at the tactical screen turned around. "All fighters accounted for, shields down to 75% on all arcs, with minor damage to deck 27, no casualties." Chance pulled out a cigar and lit it and took a puff. "That’s how we do it ladies and gentlemen, ops and helm get the fighters back aboard and we'll..."

The Lt.Commander Ausman interrupted him suddenly. "Captain that carrier is on long range sensors she’s on an intercept course, with two seeker frigates with her. Chance took the command chair and took a puff. "Fighters will handle those frigates, 3 to a ship with the remaining fighters on any fighters the carrier launches. "Helm, put us on a direct course for the enemy carrier full impulse!"

Titanic turned hard in the direction of the enemy ship, her fighters following. The bridge crew even though elated about the victory quickly fell back to their stations ready for the next battle. When the Titanic had been out off orbit for some time when when the I.K.S. Damatus and her escorts blazed into existence in front of them Titanic's fighter's quickly formed a protective circle forward and slowly began to circle.

"Captain we are being hailed." Lt.Commander Ausman suddenly said. Chance nodded and stood. "On screen." The view screen changed to show the red interior of the Klingon vessel. A large Orion dominated the screen, Chance did a double take at the skulls that the Orion had as a reckless, they each had a starfleet officer pips embedded in them. Chance's face when stone cold purple and red in anger and he fought to keep his voice level. "This is Captain Chance Wilson of the U.S.S. Titanic, to whom am I speaking with." The Orion re-guarded Chance for a moment. "I am Thorn captain of the Damatus. You have killed my brethren dear captain, I am angered." The Orions face took a deeper shade of green."I used to live on a federation world when I was young, and if I remember right the last ship named Titanic didn't end to well, I guess I'm going to be the ice that brings the namesake full circle." The Orion sat back down and drew a small dagger and made a notch on his command chair where several others had already been made. Chance slowly clamped his cigar into his mouth a puffed before making a reply. "You can try." Chance's tone was deadly, he suddenly turned and yelled back at Chloe as the view screen cut. "Open fire!"

Titanic's weapons blazed to life as the Damatus began to launch fighters, Titanic's own fighters moved to intercept the frigates and fighters as one. Chloe looked up. "Sir, they only launched four fighters!?" Chance who had by now taken the command chair nodded. "Lieutenant keep an eye for more but launch a Yellowstone to help the fighters." Chloe eyed her console briefly. "Marines are away sir." Chance flicked ash into his armrest ashtray and watched as the Damatus dodged shoots from the phaser turret's. "Keep the fire closer Chloe and have fighters 1 and 3 get closer to that frigate." Chance puffed silently as he his crew yelled or talked as the ship dove or jinked as weapons fire from all ships blazed out. "Captain shield down to 46% on the port side, decks 27, 28, and 29 have buckled and we have causalities on those decks!" Commander Lin sang out. Chance nodded. "Route power from secondary's to those shield arcs, have damage control get down there and seal anything off that's in trouble of breaching." The ship rocked as several torpedoes made their mark. "Dammit helm, omega two!" Chance yelled up at the helm. Elisa's hands danced across the board making Titanic dive down to get distance and suddenly swerving to come back again. In doing so one of the frigates was in front of Titanic, Chloe seeing her chance fired the lance hitting the little ship squarely piercing it clean threw, the fighters weaved away as she exploded.

"Nice shot Weir." Chance said as he looked up. "Sir, the fighters have destroyed the other frigate and their fighters, all are converging on the carrier." The crewmen next to Chloe said. "Status of the Damascus" Chance said to know one in particular. Commander Lin still at the CIC screen spoke without turning. "Shes taken heavy damage to her flight deck and her weapons array, her shields are down to 37% sir." Chance puffed on his cigar and flicked ash into the tray. "Good, helm bring us around again and let's.."

Chance stopped and watched as something slowly lowered from the Damatus's hull where a flight deck should be. "Holy fuck that's a polaron cannon!" Commander Lin said as she turned to see why the captain stopped talking. Elisa at the helm knew what it was to and she, in scare started reaction started to turn the ship to starboard away from it. "Helm hard to.." Chance started to say catching up with the rest, he never finished. Titanic was equipped with a state of the art phaser lance, which could cut and destroy most ships that where her size and smaller. The Damatus apparently had taken to the idea during her refit and came up with her own version. Elisa in her shock had turned the ship in the wrong direction presenting the weakened port shields. Chloe sensing the doom fired her lance as the Damatus's cannon fired.

Titanic turned as hard as she could as the blast impacted her shields taking them down, the Titanic which had been slightly above and to the left of the Damatus took the blast into her lower saucer the blast cut clear threw the decks into the port impulse engine out the hull and into the middle pylon for the middle nacelle.Titanic formerly a Galaxy class vessel had the ability to saucer separate, the blast from the cannon along with secondary explosions destroyed the port lock and the center lock as explosions made threw way threw all 16 decks of the saucer. 231 people died as the explosions rocked the ship, the main shuttle bay decompressed as the explosions hit the saucer torpedo magazine pancaking decks 4 and 5 into one. The saucer structural integrity system fluctuated as emergency force fields and bulkheads slammed into place. More explosions rocked threw the saucer mainly up into the turbo lift onto deck 2 and finally to the bridge itself.

The bridge crew did't fare well as Commander Lin, Lieutenant Weir, Ensigns Johnson, Zin, Pki'al and Erickson all died as the floor beneath them exploded into shrapnel and fire causing consoles to explode and glass, metal and body parts togo flying everywhere. Lt.Commander Ring, and her rating were both thrown from their consoles across the room into the turbo lift arc way followed by Lt.Commanders Jones and Ausman as they to where thrown from their consoles. Captain Wilson and Ensign Flores for their credit both managed to hang on to their chairs a few seconds longer than the rest, as they too where thrown from their chairs, they both crashed into the view screen. Elisa was knocked out on impact and Wilson broke both his left arm and leg as he crashed into the screens edge also blacking out.

The Damatus having to let her shield's drop was surprised when Titanic's lance fired she didn't manage to get her shields up back in time, for the lance hit her square in the nose and punched all the way threw her causing major damage. A final torpedo from the Damatus destroyed the Yellowstone, when her core blew the wave pushed Titanic some five thousand kilometers before she began to drift. Titanic's middle nacelle already damaged came down on the remains of the shuttle bay and went dark.

Titanic by right's should have been destroyed, and it was only from the valiant efforts of her engineers and damage control parties and automated systems that she didn't.

Chance was laying below the view screen and yelled in pain as he registered his limbs being broke as he jerked awake. He yelled again as he rolled into some glass from the view screen. Chance Wilson wasn't one to cry but cry he did as he dragged himself one armed towards the command chair, he yelled out as he finally drug himself into it, he looked into the arm rest for the medkit, he popped a hypo with pain meds and pressed it to his neck and sighed as his shattered arm and leg quit hurting but he knew he had to get the sick bay. He wiped his eyes. "Re-Report" He croaked, it was then that he knew he was alone when no one answered. He happened to glance at his foot as he leaned again for the medkit seeing a Andorian antennae, he almost threw up as he realized who it belonged to and he looked back at the burning and destroyed tactical station. "Dammit Phyll'nyn." Chance must have blacked out again when he suddenly jerked awake again to voices. An engineer was leaning over Elisa at the view screen as several medical officer's where near the turbo lift where most of the other bridge crew had landed. After several minutes a engineer made his way over to him. "Guy's I found the captain!" Chance coughed a little and felt blood spatter his lips. "Did we get them." he croaked again. The medical officer suddenly turned and ran over to Chance tricorder out. "Jesus captain how are you alive!" She turned to the engineer. He needs surgery, get me a stretcher and lets get him down to sick bay." Chance coughed again and hung on to his chair as she tried to move him down to the floor. "Did we get them god dam-dam dammit." The medical officer frowned. "Yes sir, the last time I looked out a port hole she was in pieces." Chance fell back into blackness.
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These stories will chronicle the crew of the USS Titanic, specifically Captain Wilson's point of view of these events. Please beware some adult language will be in this story, but not over the top words and not often enough to be an issue. Should I happen to use a IC character in a way that you feel is in-correct to what you feel they should be or doing please send me a private message and I'll correct the issue. Please enjoy and feel free to send me any comments or critiques.
The Raid Part 2
Spoiler: Number 3Show
It was some days later when the remaining command staff met in the ships battle bridge. Main bridge had lost integrity a few days before. The downed staff was short many of its members and friends. Captain Wilson lay in a gurney propped up, with half his body in a cast. The Chief Engineer Noifo Jones stood at the view screen point to different points of the hull. "With the nacelle buckled and the saucer locks destroyed warp will be nearly impossible, my guys are working on the stardrive at this point as nothing short of a fleet shipyard could fix the saucer. To be honest I don't think they would try with that kind of damage, so its my suggestion that we cut the remaining saucer lock and proceed in the stardrive back to DS13, which will take us two or three weeks depending on if we can get the port nacelle back in full working order since the ventral ones gonna need a yard to." Most of the staff nodded as the commander spoke. Chance sipped on a glass of water and nodded. "What about communications?" Chance asked.

The commander turned to him. "Gone sir, the entire sections been destroyed and the best we could do is local with our secondarys." Chance nodded and coughed. "I didn't get told if we got the Damatus confirmed destroyed or not." Chance said. Lt.Commander Porkins looked from his glass of scotch. "The squadron leader from the peregrines told me we nearly destroyed her, we took her shields and weapons out but she still had warp. She wrapped out and the fighters harassed her before she pulled away." Chance sighed and nodded. He looked at Jones. We can't save the saucer?" Jones shook his head.

"Alright commander go ahead and move the crew to the stardrive and cut the lock, after we get out of range we'll destroy the saucer, just in case we missed any pirates." Commander Jones nodded. "Yes sir, sorry its come to this." Chance looked out a port hole. "So do I."

Several hours later the saucer was set to drift after her lock was cut, the staff gazed at the saucer on the view screen. Captain Wilson was propped in the command chair watching. H'Ruttal Risan,T’Lal Wilson, Cherryl Ausman, Cassy Ring, Noifo Jones,James Porkins, and Loquar the remaining senior staff were clustered around the command chair. "Think they will build us a new saucer or get one from mothball's" Porkins said to no one. T'Lal the Vulcan doctor inclined an eyebrow. "They might Lt.Commander, they might."

Chance pressed a button on his arm rest and a whistle sounded threw out the ship causing her haggered crew to come to a stop. "All hands this is the captain speaking, its hard to lose a friend, a comrade or a family member and it wont be the first or the last time that you will have this happen. Attention all hands, for our fallen friends and for our ship." The bridge crew saluted, as the crew all over the ship saluted as every working view screen showed the saucer. Chance pressed a button on the armrest and a single torpedo launched into the saucer destroying it. "Guys this is going to be a hard few weeks if a rescue boat doesn't arrive I promise you as your friend and captain we will get home and get threw this, carry on." Chance closed the comm.
These stories will chronicle the crew of the USS Titanic, specifically Captain Wilson's point of view of these events. Please beware some adult language will be in this story, but not over the top words and not often enough to be an issue. Should I happen to use a IC character in a way that you feel is in-correct to what you feel they should be or doing please send me a private message and I'll correct the issue. Please enjoy and feel free to send me any comments or critiques.
The Return
Spoiler: Number 4Show
Chance was in sick bay on a bio bed wearing a pair a shorts. Doctor T'Lal was giving him a check up."God that hurts!" Chance hoarsely said as Doctor T'Lal lifted his leg. The doctor slowly lowered the limb and began to probe it lightly. "Tell me where it hurts captain." The Vulcan slowly probed Chance's leg feeling each muscle. Chance gasped as she squeezed his thigh. The doctor nodded. "Bones we can mend, but the muscle's and arteries will take time to set to the bone and heal." The doctor pulled a instrument from a nearby tray and ran it over the muscle. "This should ease the cramps captain." It was all Chance could do to nod as the doctor worked. It had been four days since the battle, and like the other three hundred and twenty crew Chance was mending from his injuries, well slowly mending anyway.

"Captain your leg will be weak for some time, I will have a brace and a cane made for you." The doctor said as she checked her tricorder. Chance propped himself up. "A cane, I don't want a cane." The doctor looked up, her face Vulcan blank. "It's not a request captain, with your leg in the state it is, you will be pushing it walking, but seeming as the 1st and 2nd officers are no longer with us I'm giving you leeway. You will unable to walk long distances without it, and if you stress the leg to much the muscles will not set right." The doctor walked into her office as Chance sighed and leaned back.

The Titanic's engineering staff had worked feats in making repairs over the last few days, Chance had toured the ship talking with the crew after they had let him out of sickbay the first time, but it was after he fell leaving the bridge that the doctor had him dragged back in. With Commander Lin killed Chance had taken it on himself to stand in for her watches much to the senior staff's dismay. Chance was interrupted from his thoughts when the doctor walked back in.

"Captain you may redress." Chance got up and when into the small changing room nearby add did so, when he returned the doctor held a black cane out. The cane was long and black with a sliver top which had the imprint of a galaxy dreadnought on it. Chance smiled as he took it. "I never said it had to be out of you'er taste captain." T'Lal said as she wrapped the sliver brace on his leg. "If the lights green you can walk, yellow for you need to rest, and red meaning no walking for an hour or more." Chance nodded as he leaned on the cane. His leg did feel better with the weight shifted.

T'Lal wrapped her arm around Chance's. "Alright captain, lets take a walk to the bridge. I'm going to calibrate the brace as we go." Chance nodded as he and the doctor stepped out, he was suddenly reminded of Rear Admiral Llywarch as he walked. The admiral had had a cane, and Chance when he was younger had looked up to the admiral, he smirked at the thought. At least he didn't wear a scarf, he thought as he leaned on the cane as he awkwardly walked down the corridor towards his bridge.
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These stories will chronicle the crew of the USS Titanic, specifically Captain Wilson's point of view of these events. Please beware some adult language will be in this story, but not over the top words and not often enough to be an issue. Should I happen to use a IC character in a way that you feel is in-correct to what you feel they should be or doing please send me a private message and I'll correct the issue. Please enjoy and feel free to send me any comments or critiques.
The Court and the Admiral
Spoiler: Number 5Show
Captain Perim sat at the head of the table facing Chance who sat beside her to her right. "Captain Wilson, at this time there isn't sufficient evidence of negligence leading to loss of life on your part to justify convening a general court martial." The captain paused before she spoke again. "This hearing is adjourned, and you are dismissed. Computer, end recording." The PADD beeped in acknowledgement, she leaned back in the chair. Chance nodded. "Indeed, thank you for your time captain. sorry it couldn't have been for other things."

Captain Perim eyed him as they both stood, she collected her PADD before speaking. "Captain, off the record, you should have called for help." She stared at him. Chance let an eyebrow arch. "At which point would say?" The captains expression was blank. "Probably around the same time that you engaged a ship that was your combat-equal, 3-on-1. You've been in Starfleet for what, twenty-three years?" She stood straighter starring at Chance who had let his jaw drop. "Don't tell me you were too busy. There's no such thing." she walked around him on her way out of the room. "You know better." She quipped on her way out.

Chance leaned on his cane starring. "23 years, well I, damn." Chance watched as she crossed the bridge. He stood there and let fall out of sight before he to left. As he crossed the bridge he bridge meet him at the edge. "Well?" Lt.Commander Porkins asked. Chance pulled a cigar and put it in his mouth before replying. "I'm not getting court marshaled, but I think I've lost the respect of Captain Perim." He started forward again and his crew fell in around him. "Anything about the ship sir?" Chief Engineer Jones asked with an exasperated tone. "I've all but had to force my way back onto our own ship to due repairs that the fleet engineer doesn't think is necessary." Chance continued walking. "Nothing Jones, but assume that I'm still your captain. Continue repairs with or without the yard people, I'll worry about finding us a saucer."

Jones nodded but Lt.Commander Ausman spoke up. "What about the crew, we don't have a 1st Officer or a Chief of Security/Tactical Officer, and we got something like 200 wounded and 231 dead." Chance stopped and thought for a second as he chewed his cigar, he started walking again as they neared a lift. "I'll get us a 1st and Chief as for those others rotate the wounded out, this base has like what seventy thousand people, I'm sure we can find replacements." The group crowded into the lift. Chance hit a button on the padd and the lift shot down. "For the dead I've sent the letters, fill in their places as you can for those we cant replace we can get later, we'er only half a ship that's busted at that."

The lift opened and the group filed out into a long corridor. Chance at the lead, the group made several crew and officers stand aside as the group made its way forward.Pretty intimidating to see a full captain with a cane gesturing with it as he and a large crowd moved. "The marines aren't doing anything useful, have the combat engineers help with repairs and the rest on clean up, get the band to help as well." Chance chewed the cigar thinking. "Also offload all of our shuttle pods Jones and trade for work bees. Build us how ever many we have spared parts for, then order as many parts as needed from K-7 as you run out, I want the 3rd nacelle taken apart and the entire section rebuilt." Jones nodded and spoke. "We'll still have shuttle bays 2 and 3 with room, can we get some delta's?" Chance nodded. "Dr.Wilson, any medical staff that's not treating anyone or doing anything for you can help with clean up and if they have any technical knowledge have them help with repairs or piloting." The Vulcan did't say anything but Chance knew she was already making a list in her head. "Science people too, Commander Ring."

Chance tossed the remains of his cigar into a bin as Cassey nodded. "Porkins, Intel should have got the report about the Iconian War movements and other bits, put a presentation together for the crew. Also make your own report and send it to me, also dig up what you can on Thorn while your at it, that bastard's gonna pay when armageddons over." Chance didn't stop as the group came near a docking latch, he sweep past the marines guarding it as fast as he could with his cane, and into his captain's yacht. He took a seat at the controls as he crew spread out. Chance got clearance to depart from the station and soon launched heading for the torn bulk that was the Titanic's stardrive.

Chance piloted the nimble craft still spewing forth orders. "Loquar, you have friends with the SDC. Get me a meeting with Admiral James Harrington and trip to ESD." Loquar didn't say anything as he tapped on a padd. Chance called Titanic for clearance and again soon had them docked and as the exited the craft a number of crew met them. Commander Porkins was first out. "He's clear." Those crewmen darted away with the good news. Chance limped out and Doctor T'Lal stepped up to him. "Captain you need to rest the leg your straining yourself to hard." Chance shook his head. "Nonsense." Chance stepped over a piece of metal and he stooped and looked up at the shuttle bay control room. "Jeffries get down here and clean this shit up!" Chance fumed as he stepped over into the hall way, T'Lal keep pace. "Captain I'm serous you must slow down or stop before you undo the work we have done."

Chance stopped and looked at the doctor. "Last time I checked we don't have a brig or a functional sick bay, I'm busy doctor." If T'Lal hadn't been a Vulcan he could have swore he nostrils narrowed and her eyes flashed. Porkins caught up."Captain, sir T'Lal's a good doctor and if she..." Chance glared at him and the talking stopped. "You have your orders carry on." The bridge crew dispersed at their captains sudden rage. To be honest his leg was bothering him, he just didn't want to show. Chance leaned heavily on the cane heading in the direction of CIC.

Sometime later he pushed the battered doors open and stepped inside. The rooms situation board was blank as was most the smaller consoles circling the room, however the holographic table and display board was still active. Chance hobbled to it and keyed in the commands. On the display a real view of Titanic and the Damatus popped up. Chance zoomed in on the cannon taking note's as he viewed the battle footage and recreations. He took special carry to note the bulk heads and connector points as he watched. Luck for him the rooms replicator still worked and several coffee cups later he had a working idea as to how he could kill that ship.

He then turned his attention to Titanic herself. Taking a look at the saucer locks, and at the phaser cannon he made deductions for improvements. Muttering to himself as he worked, he lit a cigar at some point and when his staff came to find him some hours later the ash tray was full and coffee cups empty as he sleep in his chair, the padd with his plans in hand.
These stories will chronicle the crew of the USS Titanic, specifically Captain Wilson's point of view of these events. Please beware some adult language will be in this story, but not over the top words and not often enough to be an issue. Should I happen to use a IC character in a way that you feel is in-correct to what you feel they should be or doing please send me a private message and I'll correct the issue. Please enjoy and feel free to send me any comments or critiques.

The Marching Band
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Captain Chance Wilson sat at his desk slowly typing and sending orders to the different work crews as reports and requests continues to come in. Titanic with her saucer missing no longer had a ready room, Captain Perim had been nice letting Chance use one of the stations unused rooms as a office. Chance had requesting a desk, operations board and a few chairs. So far he had added a few personnel touches in the form of the box of cigars on the desk, the the officers sword above him on the wall and few other minor items. Chance sent off a report to his new first officer, Commander Jenkins.

Chance huffed as he thought of his new first officer, Commander Leroy Jenkins. Chance had ready his record when he had been assigned to him. Jenkins from what his other commanders had reported was a competent officer. Thats where it stopped no outstanding actions, but no discipline either. In the few words Chance had said to the man he caught onto to his quiet reserve and a sense of duty. However Chance had't got to see who he acted with the bridge crew yet, wither or not their meshing or not. Chance reached over and opened the box of cigars, selecting one he lit it and leaned back into his chair and lit it. Puffing silently in his thoughts.

Chance had only gotten permission to smoke in this office barley, he still owed favors to a for it. Chance looked up as another report popped up, it was asking for him to report to Titanic. Chance puffed on his cigar for a for more minutes before putting it out and grabbing his cane. As he stepped out of his office and started down the corridor for the lift. As he walked along a officer feel in step with him. Chance looked over and saw Doctor T'Lal. "Doc." Chance said as she got even with him. The doctors face vulcan blank as normal looked at him. "Captain Wilson." Chance felt his eyebrows raise.

"Don't tell me your still made at me for no sitting down." T'Lal didn't say anything for a second. "Captain, as a Vulcan I do not get angry. However I do find your refusal to let me operate to correct the issue illogical." Chance keyed the lift and turned to the doctor. "Doc it's not refusal but time, you said yourself I would be limited to light duty for a month. I don't have time for that, and as it is if I need to move I'll pop a hypo as needed till I get time." The doctor didn't say anything as she and Chance stepped onto the lift. Chanced keyed the pad and watched the lights change as the lift shot up. The two remained in silence until the lift stopped and Chance stepped off towards the transporter room. "Captain, however much time it would take to recover still out ways your need for mobility." Chance didn't say anything as they walked into the transporter room. He looked at the transporter chief briefly. "USS Titanic." Chance and T'Lal stepped onto the pad. The chief looked up. "Ready Captain?" Chance nodded and he was surrounded by blue for what felt like a second before he was looking at Chief Walter's. "Welcome back captain." Walter's hailed from behind the transporter console.

Chanced nodded to him as he stepped off with the doctor. "Chief." Chance exited the room heading for the lifts once again. "Doctor why are you here?" Chance asked as he realized that the doctor was still with him. "I was asked to come on a inspection of deck 25." Chance looked at the doctor with a quizzical look on his face but he kept walking. Entering the lift Chance keyed for deck 25 and the lift shot down. "Computer, name all facilities on deck 25." Chance said as he tried to remember what was on that deck besides the destroyed docking tube. "Deck 25 currently houses both port and starboard docking tubes, reception and guest services, crew quarters, crew lounge 27, band practice room, band performance hall, band storage, emergency shelters 10, 11, 12 and 13." Chanced nodded to himself. "I suppose the docking port has be repaired doctor, guess we'er the only two senior officers on duty." The doctor didn't say anything as they stepped out of the lift. Chanced eyed the replaced floor panels and new paint as they walked along. The entire hall had been blasted black when the docking port had been hit. Chance looked around as they neared the tube. It was repaired and connected to the dry dock. Chance frowned as they neared not seeing anyone. Doctor T'Lal pointed suddenly at the wall. "The guide lights are activated Captain." Chanced looked a the blue blinking and frowned deeper. "Alright lets follow them then." Chance and the doctor walked past the tube and turned a corner then another and finally another. "We are heading for the band I believe." Doctor T'Lal said. Chanced looked at the wall. "I do believe so doctor, I don't remember the band room being damaged though." They continued walked until they reached the double doors of the band practice room. Chance keyed the door and it swished open. "BAND TEEEEN -HUT!" Chance froze in the doorway as the 50 person Titanic ships band snapped to attention. The drum major stood on the podium. Chanced leaned heavily on his cane as he walked to him. "Jimmy whats going on?" Chance asked looking up. Jimmy leaned over. "Well sir, you said you wanted a band so we made one and you haven't showed up for any practices, so while you have been gone we have been working hard for the competition that we signed up for when we started, but we cant do if the director doesn't direct." Chance frowned. "Jimmy I haven't had the time to be here as much as I've wanted, sorry to say, but you guys are in marching gear which one did you sign up for?" Jimmy looked over at the band briefly before looking back. "The Starfleet Showcase of Bands, being held on starbase 214." Chanced felt his eyes widen. "Thats next week Jimmy, why didn't you guys tell me?" "We tried sir, but you always had something on. So we um kinda tricked you into coming down here." Chance nodded. "Well Jimmy I assuming you guys want me to come with you still then?" Jimmy nodded as he stepped off the stand. "Yes sir, I've picked out 3 songs I will conduct 2 and 3 but you as director must direct the 1st one." Chance nodded. "Now that we got you here we will practice if you could take the stand?" Chance looked at the podium and then back at Jimmy. "Your serious." He nodded. Chance nodded and walked over to and stepped on the podium. He looked at the stand and at the music on it.

Having asked crew from the ship that knew how to play instruments Chance had formed the ships band, in doing so he had study'd back up on his musical degree and had for the first few months practiced with the band weekly and once a month performing concert pieces for the crew and any visitors. It had only been this year that Chance had let other things take up his time. The marching band was very new just this year had the crew voted to march, and if your gonna march you do the contests, Chance knew better and he chided himself for forgetting as he looked at the sea of green, white and gold uniforms. The practice was big enough for marching thanks to several rooms being added together, and with the chairs and other equipment moved it was huge. Chance looked down at the score and saw that it was called "Soak Up the Sun." Chance smiled to himself recognizing it, he grabbed the baton that was laying on the stand and looked at the band who where still at attention. Chance himself braced to attention and raise both arms as the band raised their horns. "Band, Hup Hup Ready Ho!" Chance swung his arms down and jumped into a fast 4 for a time march and lost himself in the music.
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